Sacred Animal Spirit Alchemy

Today is a new dawn for animals and you!


Sacred Animal Spirit Alchemy (SASA) is a new energy program created by animals and St. Francis of Assisi for you, animals and the universe.

The animals and nature will take you on this journey of discovery, enlightenment and healing.  SASA will help you to:

  • Discover the depth of yourself like never before.
  • Connect your heart and soul to Mother Earth on a profound level.
  • Unlock the key to obstacles in your path.
  • Reveal your true self and inner vision.
  • Create a future with a divine purpose.

The animals and nature are here to teach you their way of becoming one with the universe.  SASA will help animals and nature to:

  • Strengthen their connection with you by raising your frequency.
  • Impart their ancient wisdom and knowledge to you.
  • Become in tune with you by enhancing your innate abilities.
  • Nurture and direct the sacred energy within you.
  • Receive guided healing from you based on their desires.


Animal Spirit Circle by David Behrens

Sacred Animal Spirit Alchemy will raise your spiritual awareness so that you may impact the universe and bring joy and healing to all living things.

You will learn to work with energy the way animals and nature intended – in its purest, natural form.  The animals, elements and nature come together to teach you. You will discover that what you learn is unlike anything else. While SASA is easy to learn, it is profound and life changing.

We are often asked how does Sacred Animal Spirit Alchemy (SASA) compare to reiki.  We taught reiki for many years including the master level until we were guided by the animals to create SASA.  There are several similarities but many differences.  Both are a form of energy work that can include chakra and scanning knowledge, can be done on people, animals, nature, world, situations, etc., and can offer healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

The information below will help shed some light onto the depths of what SASA is really all about.


  • The animals provided us with knowledge on how they felt energy work should be offered and called it Sacred Animal Spirit Alchemy (SASA.)
  • Mikao Usui received knowledge on how to offer reiki.

Creation Source

  • SASA’s source is directly from the animals along with assistance from nature, Mother Earth and St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of the animals.
  • Reiki’s source is thought to be universal and St. Germain.

Learning Process

  • SASA does not require an attunement process or symbols and can be learned in a one day class or divided up into smaller learning experiences in our online course.
  • Reiki requires receiving attunements with symbols and requires multiple days to learn everything.

Energy Process

  • With SASA, the intention is to let the animals, nature and Mother Earth guide you in that moment.
  • With reiki, being in a meditative state and connected to the animal is ideal but not taught by all reiki instructors.  When offering energy, the intention is to let the universal energy flow from your hands.


  • Because SASA is for the highest good of the animal or people involved and the session is guided by the animals, nature and Mother Earth, permission is not needed from the recipient.  Keep in mind that the animals don’t always know what they want or what is best for them, just like humans.  So having the animals, nature and Mother Earth assist the animal with their desires, allows achievement of what is in the best interest of the animal.
  • Reiki is for the highest good and some believe that permission is needed before starting a reiki session, others do not.

How Offered

  • A SASA session is done in a meditative state and connected to the animal.  The animals, nature and Mother Earth work with you and the animal by supporting and honoring the animal with their wisdom and guidance.  It requires no particular hand positions and utilizes additional techniques unlike any other form of energy work.  SASA does not require touching the animal or person.  One of the benefits of SASA is that you are removing the human ego from the picture of what you feel needs to be done and how a session must be conducted, so that you can get out of your left brain and into your right brain, allowing the session to flow naturally while being guided for the highest good of all involved.
  • Being in a meditative state with the animal is the best but many reiki instructors are not generally aware of this.  Most reiki sessions involve the hands in one position or ‘trained’ hand positions.  Depending on the reiki instructor, some teach without touching and others prefer touching.  Many animals do not want to be physically touched during a session of any kind of energy work.

Combining SASA with Other Energy Methods

  • SASA is not an all or nothing experience.  You can offer SASA and allow other methods to come through for you during a session.
  • The difference is that instead of feeling like you have to do some kind of process or structure with a non-SASA method, SASA allows you to be totally guided as to when and how to use those other methods.

Combining Animals, Nature and Mother Earth with Other Guides

  • While the animals, nature and Mother Earth unite to offer a beautiful and loving session, they do not need to be exclusive.
  • If you feel drawn to call on other guides for the highest good of the animal or person receiving a SASA session, such as angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, etc., you may include them as part of your SASA team.


  • With SASA, you learn how to offer energy to people and animals as guided by animals, nature and Mother Earth – this powerful trio.  The energy work is done in several different ways, all guided by the trio, including using special items you personally find in nature and utilizing the energy from animals and nature.  It’s hard to capture this into words and the best thing is to read testimonials from students.  We can tell you that the animals asked us for years to receive the information on how they would like energy work to be offered.  We finally agreed and then it took 2 years to receive the full curriculum.  You learn standard information about human and animal chakras and how to conduct a body scan for people and animals.  You can learn to use a pendulum to check the balance of chakras but this is optional.
  • With reiki, the curriculum varies from teacher to teacher but normally includes at minimum how to offer energy to people and use the symbols.  Not many teachers offer instruction on how to offer reiki to animals, which should be offered differently from humans as animals are so sensitive to energy.

Offering Distantly

  • SASA can be done by distance to past, present or future right away without additional training or use of symbols.
  • Reiki can be done by distance to past, present or future if symbol is passed on to the student in normally an additional class/level.

Session Duration

  • Students have reported how SASA sessions seem to be shorter and effective more quickly than reiki or other energy work.
  • Reiki sessions vary in length.

Animal Reactions

  • Based on feedback from students around the world that have learned SASA and know reiki or other forms of energy work, animals seem more receptive and relaxed with SASA than other forms of energy work.  This could be because the animals say it is energy in its purest form with the session guided by the animals, nature and Mother Earth.  This takes away the human and possible ego being in control when the session is 100% guided by the pure, unconditional love of animals, nature and Mother Earth.
  • Many animals enjoy reiki and others try to run away from the energy.  This could be because the energy can be too strong as many students learn how to do reiki on people, not animals.  This could also be due to the person offering it, touching the animal, or possibly the ‘universal’ source.

I’d like to thank you both for the opportunity to learn SASA. What a blessing it has been. As you know my brother has stage 4 colon cancer and I’ve been using SASA on him daily, both in person and at a distance. He swears that SASA has made a difference in his mood and with his sleep. He asks for “energy sessions” often and his wife told me several times he has said, “Liz must have done energy work on me because… I fell right to sleep or …I felt so peaceful.” This alone is testimony! But SASA has also made a difference in my relationships with my animals. They are more attentive, lively and playful, especially my cat, Crow. He has a history of seizures; however he has not had a seizure since I started SASA. He is also much more playful and he has started to knead my lap before lying down. Incredible!  SASA is such a beautiful experience and although I’ve practiced other energy techniques, this is by far the most connected I’ve felt to the energy work. It has meaning and purpose. SASA is the perfect modality to support my Professional Animal Communication practice. Thank you! And I look forward to many more learning experiences with The Lightfoot Way.   Click here to read more testimonials from students all over the world.

Sacred Animal Spirit Alchemy is offered as an distance class, online course and an in-person class: