The Lightfoot Way Mentoring Program

Mentoring can help you build confidence, deepen your abilities and improve your success.  The Lightfoot Way mentoring program offers you the opportunity to:

  • Have a personalized approach so you can reveal the best authentic you
  • Develop your intuitive abilities to their highest possible level
  • Set and achieve goals through organization and spiritual practice
  • Receive guidance on a deep spiritual level
  • Keep yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually grounded
  • Receive distance healing/clearing to help support your spiritual growth
  • Move beyond limitations and blocks you may experience
  • Have a sounding board for whatever challenges you are experiencing
  • Receive support and encouragement to stay focused on your goals
  • Be in alignment with the highest good of your I Am Presence
  • Develop your foundation such as vision, mission, tag line, etc.
  • Create and review marketing tools such as websites, business cards, consultation forms, flyers, emails, newsletters, etc.
  • Create inspiring and empowering articles for your niche (Kim has written over 300 articles for The Lightfoot Way readers and various magazines from 200-2000 words.)
  • Assist in developing products such as audio, ebooks, classes, programs, teleseminars, etc.

I am a professional communicator and holistic health consultant.  When I found myself struggling through some advanced issues, Kim from Lightfoot Way was there for me.  She helped me see things from a different anflw and introduced some additional concepts that I had not realized could have been playing a part.  I took The Lightfoot Way’s communication courses 1 & 2 and their wellness coaching program and could not be happier with their level of expertise.  It has been a great tool while in the field, as situations arise, to be able to contact them for additional guidance.  Thank you ladies for your never ending light and your passion for teaching.  Penni, USA

Kim was a fabulous help to me in her mentoring sessions. I called her to ask about questions as an animal communicator which were very focused. And she answered them very specifically. I don’t know who else I would have asked on these.  Kim is a shining star in the animal communication field and is a pleasure to work with.  Linda, USA

As I sit on the porch overlooking the creek with the remaining light of sunset an aquamarine -!- (from her custom meditation we created to start off her session), I feel honored to have such beautiful women share their wisdom with me.  I am beyond joy. Namaste Deb

Mentoring Sessions

Minimum 24 hour notice required to reschedule session or session forfeited