SASA Testimonials

We have had students from all over the world learn Sacred Animal Spirit Alchemy (SASA.)

I’d like to thank you both for the opportunity to learn SASA. What a blessing it has been. As you know my brother has stage 4 colon cancer and I’ve been using SASA on him daily, both in person and at a distance. He swears that SASA has made a difference in his mood and with his sleep. He asks for “energy sessions” often and his wife told me several times he has said, “Liz must have done energy work on me because… I fell right to sleep or …I felt so peaceful.” This alone is testimony! But SASA has also made a difference in my relationships with my animals. They are more attentive, lively and playful, especially my cat, Crow. He has a history of seizures; however he has not had a seizure since I started SASA. He is also much more playful and he has started to knead my lap before lying down. Incredible!  SASA is such a beautiful experience and although I’ve practiced other energy techniques, this is by far the most connected I’ve felt to the energy work. It has meaning and purpose. SASA is the perfect modality to support my Professional Animal Communication practice. Thank you! And I look forward to many more learning experiences with The Lightfoot Way.

I was excited to take SASA because I thought it would help my animal communication skills. I quickly began to get excited about it for what it is. I love the flexibility of SASA. I can be supported by so many things! Angels, St Francis, Mother Earth and anything else from bees to corn.  It has been a journey to learn that I am “allowed” to ask what for what I need to assist any person, plant or animal I want to heal.  My intention is strengthened by calling out to the four directions as well as the elements. What power I have available if I am a part of all that is. I will always have animals in my life and I will always be grateful that I have SASA to assist me with them.  I think I am beginning to feel that this is not a separate part of my life. Everywhere I go I see something like a feather or an acorn and I am reminded that in every minute I am part of SASA.  THANK YOU LADIES!  

SASA is a spiritual awareness of aliveness. It is the revelation that all we are given her by Mother Earth has life and energy that works in harmony for the greater good. It is a profound revelation to me that I can integrate this energy that comes in infinite forms for the greater good in all facets of life and death.  As it would appear on the surface, SASA can be used as a tool for healing ourselves, our animal friends and nature. If one takes a deeper look, SASA can be a path to greater depth and enlightenment to discovering one’s true self, one’s purpose, our connection to Mother Earth and divine purpose.  The impact is profound in my new perception of Mother Nature and the life it holds. The revelation when looking at the elements and amulets and the energy they contain. Not just the energy, but the type of energy they possess depending upon which element or amulet is used.  Makes one look at the world in which we live in a whole new light.  

SASA means all of the energy in the universe.  It is also the recognition and awareness of this energy, and the desire to use it for the greater good.  I plan on using SASA to h elp the animals that I care for.  The animals have been enjoying the SASA offerings and chakra balancing.  I think learning SASA has been beneficial for me because it’s taught me to be open to whatever energy or thought comes, and that those things come to you for a reason, even if that reason isn’t always clear at the time.  This learning experience has also made me think more and more about the path I want to take in my life.  I’ve had a number of signs over the last few years that are pointing me in a new direction as far as my work goes, and I’m starting to feel like the time is near to make a change!  Thank you so much for teaching this class…I’ve really enjoyed it! 

Animals have always been very special to me.  When I first became aware of The Lightfoot Way late last year there was a stirring in my soul I never knew was there. I wanted to deepen my relationship with animals and the information you shared on your website really resonated with me.  You made me aware of animals as companions, spiritual beings, and healers.  Now that the “blinders’ are off, I can truly say that the animals are offering me help and encouragement on a daily basis. Because I have a new awareness I can see things that would have been missed not that long ago.  I now pay more attention and have learned to truly appreciate the magnificence of Nature.   Instead of rushing through life and not really experiencing the present, I now take the time to sit, listen, and observe. There is much freedom in quieting your mind and becoming aware, too many of us never stop to enjoy the present. I am learning that there is much more to this existence than meets the eye. SASA opened me up to a world I didn’t know existed.  My compassion has deepened, and I try to emulate the unconditional love and acceptance that the animals have.  There is so much negativity in this world right now.  Man is destroying the earth and all her inhabitants.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence that SASA was taught to all of us now.   Energy work has always intrigued me. SASA has taught me that energy is there to be used for all who seek it with pure intention, for the benefit of all.  In these past few weeks I have seen changes in myself and those I’ve worked with. My bond with my own pets has deepened and I have a greater appreciation for the simple things in life. Nature provides us with what we really need.  It’s not about who has the most “stuff’ that is successful, but who understands the deep connection we all have with each other that really makes a difference.  Mother Nature and the Animals have entrusted us with this knowledge, and as I look around I am in awe at the beauty in front of me. I realize this has always been there, but I had to seek and acknowledge it.  I sit for awhile and just listen – the birds are singing and a hawk circles above. Sitting here is relaxing and invigorating at the same time. The sun’s rays feel like a hug from Nature, and I feel content and sure that I am on the right course.  

SASA means to me having a deeper connection with the Animals, Mother Earth and Nature.  More understanding , using their help, energy, wisdom, knowledge and teaching to step forward in this new healing modality.   It is very hard for me yo explain what I feel in my heart – deep connection , appreciation, honor and overwhelmed about to learn from them and use their wisdom and energy to heal and help.  I would like to use SASA on the professional level combined with other modalities.  I really enjoy and like that we use all the Nature’s and Animals provided purest  forms .  It is honor to be a part of  this healing modality.   

Sacred Animal Spirit Alchemy is a journey into transformation of the soul through the many vibrations of Mother Earth, nature, the animals and all their gifts.  I’m very blessed to have grown up respecting everything this class stands for.  I grew up in southern California completely aware of nature and fires and too much rain anywhere the animals are. Also, St. Francis of Assisi is very dear to me. There is more depth when we add these new techniques and energy combinations blended together. This class brings a new dimension of grounding to us and Mother Earth to reach this depth.  I am asking the animals, amulets and elements to assist me in my soul work.  I am asking people if they want to have a SASA session.  I have added SASA to my comprehensive assessment list.  I am asking the animals if they want the assistance of SASA.  SASA impacts me and my work very deeply. I believe this 5th dimensional space we are now living in and trying our best to get use to it requires grounding.  We have all worked so hard for many years to work with spirit and be connected.  As we are looking up we are neglecting looking down and honoring Mother Earth and all the living things around us to the depth this course goes. The component that I felt missing in my energy work is just what I got from these classes, grounding and receiving information from each area of study. We must add grounding in the 5th dimension to create our connection to Mother Earth right down the center of our energy work. Share our love and gratitude every day.  

SASA is healing knowledge from the animals and St. Francis. This knowledge has been shared with us with the intention that it is to be used for the greater good.  SASA energy comes directly from Mother Earth. SASA is very powerful, especially when we become attuned and aligned with nature and the elements.  SASA is positive energy. It will not harm people or animals.  Personally, I will use SASA on people or animals in my life that I sense are struggling. I see many sad dogs at the local shelter. I walk as many as I can while there. I can take a few extra minutes to offer SASA to the ones that need it. I am happy to have an additional tool to work with when my friends, family, or personal pets need a boost. I will also use SASA on myself. I ove extend myself and get run down.  SASA will help me to get refreshed.  I am glad I took this course at this point in my life. SASA has made a big impression on me. I feel that my connection to Mother Earth, and nature is much stronger now.  I really needed a boost of positive energy after losing so many family members. SASA has increased my confidence in my abilities. I feel encouraged and I am looking forward to the future. 

