Sacred Animal Spirit Alchemy Class

Sacred Animal Spirit Alchemy (SASA) is a new energy program created by animals and St. Francis of Assisi for you, animals and the universe.

The animals and nature will take you on this journey of discovery, enlightenment and healing.  SASA will help you to:

  • Discover the depth of yourself like never before.
  • Connect your heart and soul to Mother Earth on a profound level.
  • Unlock the key to obstacles in your path.
  • Reveal your true self and inner vision.
  • Create a future with a divine purpose.

The animals and nature are here to teach you their way of becoming one with the universe.  SASA will help animals and nature to:

  • Strengthen their connection with you by raising your frequency.
  • Impart their ancient wisdom and knowledge to you.
  • Become in tune with you by enhancing your innate abilities.
  • Nurture and direct the sacred energy within you.
  • Receive guided healing from you based on their desires.

Sacred Animal Spirit Alchemy will raise your spiritual awareness so that you may impact the universe and bring joy and healing to all living things.  If you want to learn more about the SASA including how it compares to Reiki, click here.

You will learn to work with energy the way animals and nature intended – in its purest, natural form.  The animals, elements and nature come together to teach you. You will discover that what you learn is unlike anything else. While SASA is easy to learn, it is profound and life changing.

Date:  Saturday, May 8th

Location:  Houston, TX near Katy

Time:  9 am-6 pm

Certificate is awarded for completion of class.

Cost:  $197 or 2 installments at $102 each (full payment is due by the registration due date).  If you are paying installments, 2nd installment is due week before the class).  Due to small class size, there are no refunds if you cancel a week before class date.  No transfers.


I’d like to thank you both for the opportunity to learn SASA. What a blessing it has been. As you know my brother has stage 4 colon cancer and I’ve been using SASA on him daily, both in person and at a distance. He swears that SASA has made a difference in his mood and with his sleep. He asks for “energy sessions” often and his wife told me several times he has said, “Liz must have done energy work on me because… I fell right to sleep or …I felt so peaceful.” This alone is testimony! But SASA has also made a difference in my relationships with my animals. They are more attentive, lively and playful, especially my cat, Crow. He has a history of seizures; however he has not had a seizure since I started SASA. He is also much more playful and he has started to knead my lap before lying down. Incredible!  SASA is such a beautiful experience and although I’ve practiced other energy techniques, this is by far the most connected I’ve felt to the energy work. It has meaning and purpose. SASA is the perfect modality to support my Professional Animal Communication practice. Thank you! And I look forward to many more learning experiences with The Lightfoot Way.   Click here to read more testimonials from students all over the world.