Learn More about the Introduction to Holistic Animal Care Online Class

(Online – video, audio and class materials with certificate)

We designed this online class so that you can learn whenever you are ready.   This package includes 3 ideal ways to help you learn:

Holistic Video Video of our 2 hour live introduction workshop with demonstrations
freespeakerbutton Audio recording of a bonus 1.5 hour live introduction teleclass
freedocumentsbutton Class materials include an overview document
certificatecartwebYou will receive your certificate upon completion of the quiz based on the video workshop with a score of 80% or above

This intro package, valued at $75, is just $35, which includes a certificate!  Our goal is to help you get started now!

Thank you so much for your informative classes via distant learning.  I loved how you added personal stories and it is evident how passionate you both are not only about teaching but about healing and working with animals.  Again thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise. June, Canada www.healinganimalcommunications.com Click here to read more testimonials.

The introduction to holistic animal care classes provide you with a wonderful overview of 11 different modalities in ONE class!

  • Would you like to help the animals in your care live a happier, healthier and longer life?
  • Holistic animal care focuses on the whole animal – the body, mind, and spirit.
  • Learn about animal communication, energy work, EFT/tapping, kinesiology, nutrition, flower essences, aromatherapy, crystal and color therapy, homeopathy and animal massage!
  • This is your opportunity to learn how you can prevent and help resolve physical and emotional health problems, including behavioral issues.
  • Put to practice what you learn in this class and start to deepen your bond with animals like never before.
  • Watch some demonstrations and learn techniques.
  • This is an ideal workshop for pet owners and animal professionals that are interested in learning about holistic care.  It may inspire you to learn more for the benefit of the animals in your care and your own life.
  • Handout included.
  • This class is wonderful for staff and volunteers at shelters, sanctuaries, rescue groups, boarding facilities, trainers, pet sitters, groomers, dog walkers, veterinary clinics and more.
  • If you are interested in signing up for our donation based animal healing, you must have taken this intro class in person or online and completed the worksheet.

Thank you Kim and Allison.  You both made the class very fun and easy to understand.  I look forward to learning more in the future.  I am doing this on a personal level to help neglected and abused animals.  I have been certified in animal aromatherapy and your classes are going to teach me the full spectrum of holistic medicine.  Charles, USA  Read more testimonials.

This intro package, valued at $75, is just $35, which includes a certificate!  Our goal is to help you get started now!

  • Watch the video workshop as often as you wish.
  • The audio teleclass you can listen to and download.  
  • The class document (PDF file) is yours to keep and download.  

Thanks so much for the intro course class.  It was amazing!!! I so wish i could meet you both in person.  I would definitely like to reserve a place in your next communication teleclass.  I can’t wait till you have more classes that you spoke of in the intro video such as the crystal work.  Abi, New Zealand

The Introduction To Holistic Animal Care Online Class was very enlightening! As soon as I learned about this class and that it was going to go over 11 holistic modalities I was in.  I love animals and I love helping people and animals in a natural way.  I believe we are spiritual beings and I believe this of animals as well and that some modern day practices harm the spirit.  I really enjoyed that Kim and Allison did a video as they went over each modality and even demonstrated muscle testing.  I think what I liked best is by the time I was through the workshop I knew more about muscle testing, I knew how to do some energy work with my pets and I knew how to offer some massage which is awesome. I learned about other modalities that I knew about but didn’t know they can be used on animals. I became more aware of all the different ways that I can help animals and that I to can communicate with animals and do any of these 11 modalities. It gave me the confidence to know I can do these things to help my animals, other animals, myself and other people.  I highly recommend this workshop. For the price you will not regret it as you will learn some holistic practices that you can put to use right away on your pets!  Cheryl, USA  Click here to read more testimonials.