SASA isn’t just using animals to help guide you with their energy, it is so much more.  It is a basic understanding of the forces of nature, and how you can harness and use some specific energy to help make something/someone feel better.  It is a true ‘bringing together’ of all the energy work I have learned and practiced in the past.  Starting years ago with Reiki training, then more recently with the Shamballa (MDT), SASA seemed to be a natural next step.  Interestingly, I’ve always just used the energy that came to me, never really thinking about where or from whom I received it.  It was fun concentrating on different and sometimes very specific energy.  I find that some of the animals are ‘more forceful’ in how and where specifically their energy is used.  SASA seems to put a lot of different modalities of energy work together for me.  I do plan on continuing to use the natural energy to help heal and alleviate discomfort in my animals, and those with whom I come into contact.  I will also continue to use the energy on a few people that know me and are open to ‘alternative’ healing.  Since my animals are still relatively young, they do not need a lot of energy work, so I find myself using energy mostly on myself, my plants, trees, koi, and pond (and all the wonderful critters in it). 

When I first learned, as a young girl, that Animal Doctors (veterinarians) existed then that was what I dreamed of becoming.  But, as I grew I found that “Science” got in my way. The scientific, drug-based approach to animal care was not what I felt I wanted to embrace. Holistic veterinarians were unknown to me in that time. So, I followed other job paths. Along the way I learned Reiki and began a professional practice, working mostly with people and only a few animals. I am now retired.  Reiki is a fine healing modality, using a self-directed universal energy. And SASA seems to me to also be a form of the universal energy … they feel to me like two “lines” of One Song, creating a Harmony.  But the SASA energies come from the heart of Mother Earth and the sentient beings that live within, and upon, her.  I’m loving the interactive nature of SASA and the opportunity to co-operate with all of Nature in an energy healing modality whose energies are “drawn” by a recipient but are also being sourced, offered and shared by the Sacred Animal Spirits (and spirits of all Nature) … energies that address a recipient’s needs in ways that will serve the Highest Good (like Reiki, but different enough to create that Harmony). Love that!!  I plan to use the gift of SASA to help fulfill my girlhood dream of working to help heal animals. I’ll use SASA to help people, too (it’s fun & helping people may likely play a big role in helping the animals, Nature & Earth herself). But my dream revolves around the animals & nature.  Just as Reiki and SASA, to me, play “lines” of Harmony in one song of the Universe so, too, does shamanism add harmony lines to the Whole Song. I have a very little experience of shamanic journeying to meet helpful Animal Spirit guides and allies and, before learning of SASA, I already had an appreciation of the sentience of Mother Earth and of all the beings/elements of Nature.SASA, though, has affected me profoundly by allowing my awareness of the presence and energies of sentient Nature to be so immediate…the few SASA sessions I have experienced so far have been so quick! The various animals/elements have appeared so effortlessly to me to share their energies in ways that may baffle my understanding but that surely seem to promote the Highest Good of the recipients (sometimes in ways that are readily apparent).  I am honoured and grateful to welcome SASA into my life experience. And I look forward to inviting SASA into the lives of others who are willing to experience it, too.  

I want to get into the field of energy work for animals professionally, and SASA turned out to be an extremely interesting experience for me, because I would have not looked at energy healing from this angle otherwise.  The fact that this was passed on from St.Francis of Assissi makes it especially noteworthy, also the fact that the nature and the animals passed it on to us because they wanted us to know these things.  I think it is a very “connected” way of working on someone, and I like the ritual of grounding and clearing the space. Connecting to Gaia & waiting for whatever animal or element comes to me was also a very precious way of channeling energy for the animal or person. Lovely, just lovely!!  What came to me most easily was using the elements (water, rain, clouds, etc.), but after some training the rest of the techniques seemed to come to me much easier as well.  Actually it wasn’t until I did the entire SASA session at the end of this class, that it all started to come together for me & made real sense – it is hard to explain, but only after using one technique after another in a full session, was that it become a “whole” picture for me. SASA is all about going with what comes! It is easy because it is guided by nature and animals.  I am currently taking the pet program class of Reconnective Healing (you might be familiar with it – it is a form of energy work that is rapidly spreading to reach more and more people). However, today and to my surprise, I found that SASA works much quicker and more effective! Whoo-Hoo! Yes, it evolves as it should.  I did a remote session on all my 3 cats just now – the first 2 cats with SASA as described above, and the third cat with Reconnective Healing frequencies. It turned out that my third cat showed not much difference in the scans before and after the session, so I added some SASA to it, and the re-scan finally showed relief of the tension he had had in his body earlier. I also “smuggled” some SASA into the Reconnective Healing class earlier today, when we were working on dogs which were present in the classroom. Just like in the distance sessions, it turned out that the dogs I delivered SASA to relaxed much quicker than the dogs that “only” received the Reconnective Healing frequencies! After my experiences today it touched me even more deeply how SASA can connect us and our pets back to nature, and how quickly they accept the energy and the calming effect which the integration of nature and elements in the work brings to them.  I think it is important for everyone to know that we are not actually HEALERS but only FACILITATORS by channeling energy through us and by allowing the healing to take place for the person/animal, thus bringing them back into balance. In any case, my experiments today showed me clearly that SASA is the right way to go when I become an animal practitioner, and I will probably come back and ask you more questions about integrating it into my work. Many thanks for letting me and everyone else experiencing this class – it was much richer and more gratifying than I had originally thought. Bless you for bringing this work to the world! 

