Messages from Animal Totems & Animal Guides


While I was driving home the other day, looking out at the majestic mountains, the animals told me that more people need to know how the animal totems and animal guides are trying to constantly reach and guide them in their lives.  Yes, the animals we share our home with or care for are our teachers and do help guide us but the animals I am speaking of go beyond the ones you may lovingly refer to as your ‘pets.’  These are animals of a different nature.

In case you aren’t familiar with what an animal totem is, it is a representative from the animal world that offers you support and guidance.  Some think of this as from an energetic or esoteric level:

  • Many think of animal totems as animal guides that help them throughout their whole life.  For instance, if you are drawn to a particular species of animal such as a lion, eagle or bear, most likely this animal is a totem for you.  It can be any animal species.
  • You can have multiple animal totems.  You can visualize this as your own personal animal totem pole.  My main animal totems are wolves, horses and humpback whales and I’ve been drawn to them since I was young.
  • For animals we are drawn to, you may try to surround yourself with them in any way you can – real animals you care for, seeing them in nature, books, figurines, clothing, jewelry, etc.  And this attraction may have been going on for years and even feel magical.

Animal guides are similar in nature:

  • Animal guides are sometimes referred to as animal spirit guides.  They can be with you for just a moment in time or for years.
  • They come into your life to give you guidance at just the right time.  Animal totems will try to do this, too, but we are more used to them being a part of our life.
  • Most people aren’t aware of the efforts they are making through various signs so never receive their messages.  It’s easy to overlook a message from an animal guide or totem if you don’t know what to look for.

Animal totems and guides are trying to reach you in many ways:

  • You may normally not see this animal and one day you do such as you are driving and a hawk flies over your vehicle.  Unless you normally see hawks and they normally fly near you, then you would look at this as a sign they are trying to reach you.
  • You may see an animal you regularly see but under unusual circumstances.  For instance, I normally would see various types of bees on my farm when I lived in Texas but one day, a wasp had made it to my bathroom.  Sometimes a wasp would be by the back door but my restroom was at the far end of the house.
  • An animal may hit your vehicle like a dragonfly upon your windshield.  Unless you normally have this happen, this is a sign they are trying to get a message to you.  And yes, animals will give their life to give us messages.  It can also be an animal you see on the side of the road that is already passed.  Again, unless you normally see dead opossums on the side of the road for instance, then you would want to seek the message from that animal.
  • You may notice a repetition of appearances by a particular species of animal.  After I had gathered the wasp and released it outside, I didn’t think more of it.  But the very next day a wasp of a different color appeared in my bathroom.  I should have then realized wasps were trying to give me a message – but I didn’t.  So yes, the very next day another wasp of yet another color was there in my bathroom.  Then it was like a 2×4 was hitting me over my head.  I released that wasp and right away went to pursue their message for me.
  • Repetitions of animals may happen in different ways.  You might see a cheetah bumper sticker one day, then a billboard with a cheetah the next day and a magazine ad featuring a cheetah the following day.  In this case, the animals are not appearing in real form but other ways in close proximity to get your attention.  Yes, they are indeed trying to reach you.
  • You may also have animals seek you in dreams, visualizations, meditations and what I like to call holographically.  The latter normally occurs when you are in bed but not asleep yet.  The animal looks real, as if you could touch it.

So how do you know what their message is for you?  There are a number of ways you can find out:

  • The easiest way is to look up on the internet their message for you.  For instance, if it is an owl trying to reach you, look up ‘owl animal totem.’  You will find different websites.  Look at the information until you find the message that resonates with you.  This message can be about anything on a personal or professional level.  It could be about your health, finances, relationships, work, soul purpose, etc.
  • You can look up the message in a book.  As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.   We recommend books we and our students have such as Animal-Wise or Animal Speak by Ted Andrews.  There are a number of animal guide books on the market.
  • You can look up the message in a book with a card deck.  We love the first ever animal card deck Medicine Power:  The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals by Jamie Sams and David Carson.  The book is sold separately by some so make sure you get the card and book set.  There are a growing number of different card decks available.  I have quite a few.  With card decks and books, the animal you are seeking might not be featured in the book though and then the internet provides easy access.
  • If you saw the animal such as during a walk, you could meditate about it while in nature or when you got home and see what you get.
  • If you know animal communication or are able to receive information intuitively from animals, you can talk to it and ask it directly what is its message for you.

Besides animals reaching out to you, you can reach out to them any time you want guidance in a variety of ways:

  • You can set your intention of a question or situation you have and ask to have an animal come forward to assist you.  You can then draw a card or turn to a page in a book and see what message they have for you.
  • You can meditate and ask an animal to come forward to help you or you can seek guidance from a specific species.
  • You can ask an animal to give you 3 signs in a week in response to whatever it is you are seeking guidance for.

So the main message from the animals is to be aware that they are trying to reach YOU and want you to receive their messages.  They also want you to know they are there for you, whenever you want to reach out to them.  Hopefully, this will help you to be more cognizant about their efforts in your life.  You will be amazed at what you can learn from them.  It really is quite profound when you understand the animal world on this type of level.   Know they have always been there for you, but most people do not realize the animals can help in such amazing ways.

If you want to share a story with others about how animal totems or guides have helped you on this type of level (remember this is not about animals in your home), we’d love to hear from you.  Just email us at info@thelightfootway.com.  If we get enough stories we can write a special article.  We do not have to use your name in the article.

Animal Guide Blessings!

Kim & Allison