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The 32 page instructional muscle testing ebook explains in detail how to muscle test people and animals. Included are photos that show the techniques for muscle testing people and animals.  Click here to learn more about muscle testing.  The ebook is downloadable in PDF format. The Table of Contents is as follows:

1. What is Muscle Testing?
2. The Basic Concept of Muscle Testing
3. Precautions
4. Choosing a Partner
5. Preparation
6. Determining Which Method to Use
7. Testing an Item on Yourself
8. Testing an Item on an Animal or Another Person
9. Testing an Amount on Yourself
10. Testing an Amount on an Animal or Another Person
11. Testing Multiple Items
12. Testing an Item Without the Item
13. Testing an Item Without the Animal or Person
14. Troubleshooting

Bonus:  As a bonus you will receive 2 muscle testing flow charts! One is for muscle testing animal nutritional information.   You can use the handy format though as a guide for human nutrition as this will give you an idea of what types of questions you need to be asking.  The other flow chart is for muscle testing various holistic modalities that may help an animal or person, including how to determine the order of importance.  These charts are in a convenient word document format that you can change to accommodate your needs.

You will be emailed the receipt which contains the downloadable links.  You are able to download it twice.

Upon hearing about the study of applied kinesiology (muscle testing), I found it very intriguing that the body could give you answers on what it needs.  After Kim Shotola of The Lightfoot Way taught me more about how to do muscle testing, I started using it myself not only in practice but also in my personal life.  There have been many times when I have wanted to use herbal medications on certain patients, but have had 3 different herbs to choose from that were similar in action that be used for that particularly patient.  In those cases I have been able to use muscle testing to narrow down to the one that the body says will work the best.  Personally, I have used muscle testing for a variety of things including figuring out and resolving chronic GI issues.  Muscle testing is just one more tool I’ve added to my “tool box” full of ways to help my patients and myself.  Jessica Marziani, DVM

Initially, I was skeptical about using “muscle testing” in a country that seemed to be trusting of the same medical mistakes committed in the U.S.  I contacted schools, read articles, and spoke to people that were far too gifted for what I envisioned. However, what I learned from The Lightfoot Way ebook and the informative emails from Kim and Allison was priceless.  You have great customer service. Companies claiming to be far better, with more information, and more expensive prices do not respond as you two have.  Their ebook simplifies the process without attempting to justify what may appear to be magical or impossible.  If the reader refuses to accept anything from the book, they will still have to acknowledge the energies of the universe.  Dr. Baz Moreno, Moreno Institute of Ethnomedicine, Mexico City, Mexico

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