What an amazing process, Sacred Animal Spirit Alchemy (SASA) has given me a better understanding of myself and the necessity of properly setting my intention to better my own health and wellbeing, and also for the greater good of all animals, humans and nature. The process has opened my eyes as to how Mother Earth, Animals and Nature are all connected and how we can ask them for assistance and guidance to aid in healing. Utilizing the Amulets and the Elements has been a delight and something that I have never been taught before. It makes sense to use Amulets and Elements to aid in healing and I find I have a strong affinity to the sun and water.  I am so pleased to be able to offer SASA as an addition to other energy healing modalities that I have been trained in.  I feel I have  been guided to use SASA in helping animals and their human parents for the greater good.  I have a close affinity with both animals and nature and find that this process fits in with all I believe and wish to achieve.  I am finding that my creative drawing and painting is taking on a new element as well, which has been an interesting revelation.  I hope to strengthen my confidence and connection with SASA using it daily on myself and as opportunity arises and is called for on others.  

I really appreciated being able to listen to the class replays. I teach dog training on Monday evenings and was not able to attend the class live.  When I started this class, SASA to me meant a journey to become more connected with Mother Earth and the animal spirits so they can help me to use energy to heal my animal family.  While SASA does call on the Animal Spirits to help heal it is so much more than that.  I am really grateful to have been able to take this class.  What I experienced was truly amazing and I will always be grateful to you for making this opportunity available to us.  I have enjoyed being able to offer my family and friends some relief with some of their aches and pain.  Seeing the changes in those I have worked on has been an incredible experience.  Since I did SASA on my Xavier, who had the seizure, he has not had any issues. I have witnessed the benefits in each of the sessions I did and know this will be a great help to my companions in the future.  I have always been interested in learning anything that can help me take the best care of my animal family, and I feel SASA is going to be a powerful way to do that.  Being called to by special items in nature for amulet use and not others has made me more aware of the uniqueness of every item in our world.  I never quite understood why there were certain trees that I needed to hug, why I loved being outside during a thunderstorm. But now I have a greater understanding of why these things call to me.  I absolutely love being able to call on the energy of the elements to aid in healing.  I never realized that this was even a possibility. These are things that I did not think was possible, but will be grateful to SASA for teaching me the wonderful things that are now possible for me to do to help others.  Thank you for helping me to help them.  The connection I felt to the Earth and the animal spirits was truly awesome.  I cannot possibly thank you enough for what this class did for me.  Wishing you many blessings for making this all possible.

