Last week, we shared about the secret life of plants – research that proves plants and other life forms, not just people and animals, are sentient beings.  If you didn’t read that article, click here.

We heard from a number of readers that were amazed and had them really thinking about things.

So what if you had insight into what plants, trees, animals – all of life, were trying to tell you?

What if you could peer into the minds of these life forms and get things directly from them?

Here are some thoughts from these life forms that may make you change how you go about your daily life.

Picture these life forms in your mind, along with their thoughts and wishes:

Life Form:  Samantha, a tabby cat, sits perched on top of a cushy chair, and looks out the window.

  • Life Form’s Thoughts:  I know my mom will be home soon from work.  She isn’t happy about her job.  She has no passion for it and works with people that don’t appreciate her.  She’s so stressed when she gets home.  I lie on her chest and try to take away the pain she feels in her heart that makes her sad.  I worry about how her stress could affect her health over time.
  • Life Form’s Wishes:  I wish she would talk to me about what’s going on.  She cries sometimes and I feel helpless.  If she would talk to me, that could make her feel better.  And if she could tune in to me, then I could actually offer her guidance about her situation.

Life Form:  A house plant sits on a kitchen window sill.

  • Life Form’s Thoughts:  I am getting light but I’m not thriving.  My caregiver sees that I am not doing well and wonders why.  She looks at me and frowns.  She seems discouraged, frustrated, and often, uninterested in me.  I just sit here and hope I can keep surviving.
  • Life Form’s Wishes:  I wish that she knew I was a sentient being.  I would love to have a name.  She could call me Belle.  If she talked to me and told me how she knew I had the ability to grow and become beautiful, I could feel she really cared about me.  Then, when I start showing improvement from her positive vibration, she can keep encouraging me.  When I’m doing great, she can tell me how lovely I am.  And then when she waters me, she can take the time to say hello and how pretty I am, which will keep me thriving.

Life Form:  Max, a senior black lab mix, lies on his bed in the den.

  • Life Form’s Thoughts:  I am very sick but I try to make the best of each day.  I am blessed to be with my pet parent who loves me very much.  He takes me to the vet and we get medication and treatment for my cancer.
  • Life Form’s Wishes:  I wish to spend more time with him.  I don’t have much time left.  A new bed would really help provide me with more support during this time.  I still want to go on some short walks with him.  I want to sit outside under the tree with him and just be together.  I want to encourage him about writing that book he’s been thinking about for years.  And when it’s my time, I would like to go in my own home with him by my side.  If I need help crossing over, I hope he’s able to get a vet to come to our house.  I wish he knew all of this.  I wish he could understand me on this deeper level.

Life Form:  Assorted vegetables that are sitting on a dinner plate, about to be eaten.

  • Life Form’s Thoughts:  We are eaten a lot by many.  There are those that eat just us instead of animals because they think animals have a soul and are more important.  While animals that eat us recognize and honor in their soul a fellow sentient being, most people don’t think of us in this way.
  • Life Form’s Wishes:  We just want to be respected for our role as providing nourishment, just like animals that have chosen this same role.  We are honored that we can be of service in this way, but we want to be treated well, including not being sprayed with chemicals.  We don’t want to hurt others who eat us with these toxins we have absorbed.  When someone does eat us, we wish that we would be shown gratitude.  Just say thank you so that we know that we, too, are appreciated.

Life Form:  Yellow jackets have made a nest near the front door of a home.

  • Life Form’s Thoughts:  We don’t want to harm anyone.  We just want to have a family.  We have chosen this spot because of the covered porch that protects us from inclement weather.  We have found a sturdy place on the wood to build our nest and reproduce.
  • Life Form’s Wishes:  We wish that the person that lives here will let us be and not knock our nest down or kill us.  We wish we could tell the person we mean no harm at all and will keep to ourselves, as long as we don’t feel our lives and those of our offspring are threatened.  If this person would communicate with us, we could let them know that we can all live in harmony.

Life Form:  Charlie, a young quarter horse, has just crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

  • Life Form’s Thoughts:  I came here to be with my human for just a short time.  I helped her learn to take responsibility in life and open her heart to others.  She has had a hard life and I know that she is blaming herself for my death.  I worry about her now that I have passed, as I know she feels like a piece of her heart is missing.
  • Life Form’s Wishes:  I wish that she knew that I chose to leave at this time.  I have work to do on the other side right now, as I’m needed.  I am joining the masses of animals that have crossed over, in order to unite to help humanity.  I wish that she knew our love is everlasting.  I want her to know that she can speak to me whenever she wants to and that I’ll be visiting her.  When the time is right for both of us, I will return to her as another horse, as I know that is what she would like.  If she can tune in to me, I can support her during this difficult time and continue to stay connected until I return.

Life Form:  An oak tree is going to be cut down in a back yard.

  • Life Form’s Thoughts:  I know I am in the way of where a shed needs to be built.  I’ve been here for many years and watched this family.  I have seen the backyard BBQ’s and watched the children grow up.  The dogs sometimes have relieved themselves on me.  I’ve provided shade throughout my lifetime.  Birds have raised their families on my branches.
  • Life Form’s Wishes:  I understand that I am no longer needed.  I wish that this family would acknowledge what I’ve provided for them over the years.  I wish they would say thank you to me before they cut me down.  I hope that my remains can be used for good in some way, such as creating furniture or providing warmth as wood for a fire, and that I’m not just taken to a dump and left there.  I hope that this family knows that my essence will still remain in their yard, even though my towering presence will no longer be visible.

We hope after reading these thoughts from various life forms, that something will stir your heart and soul more deeply, more profoundly.

All life is sentient.  All life is connected.  All life should be respected.

If you want to understand all of life on a deeper level, please consider these opportunities:

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Sentient Life Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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