I have been seeing a lot of bald eagles near me lately.  One day, I was blessed to see fourteen.  I’ve also had them fly by my car and where I live, not far from Yellowstone.

Recently, I even started a special project and painted an eagle on a heart-shaped rock.

And the day after I typed this article up, a dear friend gave me a lovely card with a soaring eagle on it.  Such synchronicity.

I reflect back to my time with Liberty, the bald eagle, at the Houston Zoo where I worked for over 25 years.  I was there the day a game warden had brought her to the zoo’s clinic, where we have a lot of experience with birds of prey.  Liberty had been shot by someone and found on the ground, very thin.  Her wing was broken and unrepairable.  The vet removed the bullet from her leg but shrapnel still remained.  Eventually, over time, that damaged wing had to be amputated.  Through it all, Liberty remained bold and brave.

Liberty, pictured here, ended up having a permanent home with us at the zoo.  I got to watch her mature and see her brown head eventually turn white.  I told the zookeepers to talk to her out loud, to keep her calm while they were cleaning her enclosure.  It was wonderful when they realized how much this made a difference.  Sometimes, I gave eagle chats to the guests to share her touching story.  I said hello to Liberty every morning, as I passed her enclosure on the way to my office, and I told her goodbye when I left for the day.

So, eagles hold a special place in my heart.

I reached out to the bald eagle and asked if they, collectively as a species, would like to share a message with our readers.  They said they would be honored to.

I get goosebumps as I prepare to type their special message.

This is what the eagle had to say:

We are at a special time in the evolution of ‘mankind’.  Think of this as a turning point for ‘allkind’ – all kinds of life. 

2020 has filled us with many kinds of emotions from hope to despair, joy to sadness.  This experience is part of the journey for each of us – all kinds of life. 

This is not just about the human experience or human relationship.  It is about humanity and the interconnectedness with all of life.  You must realize by now that you are part of this larger picture called life, that is filled with many life forms. 

What you say, think and do pours forth from you and creates waves of energy that flow forward like a feather riding the currents of the wind.

Where will your energy go? 

Is your energy filled with kindness towards allkind? 

Will you make your decisions in life based on the effects on allkind?

We ask you to peer deep into your heart.  Are you honoring your heart? 

A heart that is pure will understand what the pulse of allkind really means. 

We ask you to sync your heart with that of allkind.  For when you do this, you will join us on this heart level that connects all of life.

You will see life as one and know in your heart that one affects all.

Live your life from a place of the heart, where allkind prevails.

Your heart will know what makes it sing.  Your heart will know what makes you soar.  Your heart will lead you to your flight path.

Stay your course.  Stay strong.  Stay brave. 

You can do this.  You are allkind.  We are allkind. 

We ask that you do not stay stagnant as if caught in a cycle of wind, unable to move forward.  Extend your wings beyond the perceived boundaries.  Catch the current with your heart and allow it to take you to new horizons. 

For when you ride the wave of the heart, the future is yours for the taking.  Make and shape your reality. 

We are here for you.  Climb aboard and let us show you the way.  See life from our eyes.  Let us help you understand the grand view and your place in this vast world.

Connect your heart to our heart, to the hearts of allkind, and we will show you the truth.  We will show you YOUR truth.

May you find peace in your heart and the ‘piece’ that leads to fulfillment.

I thanked the eagle for their beautiful message.  I had never heard of the term ‘allkind’, but it is certainly a lovely concept.

If you are looking to connect more to the eagle or sync your heart with theirs and allkind, here are some tips:

  • Find a spot in your home or in nature where you feel comfortable and noise is not a distraction.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Take five, deep breaths, breathing in through your nose and then out your mouth.
  • You can picture an eagle or other animals in your mind.  You can even envision that you have climbed on the back of a giant eagle.  You can hold a photo in your hands of an animal or something like a feather you found.  Do what you are drawn to but adding this can help make your experience more tangible and deeper.
  • Envision that your heart is connected to their heart.  You can visualize a connection between your heart and theirs of light, fabric, color, sound or whatever resonates with you.  If you want your heart to reach out to allkind, then you can imagine this on a larger scale such as many beams or waves of light, for instance.  What you visualize is totally up to you, whether it is simple or more dramatic.  There is no wrong way to do this.  Follow your heart and it will be perfect.
  • Allow the experience to happen.  Just be in the moment.  You may receive images, thoughts, words, feelings, sensations or just a knowing.  Have no expectations and just allow and accept.
  • If guided to, you can share what’s in your heart, including any dreams you have for the future or questions you would like them to answer.
  • Again, just allow and accept.  Do not have any expectations.  Whatever happens during this exercise is what is meant to happen at that time.

May some of today’s message resonate with your heart and take flight.

Allkind Blessings!

Kim & Allison

p.s.  If you want to get to know allkind on a deeper level, click here to consider the animal communication teleclass or click here to learn about the Animal Wellness Coach course 1 by distance.


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