Mediumship Spirit World Program

Kim is offering a NEW Mediumship certification program to be a Spirit World Ambassador, as her guides prefer to use this term instead of “medium”.

Why this new program?

  • The most popular consultation that Kim is asked to do is speaking to those in spirit, both animals and humans. She has spoken to animals in spirit for 16 years and people who’ve passed for 12 years.  She has a lot of experience in the spirit world, including lingering spirits and those tied to “home décor”. In the Mayan world (as compared to the traditional astrological view), Kim is a White Cosmic World Bridger. Her soul’s path is to help all of life connect with one another, on all levels.  Speaking with those in the spirit world are the most rewarding sessions that Kim does as she knows how it changes lives on many levels.
  • Animals and people that are close to passing are already part-way in the spiritual world and their wisdom can be deep. The information can be powerful from those who are considered old souls.  In Kim’s experience, the most profound guidance mainly comes from those who are in the spiritual realm.
  • When people and animals suffer from the loss of a loved one, it can be hard to move forward in life, and this grief can be devastating.  Many people believe that they won’t see their loved one again or be able to communicate with them.  Whether this is for personal or professional reasons, having these skills gives you the ability to be a bridge – an ambassador – between this world and the spiritual one.
  • Speaking with the spirit world can increase your overall intuitive abilities at a faster rate because of the nature of functioning at such a high vibration.
  • Spirit World training allows you to become more in tune with animals and people in the living world and to understand yourself more deeply through this high frequency work.


This program will consist of:

Basic Spirit World Training

  • Preparation work including different ways to create a sacred space, ground and set boundaries so that you feel comfortable and safe, allowing you to have a deeper connection with those in the spiritual realm
  • Find out what specific guides will assist you with the spiritual realm which can include animals, people, angels, and other beings
  • Review of the “Clairs” and what you are more likely to experience with those who have crossed over
  • Use intuitive abilities using various techniques to communicate with in spirit animals and people, including your own loved one
  • Understand the amazing signs that the spirit world is present and is trying to send you messages
  • Understand what it means to be an “evidence-based” Medium/Spirit World Ambassador
  • Be a bridge for others so they can receive information and guidance from both animals and people in the spirit world
  • Receive a certificate of completion

Advanced Spirit World Training

  • Develop your ‘symbols and impressions’ to aid you in your communication with the spirit world
  • How to sense energy in different ways of those in the spiritual realm in order to receive information
  • Understand what animals can see such as ghosts, beings, and other high energies
  • How to assist with the transition process for those ready to depart to the spiritual world
  • Knowing when lingering spirits need assistance crossing over and how to help them
  • Blessing and clearing of ‘property’ when energies present indicate it’s needed
  • Case studies with those in spirit that prepare you to offer the best possible, professional quality sessions whether you want to do this personally or professionally
  • This advanced training can really propel your intuition to a profound level due to the higher vibration that you will be functioning at
  • Receive certificate of completion in The Lightfoot Way Heart and Soul Medium/Spirit World Ambassador program but you may refer to yourself as a Spirit World Ambassador, Intuitive Medium, Spiritual Medium, Mental Medium, or Psychic Medium.


Completion of Spirit World Ambassador Program includes: (Bonuses are valued at $1800+)

  • Advanced Communication Student Calls – Join our monthly group call for advanced intuitive students where we dive deep into the spiritual and metaphysical world.  Includes access to previous recorded calls.
  • Spirit World Ambassador Logo – This logo/badge indicates you are a certified Spirit World Ambassador through The Lightfoot Way.  You may use this logo on your marketing materials such as emails, newsletters, brochures, business card, website, etc.
  • Professional Spirit World Ambassador Directory – Successful graduates receive a complimentary listing of up to 25 words in our professional Spirit World Ambassador directory that will be featured on our website.  A premium listing is $49 annually which includes your photo with up to 100 words and listing can be adjusted at any time.
  • Professional Business Course – Sound practices that are vital for a successful business as a professional Spirit World Ambassador are provided in this course. Our five modules take you through establishing a professional business practice for this field.  This self-paced course is for your own knowledge and preparation and doesn’t include personal feedback from Kim.  ($300 Value)
  • Animal Heart and Soul Learning Center Access – This can aid you as a Spirit World Ambassador by continuing to increase your energetic vibration.  The vast knowledge and skills can help your clients with their living animals.  The Learning Center is filled with four years-worth of holistic animal care topics and corresponding how-to videos, documents, and bonuses, and five years-worth of call recordings.  You can join the email chat group.  You can learn more about the Learning Center here.  ($1500 Value)


What this program is not:

  • Not for those that have not taken an animal communication or intuitive development class – need to be somewhat comfortable with communicating but not expected to be at any kind of professional level
  • Not a replacement for the professional animal communicator program, where you work with all kinds of animals, including those in spirit, but not to this intensive level with the spirit world. The mediumship training can stand alone as its own professional program.
  • Not to prepare you to channel unrequested spirits or focused on an in-person or gallery setting.  This program is for those that want to speak to specific spirits, as requested by others, not to allow ‘whomever’ to come through. This structure is especially what differentiates this program from other standard ‘mediumship’ programs, where many clients are disappointed in their ‘medium’ experience.
  • Not to allow spirits to enter your body, conduct seances or ‘table work’, read tea leaves or predict the future


How this program is structured:

The entire program is designed to be completed with specific dates that are listed on the curriculum that you may request below.

Basic Spirit World Training 

  • By Zoom:  April 5-July 5; Six, Tuesday evening classes on Zoom at 6:30-8 pm mountain time. Homework will be done for each class and Kim will give personal feedback for each class.  While it’s ideal to attend classes live, you may also watch the recordings.  If you don’t attend live, you will have classwork to complete in addition to the homework.
  • Please note the in-person Montana workshop is no longer available.

Advanced Spirit World Training

  • By Zoom:  July 19-December 13; Seven, Tuesday evening classes on Zoom at 6:30-8 pm mountain time.  Homework will be done for each class and Kim will give personal feedback for each class. While it’s ideal to attend classes live, you may also watch the recordings.  If you don’t attend live, you will have classwork to complete in addition to the homework.  Homework includes ten case studies with detailed feedback from Kim.


Registration (Special Pricing for this new program in 2022 only)

Basic Spirit World Training Registration

  • April 5-July 5 Basic Spirit World Training on Zoom:  $475 or 3 payments at $175 (priority is given to those completing the full program, both basic and advanced, so this option may not be available as enrollment is half full for the whole program)
  • Please note the in-person Montana workshop is no longer available.

Basic and Advanced Spirit World Training Registration 

  • Basic and Advanced Spirit World Certification Zoom Training:  $1700 or 8 payments at $225; 10 payment option available if register by March.  (Enrollment is half full for the whole program.)
  • SPECIAL BONUS:  Those who register for full program by March 26th will receive a personal one-on-one session with Kim to connect with a loved one in spirit that you choose.  Receive answers to questions you have and any special messages they have for you.


Mediumship/Spirit World Ambassador Curriculum Request


Mediumship/Spirit World Ambassador Application