Muscle Testing

dog items arm strong [640x480] [320x200]Muscle testing is a wonderful tool to better health.  The technique is also called kinesiology or referred to as body wisdom. The technique is considered part of the strong foundation of holistic care as it is used to determine the best treatment plan for an animal. Muscle testing can:

  • Find out if an animal is allergic to certain foods or products
  • Help you find the best foods and supplements
  • Determine the right amount of a food or supplement
  • Select other holistic modalities that are the best for your animal’s well-being
  • Save time and money by learning and using muscle testing as the first step in your holistic care

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Upon hearing about the study of applied kinesiology (muscle testing), I found it very intriguing that the body could give you answers on what it needs.  After Kim Shotola of The Lightfoot Way taught me more about how to do muscle testing, I started using it myself not only in practice but also in my personal life.  There have been many times when I have wanted to use herbal medications on certain patients, but have had 3 different herbs to choose from that were similar in action that be used for that particularly patient.  In those cases I have been able to use muscle testing to narrow down to the one that the body says will work the best.  Personally, I have used muscle testing for a variety of things including figuring out and resolving chronic GI issues.  Muscle testing is just one more tool I’ve added to my “tool box” full of ways to help my patients and myself. Jessica Marziani, DVM