Petey was and is Allison’s amazing, adopted dog. Sadly, he passed on Monday at the age of 19.

His soul joins many other beautiful animals that have been crossing the Rainbow Bridge lately to assist in the expansion of humanity’s consciousness.

With Allison’s wonderful care and guidance, he went from a scavenging dumpster dog to a raw food loving dog, a canine freestyle dancing dog and even a scent work dog.

In 2018, he was awarded for participating in a US Navy study to prove detection dogs can find ammonium sulfate. His search was spot on and they used his video to train the Navy Seal work dogs.

Petey was featured in a number of our articles over the years such as:

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Petey wanted to share a message with everyone. Here is what he had to say:

I want to talk about love and being free. 

Love is a beautiful thing and I wish every person and animal to be able to experience that in their life, for it makes all of the difference in the world. 

I felt Allison’s love all of the time in how she treated me, what she did for me and what all we got to do and share together.

I love the feeling of moving freely, being able to run and play again. I love the joy of spinning around and just being myself. 

Being free is beyond the physical feeling of freedom. It’s also about what you feel in your heart. 

My heart was free to experience so many joys in life. I wish that all animals get to experience such wonderful opportunities to do things to express themselves that truly bring that joy to themselves.

I know it is hard for humans, especially right now, and so many of us have departed to the other side. 

I wish for you to know that your animals are happy and they want the best for you in life. They are watching over you. 

We want you to reach inside your heart and do what makes you happy. Let the real you come out for the world to see. 

Share your heart with the world. No matter what, know you are a beautiful person and you have a lot to offer.

Is there ever the perfect time to do something? Perhaps not. But I say that perfect is what you make of it. 

And now can be the perfect time to open your heart, reach in, and pull forth all that love, joy, happiness and passion you possibly can.

When you can do this, it will help you to feel free. 

Freedom of the heart and mind is a beautiful thing. Freedom of the body and soul is priceless. 

May you experience the love and freedom you need to in life, as I did on earth, and I do now.

Allison will continue to have a beautiful relationship with Petey and speak to him beyond the veil.

May Petey’s words or featured articles touch your heart today in some way.

May you know that your connection to your Rainbow Bridge animals is everlasting.

Petey Blessings!

Kim & Allison

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