Nutrition Consultation

nutritionkeyThe right diet for your animal means the best health possible.  Nutrition is the key to the healthiest, happiest and longest life possible.

Did you know that if your animal does not have the diet that is meant for them, anything you try to do to help their behavioral or health issues will just be a temporary fix?  It is like putting on a bandaid.

There is not a one size fits all.  Your animal is unique and needs a diet that is just for them.  Did you know that many supplements can often be eliminated or reduced when you know the correct core diet for your animal?

Muscle testing is the key to determining exactly what that best diet is:

  • Grains/Grain free (most dogs and cats should not be on grains, even some horses)
  • Type of diet for dogs and cats (raw, cooked, dehydrated, can, etc.)
  • Proteins for dogs and cats (this makes a huge difference as they have different reactions in your animal’s body including creating inflammation)
  • Dietary needs for horses and other livestock (yes, we help more than just dogs and cats)
  • Supplements (many animals are over supplemented, creating an overload on the immune system or they are not on the right supplements)
  • Supplement amounts and duration (the amounts are just as crucial as the supplements themselves because you may have the right supplement but without the proper amount, you may see little to no effect)
  • Dairy/non-dairy (many dogs and cats should not be eating dairy, and this includes yogurt, kefir, dairy-based probiotics or other supplements)
  • This thorough nutritional approach to well-being looks at your animal on a personalized level including from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) view.

A nutrition consultation uses muscle testing to find out what is best for your animal:

  • We offer this service at house calls or by distance.  We have done this consultation for animals all over the world.
  • If by distance, all we need is a photo of your animal to make an energetic, heart to heart connection.
  • A nutrition consultation is $85.   We spend a minimum of 1 hour doing the muscle testing based on a nutrition flow chart we created that is 1 1/2 pages long and then typing up the information for you in a format that is easy to follow.
  • If you are interested in learning how to muscle test, we offer an instructional ebook here.  Consider becoming a member of our Animal Heart & Soul Learning Center and receive the ebook and 4 muscle testing videos as our gifts to you.  You also learn in detail all about how to make the best diet possible for your animals. Click here to learn more about the Animal Heart & Soul Learning Center.

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