Last week we talked about ways to gain a deeper connection with animals.  If you didn’t read that article, click here.

Today is part 2 and we are continuing that journey of diving deeper into how to establish a stronger heart and soul connection with animals and all of life.

Get Grounded

Grounding refers to being present in the moment on a body, mind and spirit level. It’s more than just feeling like your feet are underneath you. When you aren’t grounded, you may have a hard time focusing and may even feel “spacey.” Being ungrounded can cause you to feel tired and make you more prone to illness. Being grounded is an important part of being connected and tuned in.

There are many ways to become grounded, such as the examples here:

  • Envision you are a tree, and there are roots coming from the soles of your feet that reach deep into the heart of Mother Earth.
  • Picture magnets on the bottom of your feet, strongly connected to a giant magnet at Earth’s core.
  • Simply stand barefoot on the grass, sit or lay on the ground, or hug a tree and connect to the energy that flows through it.

The best goal is to feel grounded daily. Even five minutes a day of a focused routine, in whatever way works for you, can help you to become more grounded and make a real difference. If you aren’t sure what the best way to ground is for you, then experiment. You can even use muscle testing to help you determine your ideal way. You can even go into nature with your animal and have a grounding experience together.

Mindful Meditation

Mindful meditation is about meditating with a purpose, even if that goal is just being open to receive whatever happens.

When I teach animal communication classes, I walk students through the process of how to take five deep breaths in preparation for each meditative exercise. It can help to take off your shoes and let your feet touch the ground.

When you combine meditation with animals and nature, you can create a deeper and more powerful heart and soul connection with all life. Some people prefer to meditate in silence. Others prefer meditative music. You can meditate indoors or outdoors.

Indoors, find a special place where you feel comfortable and where others won’t interrupt you. I enjoy soaking in the tub at the end of the day, getting my water just right, and then meditating, even if for five minutes. Sometimes my dog, Jackson, will lay on my bath mat during this time. Sometimes, I meditate with nature sounds or flute music playing.

Outdoors, nature can provide incredible sounds that can take you on a journey. I walk to the nearby creek almost daily. Nature will support you as needed. You just have to take that first step. Once you do it, keep taking more steps. Nature is there for you.

Heart to Heart

The heart goes beyond the amazing love we have for animals. Speak from your heart. Open your heart to all of the possibilities. If you want to connect more deeply to your animals and be open to their wisdom, connect your heart to their heart, which can help to establish a strong heart and soul connection. You can do this in your home or out in nature, wherever you and your animals are comfortable.

Connect your heart to your animal’s heart simply by stating your intention to do so, either silently or out loud. Your animal can be in front of you, in another location, or even in spirit. You can use a photo if you prefer. You can even envision a cord of golden light connecting your heart to your animal’s heart.

Soulful Speaking

Speak to your animals from your heart and soul. Really, speak out loud to them. Do you know this is one of the top things in life that animals wish people would do more of? Animals want to hear how your day was and your hopes and dreams. They even want to know when you’re worried. Animals want to fully share their souls with you through unconditional love and have you bare your soul in return. When you speak to your animal, you can even envision them inside of a green bubble. Green is the color associated with the heart chakra. If you desire, you can visualize yourself in the bubble with your animal.

Did you know that you can actually learn to understand what animals are saying? While you don’t need to “hear” them in return in order to speak from your soul, please know this is your birthright. Everyone is capable of learning to communicate with animals on a telepathic level. It’s just a matter of waking up this innate ability. This means you may hear your animal’s words, sense their emotions such as love or fear, feel physical sensations such as itching or discomfort, see their thoughts in the form of images, or just know on a deep heart and soul level what they want to share with you. I can tell you that this is truly magical and life changing when you can connect on this profound level.

Just speaking out loud to animals can make quite the impact. Never underestimate the power of the spoken word, for it is truly priceless. When you speak to your animals, you raise their energetic vibration, and your own. You will not only look at animals and nature differently, you’ll see the whole world in a new light.

How to Take Action

  • Select one thing from above and do it.  Keep in mind that even 5 minutes can be powerful.  Whatever you do, keep up with taking action.  You are 5 times more likely to accomplish something if you write it down.  Leave yourself notes as a reminder.  The animals will be thrilled you are taking action with every step you take.
  • If you want to learn more about the above, The Soul Watchers, Animals’ Quest to Awaken Humanity, will open your eyes to see things from the animals’ point of view. You’ll learn how to tell what messages and lessons wild and domestic animals are trying to teach you, how to take action, how to utilize Mother Earth’s medicine chest, and what they wish for you. Click here to learn more about Kim’s book.  Don’t miss the complementary downloadable audio meditation and action guide.
  • Perhaps you are ready to truly dive deep with your animals and all of life, including those in spirit.  If so, our next animal communication teleclass on March 15th.  This is a class you can do from the comfort of your home on your phone or web phone.  Join hundreds of students from all over the world that have learned how to speak to animals in just ONE day with us.  Registration is due on March 7thClick here to learn more.

Heart & Soul Blessings!

Kim & Allison

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