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We have always promoted relationships with all of life, whether animals, nature or Mother Earth.  Extraterrestrials are no different.  Kim has experienced ET’s in many ways since she was a child, and they’ve told her now is the time to share.

The class is at a special price of $44.  Please make sure you download the document that will be attached to your receipt you receive.

The class includes:

  • Close Encounters of the First-Fifth Kind
  • How ET’s can help you and humanity
  • Starseeds and soul origins
  • Kim’s ET Experiences
  • Answering questions

There is no homework or certificate awarded.


Additional information

Fantastical Beings

$495 for all 5 classes, $125 for Fairies, $125 for Dragons, $125 for Unicorns, $125 for Dinosaurs, $125 for Angels


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