Intro to Holistic Animal Care Class Testimonials

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I am a holistic educator, who has used and taught a variety of modalities over the years.  As I move my focus towards animals I was blessed to discover The Lightfoot Way and Kim & Allison.  The Intro to Holistic Animal Care was an AMAZING workshop jam-packed with a ton of useful information.  Kim and Allison give an in-depth overview and tips for 11 different modalities. They discuss and demonstrate, allowing even a novice to holistic health to understand and use the information immediately.  Their website also offers e-books and charts/worksheets to compliment the training.  I can’t wait until their website is available with MORE online workshops and certifications.  I am especially looking forward to learning about Sacred Animal Spirit Alchemy.  I highly recommend this class for pet owners and animal professionals.  Thank you!  Michelle, Owner, Holistic Avenue LLC, USA

This was the first Lightfoot Way class I have taken with Kim and Allison and it was wonderful! I learned about things I did not know even existed in particular color therapy and flower essences – wow! and learned a more comprehensive explanation to other holistic therapies I had heard of but did not know much about. I am a small animal massage practitioner and this class helped guide me in what tools I can use to help me help my clients, and what therapies would be useful for me to delve further into.  Meg, USA

Thanks so much for the great video class.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to other classes in the future.  Michelle, USA

Taking your intro class was a huge gift, just the start to an interesting journey which has brought meaning, light, and truth back into my life!  Thanks for doing what you do.  Denise, USA

The Intro to Holistic Animal Care Class was enjoyable and informative. The intro covered some familiar and unfamiliar modalities for me, but my attention never waned. The anecdotal stories kept the class interesting and fun. It is evident that Kim and Allison are called to heal animals and teach others. Their presentation was clear, humorous, and warm.  I look forward to more classes and learning about their own energy program. I look forward to taking other classes with them in the future. Rochelle, USA

The intro to holistic animal care class was extremely interesting!  In this workshop, Kim and Allison talked about the different techniques of holistic care.  I had no idea there were so many different aspects to it.  The way that they presented the information was precise and easy to understand.  You can tell that they are both passionate about their work and are eager to share their knowledge in an encouraging way.  I can’t wait to take more classes on the individual techniques. They were very reassuring and I feel that they will be with you every step of the way during the learning process.  These two ladies have opened up a whole new way to help me take care of my furkids and in return, help other animals along the way.  Who knows, I might even learn a few things about myself that I didn’t know before too.  Thanks, Kim and Allison, for teaching such a fascinating class.  I look forward to going on this journey with you at my side.  Vincentia, USA

I really enjoyed your intro class.  Thank you so much for all you do for the animals and for spreading the word about holistic health.  I’m still pretty new to this arena.  Two years ago I learned about essential oils, and EFT.  I had heard of muscle-testing, but have not practiced it.  You peaked my interest even further!  Thanks again.  Karla, USA

What fabulous information you ladies provided in this intro class! Terrific job, as always. I’m looking forward to more training in the future.  Shari, USA

I don’t normally write testimonials, but am making an exception in this case because I was so impressed by the Intro to Holistic Animal Care class.  It originally peeked my interest because part of the class was about using essential oils for pets.  I am a recent member of doTERRA Essential Oils and have seen the magic they have worked in my life, as well as others.  Being the animal lover I am, I was interested in the class because I wanted to learn more about using them for our pets.   Not only are Kim and Allison caring and devoted to the animals, they are extremely knowledgeable in all kinds of holistic methods of healing our pets.  This included using Bach Remedies, energy work, muscle testing, as well as essential oils.  However, I found the most exciting part of the class was about learning to communicate with the animals.   I was in awe of the devotion of both Kim and Allison to the animals and teaching others what they have learned.  They said it would change our lives and that is an understatement.  I highly recommend anyone who loves animals to take advantage of experiencing the amazing ability these ladies have to teach us to better care for and communicate with our beloved pets, as well as all animals.  Thank you Kim and Allison for your devotion to all animals, and for teaching others what you have learned.  Linda, USA

Thank you so much for your informative classes via distant learning.  I loved how you added personal stories and it is evident how passionate you both are not only about teaching but about healing and working with animals. Again thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise. June, Canada 

Thank you Kim and Allison.  You both made the class very fun and easy to understand.  I look forward to learning more in the future.  I am doing this on a personal level to help neglected and abused animals.  I have been certified in animal aromatherapy and your classes are going to teach me the full spectrum of holistic medicine.  Charles, USA

The Introduction To Holistic Animal Care Online Class was very enlightening!  As soon as I learned about this class and that it was going to go over 11 holistic modalities I was in.  I love animals and I love helping people and animals in a natural way.  I believe we are spiritual beings and I believe this of animals as well and that some modern day practices harm the spirit. I really enjoyed that Kim and Allison did a video as they went over each modality and even demonstrated muscle testing.  I think what I liked best is by the time I was through the workshop I knew more about muscle testing, I knew how to do some energy work with my pets and I knew how to offer some massage which is awesome. I learned about other modalities that I knew about but didn’t know they can be used on animals. I became more aware of all the different ways that I can help animals and that I to can communicate with animals and do any of these 11 modalities. It gave me the confidence to know I can do these things to help my animals, other animals, myself and other people.  I highly recommend this workshop. For the price you will not regret it as you will learn some holistic practices that you can put to use right away on your pets!  Cheryl, USA