One of our wonderful readers reached out to us.  She rescues animals and wondered if there was any way to know when an animal is ready to move on so that the right decision could be made.

We told her this would be a great article that could benefit many.

There are three ways we can think of that can help you with this difficult decision.

Animal communication would be the first choice to do this, so that you could have a conversation with an animal and get information telepathically from them to know their thoughts and desires.  Animal communication is mind and soul wisdom.

You can ask them all kinds of questions such as what kind of pain they are in, what can make them more comfortable, if there are any activities they want to do, foods they want to eat, if they are ready to leave, what sign they want to give to you, any kind of ceremony they would like while they are alive and/or after they cross the Rainbow Bridge and if they wish to be buried or cremated.

Because one may choose to not learn animal communication, or it can be more challenging finding out things when that animal is your own even if you know communication, there are two other ways that can possibly help you.

You can speak to your animal out loud, without using telepathic communication.  While this won’t provide the same amount of details as telepathic communication, it may provide enough information for you.

  • You can sit close to your animal or hold them.
  • Set your intention to connect your heart to your animal’s heart.
  • You can say this out loud and can envision that beautiful, loving connection.  You can visualize that your connection is a lovely light or energy beam that goes from your heart to your animal’s heart.  You may prefer that you feel like you and your animal are enveloped in light or in a protective bubble filled with love and light.
  • Tell your animal out loud that you want to know if they are ready to leave.
  • It’s important for you to tell them that you honor their decision and are ready to release them if they want to leave.
  • Tell your animal about the sign details, such as if they are ready to leave, that if that day or the coming days they stay laying down and don’t get up, that this will be the sign for you that they are ready to leave.  If you feel another sign would be better, like refusing to eat, then use that sign.  Keep in mind that sometimes animals are nauseous, and that prevents them from wanting to eat. Veterinarians can prescribe medication for this.
  • Talk to them out loud every day, reminding them you are ready whenever they are ready, and what the specific sign is.
  • The more you do this process with your animal, it’s possible that you’ll feel in your heart their desires, rather than needing to see an actual sign from them.  Listen to your heart.

You can energetically connect to your animal using muscle testing to get answers by asking specific questions.  Muscle testing is body wisdom.

  • Is (animal’s name) in pain?  Sometimes an animal is in pain, but the signs aren’t clear or consistent, making you hesitate on making a decision.
  • Is (animal’s name) pain in (one particular body part)?  This can help you determine where the pain is as it can fluctuate or be in multiple areas of their body.  Perhaps there is more pain going on than you realized so this is good to know.
  • Is (possible sign) that (animal’s name) ready to leave?  Ask about one sign at a time to see what signs could indicate your animal is ready to leave such as laying down and not wanting to get up, refusing to eat and vocalizing in pain or distress.
  • Is (animal’s name) ready to leave?  This is a direct question but it’s best if you can know signs that will help you to feel more confident in your decision.
  • Does (animal’s name) want to pass on their own?   While you don’t want your animal to suffer, there are animals that prefer to pass on their own, without assistance from a vet.  Some animals are capable of shutting their bodily functions down.
  • Does (animal’s name) want help in passing?  Sometimes the best way to help an animal pass is with assistance from a vet.  Be aware that due to the high demand of at-home euthanasia and the limited number of vets offering this service, vets can be booked more than a week in advance.  If this is something you are considering, look at getting an appointment sooner than later. Most animals dislike going to the vet’s office, but this might be the only option you have.

Making that final decision for your animal is difficult but a gift of the heart.

It never gets any easier having to make that decision, but if you can feel a bit more confident that you’re making the right choice in your heart, then that’s a true gift.

You can go here to see our complimentary video you can watch and get downloadable documents on what you can do for your animal holistically for their end of life, and the same for grieving.  Just scroll down the page and you’ll see.

Peaceful Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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