Allison wrote a lovely article last week about different HAC methods that anyone can learn how to do.

The animals have let us know that sometimes there is information overload, and in this day and age, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

The animals say we should share some basic information, including information that you may have not considered along with some questions they want you to ask yourself.

So here’s some basic scoop from the animals:

  • As a reminder, we start off with holistic which is about the whole – body, mind and spirit.  Just because something says ‘holistic’ doesn’t mean it really is unless it approaches a method, product or instruction on that mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level.  The animals say the term holistic is overused and misused by many because it’s one of those ‘hot tamale’ words that grab people’s attention.  They say to ask yourself, “Is this ____ really holistic?”
  • Holistic is for all humans and animals of any age.  It’s common for those who use holistic ways for themselves to not connect the ‘spots’ and realize these methods can apply to animals, when done properly.  The animals say to ask yourself, “How can holistic help me, the animals in my care and loved ones in my life?”
  • They want to emphasize about holistic as preventative, a way of life, not something you seek when you can’t find anything else that works.  The animals say while this is great that someone finally seeks holistic, it can be very sad when it’s done late in the game and the animal’s well-being is affected.  They say to ask yourself, “How can I take a holistic step towards prevention?”
  • Animal communication, muscle testing and energy work are like the magical trio.  When you learn those, anything else you seek flows so much more easily.  The animals love it when you have the ability to understand them and all of life more deeply, including yourself.  The muscle testing heightens your senses allowing your body to know more about any method or product.  Energy work helps to strengthen that energetic connection along with its healing capabilities.  The animals say to ask yourself, “What impact could I make on my life and others if I knew this?”
  • Like anything in life, go at your own pace.  You take one day at a time.  You can learn one skill at a time.  Don’t overwhelm yourself.  It’s ok to space out your learning and your holistic efforts, such as a nutrition adjustment.  Small steps and changes can produce big results.  The animals say to ask yourself, “What small step or change could I take right now for myself and animals?”

Now the animals want to share some things that are holistic in nature that you may not have realized:

  • Setting your intention for what you want to accomplish in life, including with animals, is powerful.  The more specific you can be, the better.  Saying your intentions out loud and writing them down can make them more tangible on that body, mind and spirit level.  The animals say to ask yourself, “How can I set my intention to improve the well-being of myself and animals?”
  • Living in a state of gratitude is what the animals strive for daily.  They wish all humans would live life while being grateful for what they do have.  This creates a positive state of being and this energetic frequency affects the wellness of both animals and people.  The animals say to ask yourself, “Am I living from a state of gratitude?”
  • The animals want you to look closely at your environment and those of the animals in your care.  Look indoors and outdoors to ensure that no chemicals are being used.  Some products that are labeled ‘natural’ may not actually be considered safe.  There may be some products you are unaware of that contain harmful chemicals.  Look at the ingredients carefully.  The animals say to ask yourself, “Have I thoroughly checked all products being used in my home and outside to make sure they are safe?”  Read more about toxic concerns with animals here.
  • We just had a full moon this week.  This resulted in a number of people and animals having a restless night.  The energy of the moon can affect the well-being of both humans and animals.  Even some vets won’t perform certain surgeries on the day of a full moon due to the concern of too much blood flow that may cause harm to an animal.  The animals say to ask yourself, “Have I noticed how the moon may affect me or my animals?”  Here’s an interesting article on the moon. 
  • Mercury goes into retrograde today through February 21.  This occurrence lasts about three weeks and occurs three times a year.  When this happens, the energy can affect all forms of communication, electronics, and travel.  It’s a great time to back up any files you want to save on your computer.  People can tend to open their mouth and ‘yap’ before thinking first.  Things can get a bit frenzied with this energy so it’s good to know this.  The animals say to ask yourself, “How can I use this awareness to help me and my animals?”  You can read more about Mercury in retrograde here. 

Hopefully, this article has given you some thoughts to ponder.  No matter what, the animals are here for you and support you on your path, as do we.

Holistic Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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