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  • Homework will pertain to the Zoom class and the documents along with connection exercises in an easy Word Document or email format – no online homework needed
  • PAYMENT DUE AT TIME OF REGISTRATION. There are no refunds or transfers as you will receive the Zoom class recordings along with the class documents for each class you register for.
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We are so excited to bring to you Fantastical Beings, a 5-class Zoom series that you can do from the comfort of your home with us!

This Fantastical Beings series will feature fairies, dragons, unicorns, dinosaurs and angels.

  • You can attend just one class or all 5 classes.
  • There is a complementary certificate option for each class, too!
  • To learn more about the classes, please click here.

Registration Fee

  • $125 for each class
  • $495 for all 5 classes (attend one class for free)


Additional information

Fantastical Beings

$125 for 1 class, $250 for 2 classes, $375 for 3 classes, $500 for 4 classes, $495 for all 5 classes


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