Normally, when I share a message from an animal, I do so in paragraph form.  Today, I was inspired by the White Wolf to offer a question format.

Keep in mind that when I speak to animals, I do not know what will be revealed, until I receive it.

What can White Wolf teach us?

Let me tell you a quick story.  There were three wolf pups.  The first pup was a vigorous male who took control of life right away.  He grew up to be an amazing alpha male.  The second wolf pup was a female that was content to go with the flow throughout her life.  She was supportive and encouraged others in her pack.  The third pup was a small female that was the runt.  She had it rough growing up but one day as an adult, she saved the lives of others in her pack by fighting off an attack.  All pups grew into content adults, that despite their different roles, were respected and honored for their own way.  You may ask yourself, which wolf pup are you.  It doesn’t matter.  With persistence, we are all capable of getting to a place of respect and happiness in our lives.

What does White Wolf wish for the world?

A world where we understand one another, to the depths of our souls.  A place where we co-exist peacefully with acknowledgement and respect.  A world enveloped in love and ruled by the power of light and the heart.  An existence where every life matters, every blade of grass matters, every drop of water matters.  Harmony and tranquility at it’s finest. 

How can White Wolf guide us?

To listen to us is to recognize your own inner strength and purpose.  Follow in our footsteps to a path of self-discovery, exploration, and truth.  Allow yourself to open to a place you have never gone before.  Know that you are safe, loved, and owe it to yourself to be the best version of you.  While the world is going on around you, you are in control of how you respond, how you show up.  Call on us for guidance, for we are there for you.  Let us speak to you.  Let us reach your heart and soul.  Pure light shines within you.  How much of it will you let the world see?  Never doubt the possibilities.  No fear, as fear has no place.  If you feed the fear, fear wins. 

What is White Wolf’s guidance on understanding aspects of life?

Trial and error.  Affairs of the heart.  One step forward and yes, sometimes, two steps back.  But know this.  To know deeply is to love deeply.  To understand whole-heartedly is to embrace another’s heart, filled with love from your own heart.  Following your heart is the only way to true happiness.  When one is grateful for the abundances in their life, no matter how large or small, this enables the heart to take the lead.  When the heart is at the lead, understanding flows naturally.

What is White Wolf’s guidance on moving forward in our lives?

Ask yourself where do you want to be.  Are you in a place of the heart?  Are you in a state of heart?  First and foremost, this heart space is central to moving ahead in life.  If you think, speak, and act from the heart, what you can accomplish is limitless.  We cannot express enough the importance of the heart.  So, going forward, pause before doing.  Then ask yourself, “Am I coming from my heart?”  Love and light exist in the heart.  Hate and darkness exist in fear.  Where is your heart?  Let us join hearts, for the benefit of all life.

Anyone that knows me, knows that the wolf is very special to me.  However, I had no idea where this message would go.  This is the first time any animal has ever shared a story with me.  I do love the overall message of the heart.  Divine timing I feel.

I hope that somewhere in this message from White Wolf, some part will have touched your heart.

White Wolf Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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