SASA is a tool to enable us to return to nature which is something that has been lost on the planet for eons.  Because we are a part of nature, SASA helps us remember from whence we came and it allows us to understand ourselves and the world we live in.  With remembrance comes understanding and with understanding comes respect and appreciation which ultimately leads to healing.  There’s a lot of pain and suffering on the planet right now because we have been disconnected from nature.  This natural healing is what’s very much needed now and SASA is one tool that can help us connect and heal.  I have animals of my own that are sick due to the toxic environment and food.  SASA empowers me to not only take charge of my own animal’s health but I think it will allow me to help myself and others also.  Although energy work is new to me, the concept seems like second nature when I do the homework exercises.  I feel at ease with SASA and truly believe that this is the way to healing.

Since we started the class – it has felt like a dam inside of me broke open and I have been ‘flooded’ with pictures, images, emotions, thoughts, memories….I am still ‘sifting’ through all that comes forward daily.  The prayer and the meditation were so powerful, and that is when it started… My sense of it right now – it is energy work that reunites us with  our origins – the Garden of Eden….where we all were connected and communicated (animals, plants, people, rocks, water, stars, etc….) – we were one with the universe.  SASA is way or means of bringing us back to our origins…so it makes sense that we do this energy work – that animals, plants, elements, amulets manifest to help and support healing.  All of these ‘tools’ have always been with us; we have been disconnected.  SASA helps us re-connect.  My intent is to use SASA with my 2 dogs.  Now I can see the benefits to using SASA with my boyfriend, his family, my dogs and myself.  I think SASA is helping me understand that I can ‘hear’ my girls, maybe in a different way.  Also, it will help me be more gentle and supportive with myself.  I get the sense that my whole world is going to be changing in major ways, pretty soon…I think SASA plays a part, to help me through the journey and the leap.

SASA shifts Energy.  On the spiritual plane, this can be energy related to past lives, the present, or the future.  It can be spirits who have attached themselves to the patient/subject.  On the physical plane, this can manifest as ailments, mental or physical health issues, or medical problems.  It can include chronic pain.  I originally joined the course to be able to understand my dog Buddy better.  However, since I tested the exercises on other animals and humans, I feel comfortable incorporating it into my general healing practices.  I myself have chronic back and leg pain, that has held me back in the last few years.  So I have been using SASA on myself to try to shift that, or find out the root causes.  I also enjoy spending time in Nature.  Using the Amulets has given me a new appreciation for nature and the beings of nature.  Having to do the exercises on people in person also made me “come out” as a healer.  Before I kept it to myself, because I didn’t want people to judge me or think I’m weird.  It also expanded my general metaphysical awareness.  Since I work in film and TV, this made me even more aware of the healing I can do in my writing and the work I put out. 

SASA is a tool to enable us to return to nature which is something that has been lost on the planet for eons.  Because we are a part of nature, SASA helps us remember from whence we came and it allows us to understand ourselves and the world we live in.  With remembrance comes understanding and with understanding comes respect and appreciation which ultimately leads to healing.  There’s a lot of pain and suffering on the planet right now because we have been disconnected from nature.  This natural healing is what’s very much needed now and SASA is one tool that can help us connect and heal.  I have animals of my own that are sick due to the toxic environment and food.  SASA empowers me to not only take charge of my own animal’s health but I think it will allow me to help myself and others also.  Although energy work is new to me, the concept seems like second nature when I do the homework exercises.  I feel at ease with SASA and truly believe that this is the way to healing.

After a fire demolished my fitness business I decided to change careers. I have never liked Western medicine and been drawn to a holistic, Eastern approach. During my search for self after the fire I found energy healing was my calling.  I started with EFT tapping, which I became a practitioner, and then discovered I have the intuition and ability for greater energy work.  My dream; however, is to work with animals. Your animal communication courses awakened my sensitivity to see and hear what the animals are here for and how they are guiding me. This brought me to SASA, which has changed my view on my abilities and the power of energy. After seeing how strong energy work can be, and that I CAN do it, I have decided to add SASA to my services when I start my new holistic healing practice. I have had energy work done on myself in the past, but never thought I could be the one providing the service until now.  What I love about SASA is that it uses energy from nature, source itself.  SASA is a type of energy healing which utilizes the power of Mother Nature and all of her creations. The animals and elements are all a part of Mother Nature/Mother Earth.  Since everything is made of energy, we can use the energy from our creator to heal rather than look upon man-made materials or drugs.  By using natural energy we are honoring the Source of our being. There is also powerful energy and abilities in these natural resources. Utilizing that can change the world someday. Times are changing and energy healing is becoming more accepted each day. As people’s eyes open to the dangers of man-made drugs they are searching for another way.  SASA is another way. I feel I can be at the base of a holistic revolution which is starting to snowball in to something great.  It’s time to respect Mother Earth/Mother Nature, and all her creatures to create a better World.

