Did you know that March is Adopt A Guinea Pig month?

Guinea pigs are amazing animals with big hearts.  We’ve asked the guinea pigs if they would like to share a message with you and they would love to!

The guinea pig collective has come forward to share some fun and inspiring words of wisdom, including Kim’s in-spirit guinea pigs, Squeakers and Cinnamon (pictured above.)

This is their message, including questions to ponder:

My, these last two years have been quite an adventure.  We often think of life as an adventure.  As a small animal, you see the world from a very different view point.

We want you to think of yourselves as guinea pigs.  You may have felt like you have been a true ‘guinea pig’ in some bizarre, life experiment.  But we want you to look at the broader picture of life.

For some humans, they have learned about what it means to really follow their heart.  It’s important to honor the heart to be truly happy in life.  It’s also about finding the joy in the simple aspects of life.  As guinea pigs, we have joy in eating, squealing (including when the refrigerator door opens), running around, giving and receiving love and more.  What ways are you following your heart and finding the joy in life?

For some humans, they’ve learned to not be so hard on themselves.  It’s important to love yourself first and lighten the physical and emotional demands you place on yourself.  As guinea pigs, we try to take life in stride and know that things happen for a reason in life (such as the loss of a family member or rehoming).  How are you loving yourself and taking life in stride?

For some humans, they’ve learned to see the big picture and not place so much importance on single moments.  It’s important to savor the moment but not let a moment in time feel like it controls everything going forward.  As guinea pigs, we realize that all of the moments add up and will lead to where we put our energy (having a better cage or being adopted for instance), so that makes it easier to have aspirations from a broader view of life.  What are your aspirations?

For some humans, they’ve learned to not sweat the little stuff as life is simply too short.  It’s important to not walk around with a chip on your shoulder like life is out to get you.  As guinea pigs, life truly is very short and not everyone is fond of rodents so we live by assuming good intentions (such as you forgot my carrot or were fussy to me but I know you still love me) and choosing to experience a positive and heart-filled life.  What ways do you choose to live a positive life?

For some humans, they’ve broadened their horizons, including getting out to the great outdoors.  It’s important to try new things in life and spend more time in nature.  As guinea pigs, we do enjoy being outside (having our cage get some sunshine or going for a stroll in the yard for instance), as the grass and sun feel great to us.  How are you expanding your horizons and enjoying nature?

Take it from us, big things come in little packages.  You never know what life will bring you.

Perhaps next time you ponder a moment in life, you’ll think to yourself, “What would a guinea pig do?” 

We hope you enjoyed the lighthearted wisdom of the guinea pigs.  And who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to adopt a guinea pig if you don’t have one in your life.

Guinea Pig Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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