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The Lightfoot Way Mentoring Program

Mentoring can help you build confidence, deepen your abilities and improve your success.  The Lightfoot Way mentoring program offers you the opportunity to:

  • Have a personalized approach so you can reveal the best authentic you
  • Develop your intuitive abilities to their highest possible level
  • Set and achieve goals through organization and spiritual practice
  • Receive guidance on a deep spiritual level
  • Keep yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually grounded
  • Receive distance healing/clearing to help support your spiritual growth
  • Move beyond limitations and blocks you may experience
  • Have a sounding board for whatever challenges you are experiencing
  • Receive support and encouragement to stay focused on your goals
  • Be in alignment with the highest good of your I Am Presence
  • Develop your foundation such as vision, mission, tag line, etc.
  • Create marketing tools such as business cards, consultation forms, flyers, emails, newsletters, etc.
  • Assist in developing products such as audio, ebooks, classes, programs, teleseminars, etc.

As I sit on the porch overlooking the creek with the remaining light of sunset an aquamarine -!- (from her custom meditation we created to start off her session), I feel honored to have such beautiful women share their wisdom with me.  I am beyond joy. Namaste Deb

Mentoring Sessions

  • Each mentoring session includes a personal meditation created just for you!
  • Each session is recorded so that you can listen to it whenever you desire or download it.
  • $45 for 1, 15 minute session; $125 for 3, 15 minute sessions
  • $80 for 1, 30 minute session; $215 for 3, 30 minute sessions
  • $150 for 1 hour session; $397 for 3, 1 hour sessions
  • If you are a Learning Center member, please go to your home page for your discount.

Minimum 24 hour notice required to reschedule session or session forfeited

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Mentoring/Coaching Session Options

15 minute session, 3, 15 minute sessions, 30 minute session, 3, 30 minute sessions, 1 hour session, 3, 1 hour sessions


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