SASA is a gift from the Animals and Mother Earth. They send us their essence to share with all of creation. This pure form of energy from nature is sacred as the animals regard everything as sacred. SASA has come to us at a time when the universe needs us to bring joy and healing to all things through respect, understanding, love and healing energy.  I have been using SASA on myself every day and plan on continuing this practice.  I plan on sending the healing energy of SASA to everyone and everything I encounter that needs it.  My intention is to practice energy work and to grow spiritually to more fully understand who I am and what my real purpose is.  I received more guidance and grounding from learning SASA than I ever imagined possible. SASA demystified the practice of energy work and it reminded me how connected we all are in this universe. In our Western culture, there is a belief that we are separate from the world around us. We believe we exist independently. SASA reminds us that nothing exists separately. We are all a part of the one universe – the one life force.  By understanding this, we can connect and communicate with each part of the whole. SASA inspired me to be a better steward to the earth and ALL the Elements, Animals of EVERY sort and ALL parts of Nature because we are all one.  I have come to understand that I am an important part in sending healing energy to the universe and I am honored.

SASA means to me harnessing Mother Nature and sacred animal spirit energy to send healing where it is needed, including on myself.  It is not set in stone what may come through, or how to use it as it is highly intuitive work and each time and each person or animal will be different and I will be guided differently.  I would like to use SASA in my work as a complimentary therapist and trainee animal communicator.  It would be a tool in my tool box to call on – however in my experience it too comes to me when appropriate.  It will help to bolster the healing that I am providing for my clients and is likely to be exactly what the person/animal receiving treatment needs.  SASA opened my mind further, as a Reiki practitioner and complimentary therapist and student of EAM I already had a lot of awareness of the power of mother earth, however, using the amulets to tune in and receive messages and direct healing was very powerful and enabled me to understand I can take this anywhere.  It came into my treatments with some (the majority) of my clients, though I chose carefully who I shared it with as one lady I wasn’t sure about being open to as much as the others.  Everyone I shared it with was very intrigued and welcomed the messages, a bit like using Angel cards or similar the messages seemed to come through at exactly the right time for that person.  

SASA is a perfect way to give back to mother earth or animals the energy that we take from her.  It is also a way to heal her and all that is alive.  When you use SASA you can offer a  session and if the energy is not used, it is going in some one else or a place where this energy is needed, so wonderful!  Like an invisible wire connected to each element of the universe , with SASA you get connected  with all that is alive.  When we use SASA we consciously connect our energy with  mother earth, using SASA connects us to the animal world, vegetable world , mineral world and so we are connected with the forest, the streams, the torrent , the ocean , the sun , the stars … all the universe.  Yes, you feel connected with the universe and you feel alive.  You feel that you are the life and the life is connected to you because all the energy comes from the LIFE itself, from the beginning of the world.  Since I know SASA I offer SASA to all the animals that I have around me.  I live in a place where nobody cares about cats or dogs and since I use SASA I have a lot of animals that come to me, my energy has changed ; I like to use SASA when I feel that a place, a person, an animal needs healing.  I have a lot of rescue cats around me and since I have used SASA, I can touch them so if I have to put some cream on them – now it’s possible.  We have always used and now abused the resources of mother earth, same for animals – the humans do traumatic things.  The energy of SASA we can give back this pure energy that we take from her to help them, we can use this energy to heal mother earth.  It’s a way to show her that we respect her, and because we respect her, we integrate the connection with her, so profoundly.  Because we use SASA we use a pure energy, because we said thanks to mother earth and the animals that come to the session we feel gratitude, and so we begin to transform ourselves, and so we are more connected to the beautiful things that we can accomplish.  I just want to thank you for this beautiful course, and how you share it, this energy is a blessing for me.  Each time I did a session on me I had very powerful dream most of the time was about going deeper, diving in the water, etc.  One day I had a message telling me that before doing a session I had to connect with the intention to a point where the perfect love exists.  I feel so blessed to have been connected with this energy.  Thank you again.

