December 13th honors the magnificent horse.

Horses can have an incredible heart and soul connection with humans, even offering profound wisdom and guidance.

Let’s look at this special connection and some wonderful exercises you can do.

Horses try to teach us when they have the opportunity. Perhaps it’s a nicker, a body lean, a gentle nudge or even a firmer push.

Why did they do that? What is the message they are trying to tell you? Sometimes you have to look deep to find the answer as it’s not always obvious.

Horses are full of wisdom and if you let them into your life and allow them to teach you, you will be amazed at the knowledge they have.

Horses have the ability to promote healing your body, mind and spirit, such as:

  • Through their grounding ability
  • With the sacred exchange of breath
  • Through the touch connection from the ground
  • With the connection from sitting on their back
  • Through the movement of the horse while riding them
  • With the mind-to-mind connection

You have probably heard that horses are used in therapy in many ways:

  • They can help on a physical, cognitive, behavioral, emotional and social level. Horses can help physical conditions such as cerebral palsy, ADHD, addictions, brain injuries, and bodily injuries. Mentally and emotionally, they can assist those with learning challenges, grief, trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, etc.
  • There are many forms of equine therapy such as therapeutic riding, hippotherapy, equine-facilitated learning, equine-facilitated psychotherapy, interactive vaulting and therapeutic driving.

You may have a place near you that offers equine therapy. If you aren’t aware of, do an internet search and you might be surprised at what you find.

If you’ve not had the opportunity to be around a horse, find someone that has one and ask if you can visit with their horse. If you have a horse or are used to being around horses, are you looking at them and experiencing them on this deep level?

Most horse owners or avid horse lovers have not considered the depths of what the horse can teach them. For to do this, you have to be willing to open your heart and soul and let it connect with the horse’s heart and soul.

Try these heart and soul exercises:

  • First, connect your heart to the horse’s heart.  Envision your heart connected to their heart. You may want to visualize a cord, ribbon or ray of light that connects your hearts. You might want to give this connection a color such as lavender or light blue. Some like to envision that they and the horse are in a big bubble or heart together. This can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be.
  • Always think for the highest good of the horse and yourself when you connect with them. Intent is powerful.

    You can connect energetically with a horse. With your fingertips, tap your thymus in the center of your chest, which is your heart chakra. Chakras are energy centers in the body. Tap your collarbone.  Then rub your hands together. Open your palms and face them towards the horse. Let the horse sniff them if they want to. You can take the back of your hand and place it against their neck. The horse may move their head or body and place it against your hands where they desire. You can also place both palms on the horse, if they are open to that. Allow the horse to guide the moment. My daughter connecting with my horse, Tara.

  • You can exchange sacred breath with a horse. Not all horses want to do this, but many do. It’s important you are calm and grounded as

    Rosa and Sam are exchanging sacred breath.

    most horses don’t want to feel hyped up energy for this exercise. Let the horse know that you want to exchange sacred breath. You can do this silently or out loud.Gently bring your nose to the nostril of the horse’s nose. See if they will let you place your nose inside of theirs, or they may put their nose up to yours.  When ready, slowly breathe out and they will take in your breath. Then they will breathe out and you will breathe in their breath. Keep repeating this gentle exchange of sacred breath. This may only last a few seconds or could be a minute or more. Let the horse guide the experience. Never force them to do this. Some horses want you to do just one nostril. Others will want you to do both. It’s quite powerful. Even a child can do this!

  • You can connect your root chakra with the horse.  It’s not possible for every horse to be sat on but if you can do this, it can be a unique experience. When you sit on the horse’s back, you are connecting your root chakra (red circle in image) with their heart chakra (green circle). Close your eyes and visualize this connection. You might want to use the imagery from the first suggestion to enhance your experience.
  • You can connect and experience horse wisdom.  For the best results, you should do this only after you have done the heart-to-heart connection first. And even better, try to do the other exercises, too. Get comfortable whether that is sitting on the ground or in a chair. You want to be relaxed. Close your eyes. Tell the horse out loud that you want it to share with you. You can ask it a question you are interested in getting answered. You can share thoughts with it. Whatever is on your mind. Now, they may share with you in words, an image, an emotion, a sensation, or simply just knowing.  Be open to receiving. Know that the horse does not need to be in front of you. Most of the time, it’s better to just use a photo of a horse or to think about the horse in your mind. It’s possible you may find you do best with the horse in front of you, perhaps even touching the horse while you are speaking with it. You can learn to receive more information from the horse and other animals in an animal communication class.

So, seek this deeper connection with horses. Experience their wisdom in so many ways. It will change your life.

Kim’s horses, Tara and Rosa (almost 31 and 26), want to help children and adults with challenges. Kim promised them when they moved from Texas to Montana, that this is something they would be able to do. She is keeping her promise to this mother and daughter duo. While they have worked over the years with her students, they want to work on a deeper level. Tara and Rosa (seen here in loving memory of Marlene) present to you The Sacred Horse Heart & Soul Connection. This is a donation-based service and you can learn more about it by clicking here.

If you are interested in a more extensive, soulful experience, consider a customized Semi-Private Horse Heart & Soul Experience that is 2-5 days.  You can learn more about these experiences at Kim’s home located near Yellowstone, by clicking here.

May you come to know the true heart and soul power of the horse.

Horse Heart & Soul Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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