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Animal Heart & Soul Professional Communication

Certification Program™

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Professional animal communication allows you to help animals, people and yourself using a telepathic connection.  You can develop this amazing skill through our proven series of techniques and tools that comprise our program.  We guide you in developing your intuitive abilities on a deep level.  We teach this through workshops, business courses and hands on communication sessions with our feedback.  Our unique blend of instruction, intuitive work and mentoring builds your confidence.  Upon completion of our Animal Heart & Soul Professional Communication Certification Program™ you will be fully prepared to work as a professional animal communicator.

As a professional animal communicator, you will achieve fulfillment and transformation for yourself and your clients by:

  • Clarifying reasons for behavioral problems and finding resolutions to bring peace and harmony
  • Understanding how to help improve well-being and health issues through the eyes of the animal
  • Achieving emotional healing and bonding with any animal
  • Empowering others while increasing your income
  • Changing lives on a heart and soul level

Animal communication takes you to a higher level of personal growth. Helping animals to have a voice and be their bridge is life changing and a true work of the heart and soul.

Our Animal Heart & Soul Professional Communication Certification Program™ program consists of:

  • Can be completed in a 6-12 month period though some students take 18 months
  • Five Animal Communication Core Courses by The Lightfoot Way
  • Two Business Development Courses by The Lightfoot Way (one required)
  • Two Holistic Modality Electives to be approved by The Lightfoot Way


Course Title Format Cost*
Course 1 Animal Communication One Day Workshop Teleclass or In Person $297 Teleclass or $197 In Person
Course 2 Advanced Animal Communication Teleclass Teleclass $297
Course 3 Animal Communication Knowledge Application Self Guided Exam with Mentoring $297
Course 4 Animal Communication Practice Sessions Sessions with Mentoring $397
Course 5 Advanced Animal Communication Practice Sessions Sessions with Mentoring $397
Course 6 Professional Business Practices Self Guided with Mentoring $397
Course 7 Holistic Marketing (Optional) Self Guided $397

*Pay as you go.  Customized payment plan also available.

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Learn animal communication now and never feel helpless with any animal.  Experience how rewarding it can be to help change lives.

Upon completion of certification course, you will receive:

  • Certificate of achievement in professional animal communication
  • Listing in our professional animal communicator directory on our website when you are ready
  • The Lightfoot Way Animal Communicator designer logo for your website and other marketing tools

Don’t delay, get started today on your path of helping animals as a professional communicator!  If you are ready to make a difference in the world, request the detailed curriculum on this life changing program below or complete the program application below that.

Kim and Allison provided the tools and confidence to launch my business in animal communication.  Without the professional communicator program, I would not have been able to give hundreds of animals a voice like I have.  Their program will help you to organize, prepare and expand your abilities.  These two women changed my life in indescribable ways.  You won’t regret completing the program.  May every animal have a voice.  Sentient Beings, USA

It was so exciting and fun to learn animal communication, but I have to admit I wasn’t very confident in my abilities.  Yet I wanted more after the first teleclass and pursued the advanced teleclass.  I practiced a lot with animals of my own, as well as those of family/friends, and with wildlife.  However, I never dreamed I would continue on with the Professional Animal Communication Program.  But when Kim and Allison sent out an email in regards to the professional communicator program, there was no turning back.  What a beautiful journey it has been.  In the beginning I started to wonder “what was I thinking!” But the mentoring and guidance has been invaluable.  Allison’s patience and constructive feedback allowed me to grow and develop my skills without doubting myself.  I grew spiritually, and as hard as it was, I was forced to use my right brain!  Yes I have a left brain.  Then about midway through there was a shift.  It was profound. I began to get clearer, more precise messages from the animals, and “knowings” from wildlife that came from out of nowhere that assisted with some personal direction I needed.  My transcripts for the sessions were better analyzed and developed.  And the feedback was validating. It was amazing.  Dreams do come true!  I’m now providing animal communication as a professional.  With animal communication as the core of my business, my passion for animals, and facilitating heart felt connections between animals and humans has become my profession.  I’m so very grateful for Allison, Kim and the Lightfoot Way for the doors it has opened to my true path.  If you’ve been questioning your ability, don’t!  You will find no one better to prepare you for your profession in Animal Communication.  Liz, USA  Soft Heart Connections

Prior to finding The Lightfoot Way, I had taken animal communication classes but doubted my abilities and success with animal communication.  After taking The Lightfoot Way animal communication teleclasses and loving what I learned, I decided to further my knowledge and skills by taking The Lightfoot Way Professional Communicator Program.  I have been thrilled with the in-depth program which gave me the opportunity to strengthen my animal communication skills in all areas.  Plus, I also received  practical business tools and step by step guidance for setting up my own business.  The personal support and direction that I received from Kim has given me the confidence that I thought I was missing.  I really felt that I had the information, tools, and support that I needed to be a successful animal communicator.  If you want to dive deeper into animal communication and are interested in starting your own animal communication business, this professional course will give you everything that you will need to get started!  I am grateful to have found The Lightfoot Way!  Leland, USA

I thoroughly enjoyed the Animal Communication Professional program! There were so many things that I learned and improved on while participating in the program. While I always knew that I could communicate with the animals, I was so surprised by all of the things that I could feel in my body that an animal was feeling in theirs. It was good to be able to practice all of the different types of communications that I could potentially experience in the future. Kim was very kind and patient as she guided me along the way. Her guidance would always make me think about things that I may have missed that would make for a better communication session. It also was good to have 10 different animals and their different types of issues (in-spirit, lost, health, etc) to practice with (10 in course 4 and 10 in course 5.) Both the practice sessions and the questions I had to respond to really made me think about and understand some of the best ways for me to work with and help the animals and their pet parents.  This program is a very comprehensive in that it not only teaches the communication aspect, but it also prepares you for the marketing and business aspects, how to effectively communicate with clients and prepare clear communication transcripts. I finished the program feeling well prepared. I highly recommend this program to anyone that is thinking about having an animal communication practice.   Natalie, USA

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