Today, is my (Kim) daughter’s birthday.  Karalee shared with me an article here about Bunny, Tik Tok’s most well-known ‘talking’ dog.  You see, she’s finishing up her masters in child psychology and appreciates cognitive behavioral research.  Karalee very much believes that animals are capable of communicating with us on a deeper level.  No stranger to the metaphysical and holistic world, she learned reiki, a form of energy work, and muscle testing, also called applied kinesiology, from me when she was twelve.

Bunny, the article’s star, has a mat of over 70 buttons that she can press and communicate with her pet parent.  Some people “poo poo” this and think it’s gone too far.  Others are not surprised at the abilities of an animal, especially a dog.  You can click on the image above and see a longer video on Bunny than what the article features.

Because of this amazing dog, the director of the Comparative Cognitive Lab at UC San Diego is studying non-human animals to see if they can use language to communicate.  Dogs, cats and horses are part of the 700+ animal project that keeps growing!  You can learn more about the project here.  And you’ll notice the website’s name – They Can Talk!

Yes, those animals can talk and anyone that telepathically communicates with animals can tell you just how sentient animals are.  They can think, feel and reason just like us.  And if given the chance, animals can communicate in ways that go far beyond standard body language.

It’s natural for animals to communicate telepathically with one another, called interspecies communication, which includes their ability to communicate with us.  For humans, it’s an ability we are all born with, but for most people, we have to reawaken this innate skill.  And for most, the desire to do this comes when they are 50+ years old – when they start to really realize there is more going on than what’s black and white.  It’s a prime time that many feel ready to explore and perhaps, take a leap of faith.

Bunny is a role model for sure.  Researchers have encouraged adding new words for her that are concepts of time such as “morning”, “evening”, “yesterday”, and “tomorrow” as they aren’t sure how animals conceptualize time.  We can tell you that animals follow Mother Nature.  They understand the sun and moon.  They can understand if you say “in several hours” or “end of day”, especially if you associate it with meal time.  For example, we’ve seen how pet parents have been able to help their animal’s anxiety just by telling them out loud before they leave, “Mom will be back by dinner time” or if for an extended time, “Mom will be back in two suns and one moon”.

This research is exciting.  As the vibration of humanity and Mother Earth continue to increase, so will the understanding and acceptance that animals really can communicate with us on a profound level.  The animals are so thrilled as many have been waiting for a long time to see this become a reality.

And what’s equally as exciting is that lately we’ve noticed that the amount and depth of information our animal communication students are receiving from the animals when speaking to them is increasing.  In fact, many students are getting more quantity and quality of information now compared to what took us years to develop these same skills.

Maybe this information will inspire you to participate in the research.  Or perhaps you might want to learn animal communication.

If you don’t already telepathically communicate with animals, did you know that anyone is capable of learning?  All it takes is an open heart.  You don’t even have to have a current animal in your life.  Animal Communication is the most popular class we have taught for over 15 years.  Seeing students bring this natural ability forward, along with an incredible awareness of how sentient all of life is, touches our heart and soul.

If you are interested in taking this journey with us, you can actually learn to speak to animals in just ONE day.  We have in-person and distance classes.  Our next classes are as follows:

Communication Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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