You hear us talk about Muscle Testing and how it is the key and the foundation to everything we do holistically. It is true.

Always begin with muscle testing so you know where to go and what to do next. Why roll the dice and not know if what you are doing to solve any issue is the right decision?

Learning this ONE simple, but mega important skill will change your life, save you time, money and you and your animals’ health for the better.

We have worked with many clients and students over the years using muscle testing – and most we have never met as this can be done by distance and with just a photo.

With wanted to share with you two cases we had.

You can use muscle testing to solve problems you might not even thought would ever be solved. Everything from physical issues to behavioral issues. All have had positive outcomes and, it all started with muscle testing!

Wings, 15-year-old Lab Mix, Skin Condition/Nutrition Case Study

Muscle Testing for Wings:

Wings had developed horrible open sores all over her back as shown to the right. Her skin was in terrible condition.

When we muscle tested, Nutrition, Acupuncture and Energy Work were the modalities that tested the strongest in that order.

Based on the order of importance, we started with the nutrition immediately.

There is always a color and Wings needed Forest Green (shown sleeping on her Forest Green bed above)

Nutrition before Muscle Testing:

  • Mix of Purina Healthy Weight Beneful & Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind chicken and rice. She has been on Beneful for most of her life and Bright Mind for 1 ½ years.
  • Natural Balance sweet potato and fish treats.
  • Dasuquin with MSM for arthritis in her front paws and weakness in her hips.

After muscle testing, the new diet is:

  • Grain-free (She was on a grain-based diet)
  • Canned food (She was eating kibble) – Proteins beef, bison, turkey, duck, venison, rabbit, white fish, salmon, pork (She was eating chicken. Chicken and lamb are hot meats in Traditional Chinese Medicine which can create and worsen inflammation in the body. The only two proteins she muscle tested to not receive were chicken and lamb.)
  • Probiotics: 1 tsp Probios (Every animal we have muscle tested shows that they need a daily probiotic. Wings has had a sensitive stomach/diarrhea and this can greatly help.)
  • Omegas: 1 tsp Flaxseed oil for 2 weeks (Flaxseed works best as a temporary supplement to help the body with inflammation from the sores and arthritis, allergies, hair loss and a sluggish metabolism.)
  • Joint Supplements: 500mg of Glucosamine Sulfate (She was getting 600mg of Dasuquin which is glucosamine hydrochloride.) 1000mg of MSM (She was getting 400mg.)
  • Acupuncture is something she needed. Peggy is researching to find a practitioner in the area for Wings to offer.
  • Energy Work was offered every other day for 5-10 minutes. She responded very well.
  • Color Therapy: Forest Green covers were put on her bed, which she often wanted to sleep on.

Follow-up for Wings:

  • Wings is much improved with some bonuses.
  • The wounds on her back are healed as seen in the photo with beautiful hair. The dry skin is 50% improved.
  • Wings is eating well and eats the wet food better than the dry.
  • When offering energy work, Wings would sometimes sit and other times lay on her bed. She is walking better, perkier and even wants to play with the ball again. Wings has not needed the Rimadyl she was previously receiving. This is great news as the liver values need to be monitored as the medication can cause liver damage.
  • An acupuncture appointment is scheduled. This will help to bring her back to further balance.
  • As a wonderful bonus, there have been major behavioral improvements. Wings is more content. The last few years she has been very upset during thunderstorms. She would pant and pace and nothing would console her. Since making these changes, she sleeps through the storms. She would also become very nervous when company would play video games on the ipad. It was thought a high-pitched sound bothered her. Now she will lay by her pet parent on her bed and is not concerned.

We are delighted that Wings’ pet parent believes that these changes have improved Wings’ quality of life greatly. You, too, can do the same for your animals.

Tyler, 6.5-year-old Schnauzer, Anxiety/Behavior Issue Case Study

Muscle Testing for Tyler:

Tyler urinates when he is told no, scolded or left home. When his pet father leaves, he gets really unhappy and barks loudly.

His healing color that is based on what is going on in their life at that time and the color for Tyler is kelly green it is grounding, soothing and comforting.

We determined that he needed these modalities in order of importance:

  • Animal Communication: His pet parents spoke to Tyler about the conversation we had. They both reassured him together that this was his forever home even though he was told 6 years ago when they first got him. Turns out when they got Tyler that he was the last of his litter and the other puppies had been gone for about a month. We believe this had an impact on Tyler feeling “left behind.”
  • He showed a yellow duck to Allison. His pet parent mom’s nickname is “Duck Lady.”Tyler was being told when they would leave the house for work, etc., but now when gone overnight, they are adding the number of moons to help give Tyler more clarity on when they will return. Tyler’s pet dad will work on being more grounded as Tyler wants the best for him and he knows that if his pet dad is more grounded, that will also help him be more calm.
  • Custom Bach Flower Essence Blend:  custom blends work on each individual animal to clear and release emotional baggage.
  • Chiropractic Adjustment (to be done by a holistic vet/animal chiropractor)
  • Energy Work: He will receive the energy he is intended to if you just offer energy and allow it to go to whoever it needs to. Tyler is truly working on everyone in the house
  • Massage: There are simple massage techniques you can do to bring calm and peace. It really is not about the physical massage, but the connection and closeness providing a sense of security. and grounding. Guess what? Tyler wants her husband to do the massages…. see a trend here?

Follow-up with Tyler:

  • Tyler’s pet parents said he seemed calmer after we spoke with him.
  • After starting the Bach flower essence drops, he is much calmer.
  • There was an incident at the ranch (not their regular home) where the pet parent dad took Tyler on a trip by himself. He forgot to bring the drops and Tyler was unable to see his pet dad working outdoors. This caused anxiety and Tyler knocked things over and urinated in the house. This was an awakening moment for the pet dad as he realized what a difference the essences truly make.
  • Tyler used to cry at the front door when the third family dog was taken on a walk but now, he lays down and no longer cries.
  • He is more loving to his pet parent mom and listening better to commands when outside.
  • He is no longer urinating in the house.
  • Pet parent dad is on an extended trip and Tyler is doing so much better. The pet parent mom is telling Tyler how the dad is doing and how much she appreciates him, loves him and how he is such a great big brother to Gracie, their rescued dog. While the pet parent dad is gone, the pet parent mom has told Tyler his job is to keep her (mom) company and he is doing a great job at it.
  • The chiropractic session is pending.
  • He sleeps on his kelly green bed and wears his green collar to keep him centered and grounded.

The essences, color therapy, massage and talking to Tyler have proven very effective at relieving his anxiety. As he continues to improve, they are looking to add a chiropractic session which was one of the modalities he muscle tested for.

Anxiety is common in many animals, including separation anxiety. When you use muscle testing, you can determine exactly which modalities are needed to help an animal improve their life and that of their family.

Trust Your Body, the Process and the Results!

Your body doesn’t lie! Yes, that is also the name of the book written by Dr. John Diamond on muscle testing or applied kinesiology. It is true, your body cannot lie and when you use your own body to determine “yes” or “no” responses, you cannot go wrong as these amazing case studies we have shared with you prove.

Muscle testing works and is the foundation of our book of evidence, body of proof and positive results.

We wish everyone would learn this life changing skill and use it in all aspects of their life.

Do it for yourself, your family and your beloved animals!

If you are an animal professional or have any type of business, you can use muscle testing for that, too.

Consider life-changing muscle testing.

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Body of Proof Blessings!

Allison & Kim


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