SASA has opened a whole new world to me.  I believe I have found my calling using SASA to give a holistic approach to helping animals and people.  I am very grateful for everything SASA does from helping me heal from an illness to being able to help others by adding more quality of life, balance and well-being.  I would like to also use SASA in a telecommute format to help animals and people from all over just not in my general area.  With SASA, I plan on applying the technique in an organic format getting a sense of what might be needed between all the amazing tools we have just learned from the grounding, scanning, balancing charkas, applying elements, amulets, animal movement and energy.  SASA has made a huge impact on me!  I did more healing myself using SASA, meditation and muscle testing than going to my acupuncture doctor.  I do believe in the power of healing yourself and trusting your intuition.  Animals, Mother Earth and nature are a pure positive resource which only brings good intentions.  How can it get any better than that! 

SASA is a valuable extension to my work as a homeopath, as well as a healing modality in its own right.  First of all, let me share with you how SASA came to me.  At the moment, I am studying Spagyrics, an ancient an herbal medicine produced by alchemical procedures. My teacher told us, he is receiving inspiration from the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood.  I myself have felt very much attracted to St. Francis ever since I visited his church in Assissi, Italy – for obvious reasons, being a veterinary homeopath and an animal communicator.  I was wondering if I could work with him, and if so, how I could “get in touch with him”. So I sent my teacher an email, asking if I could contact St. Francis myself, or had to receive a calling from him.A couple of days later, my teacher replied that I had to wait for a calling, following the old adage: When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  However, in the meantime I had received your email about the SASA course, so I guess putting out my question to cyberspace / the Universe was enough for St. Francis to come to me!  My teacher was thrilled when I told him about SASA, and we both thought this was so cool!  Since animals don’t talk to us humans directly (at least not all the time and to everyone), e.g. during a formal homeopathic anamnesis, I have to rely on the owners story and recollection of facts, and my own sensory perceptions when visiting a sick animal.  Using SASA, gives me an additional tool to receive information directly from the animal I am working on.  Furthermore, I am planning on using a combination of SASA and animal communication in the future, where the animal can ‘speak its mind’ to me as a communicator, and the animal’s body can give me further information about possible ailments, AND I can give direct feedback by applying the healing energy that Mother Earth, Nature and the animals are so generously offering to the animal and myself.  I have always loved Nature, as long as I can remember, and one of my favorite activities is walking in the woods with my two wonderful dog companions. However, the SASA course has made me even more aware of my natural surroundings and all they have to offer, in the form of energies, natural phenomena, sounds, colors, light, and beautiful objects.  I feel blessed that this course has shown me yet another way in which I can build bridges between mankind and our wonderful animal friends and companions and our dear Mother Earth, who is taking such good care of us!

I didn’t really know what to expect from this course as I was not versed in energy work at all prior to enrolling. What drew me into this particular type of energy healing was that it uses earth’s elements and is more intuitive and freeflow in nature than some other styles I’ve looked into. I’ve found that SASA is so powerful on many different levels and will exponentially connect you to earth in a more intimate way. I had no idea what energies and beings would come and help the animals I was working with and I’ve had great pleasure working with these energies  in this capacity. I highly recommend SASA for anyone who feels a deep connection to the earthly elements and beings. You will not be disappointed. SASA is pure magic and greatly healing for all.