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Teleclasses are done from the comfort of your own home or business via phone or web phone using your computer or laptop with a microphone.  Click here to learn more about how teleclasses are done,

Animal communication classes are the most popular of the holistic animal classes we teach!  Everyone has the ability to communicate with animals.  It is only a matter of awakening this ability inside yourself.  Through meditations and exercises, you will learn how to communicate with animals in just ONE day!  Click here to learn more about our animal communication teleclasses and see dates.

  • If you have ever wanted to know what your animal is thinking, feeling, their life purpose, or how to help them with a behavioral or physical condition, this workshop is for you!
  • Being able to communicate with animals can help you to understand them better.
  • You can use your intuitive abilities to assist with the animal’s general care, handling, or training.
  • When you learn how to communicate with animals, you will be able to communicate with them with by distance which means you can do this from wherever you are – whether running errands or at home, work, a business trip or vacation.
  • A small group situation provides an ideal learning environment (maximum class size is just 9 students!)
  • Through photos of workshop participants’ animals, you will learn to communicate with animals, including those that are in spirit.
  • With exercises and meditations, you will work on opening the right side of your brain, the intuitive side, in the morning.  In the afternoon, you will be learning communication techniques and speaking with animals.
  • Deepen your bond with your animals and experience your relationship like you have never done before.
  • Students who complete the class are invited to join our Animal Heart & Soul Communication Community.  Click here to learn more about this amazing and complementary community just for our animal communication students!
  • Taking this class does not qualify you to say you are a professional communicator or received your professional training though it is the beginning of your incredible journey.  Click here to learn about our professional animal communication certification program.
  • Read what students have to say about this class.
  • Read the document 10 Things You Should Know Before You Select an Animal Communication Teacher.
  • You will be emailed a PDF certificate upon completion of the class homework.
  • There will be a follow up group class call that is recorded.

Call on your phone or web phone:

  • You can call on a phone.
  • You can use local numbers here if you would like to.  This can help if you are using a land line or trying not to use your minutes.
  • You can use a a web phone on your computer with a microphone and speaker (the web phone is provided by company we use at no charge.)  You must use the Firefox or Chrome browser in order to use the web phone.  Skype is not available but the web phone is very similar but you must have a computer or laptop with a microphone and speaker (not a tablet or ipad.)

You do not need to be enrolled in the professional communicator program to take this teleclass.  Should you wish to learn more about this program, please click here.

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Animal Communication Teleclass

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