Semi-Private Horse Heart & Soul Experience

Join Kim and one other student in Livingston, Montana, near Yellowstone, for an amazing horse heart and soul experience with Kim’s horses.

This amazing experience is available May-November generally for 4-6 full day experiences.  

Experience how horses are incredible teachers, guides and healers with a variety of experiential and learning opportunities.

This unique horse experience for just 2 people may involve any of the options below, depending on the number of days of your experience:

Each day is 9 am-6 pm.

You will stay at Kim’s new office log cabin, surrounded by the mountains in Paradise Valley.

Lodging is complementary.  There is a shared sleeping area in the loft with two full beds.  There is a futon full sleeper couch on the first level in the den.  The shared bathroom is on the first level with a small kitchen.  If you decide to stay elsewhere, the fee is the same as it is for the semi-private experience.  Click here to see views of lodging.

Generally, students arrive the day before and Kim takes them to the grocery story so they can purchase their food for this time.

Tuition:  $500 per day per student with a minimum 2-day experience.  Generally, participants stay 4-6 days so they can experience more.  A $500 non-refundable/non-transferrable deposit is required. Payment plan is available.

Cancellation Policy:  If cancel more than 2 months before scheduled arrival date, all is refunded except deposit.  If cancel more than a month before arrival date, 50% refund except deposit.  If cancel 1 month or less before arrival date, there is no refund.  Fees are non-transferable.  Travel insurance is recommended.

Contact Kim at if you are interested in a horse heart and soul experience.

Our favorite part of our 5 days was interacting in person with Tara and Rosa. It was a very special and memorable experience for us. They are very wise, kind, caring, beautiful souls. It meant so much to us to be able to connect with them on a heart and soul level. It was interesting to see their physical reactions and responses as they answered our questions. And being able to get their answers to our questions was a meaningful experience for us. We also really enjoyed being able to do energy work on Tara and Rosa, see how much they enjoyed it, as well as seeing their releases. The horse soul experience has been life changing for us and given us a broader perspective on life. It has given us the wisdom to understand what we can do within ourselves to heal and follow our dreams. We are looking forward to doing the past life clearings/releases. We are very hopeful it will allow us to heal on a deep level, move forward and grow individually and also as a couple. Thank you so much.  Lolita & Reynan , CA

Working with Tara and Rosa over the 4 days was mind blowing and touched my heart so much.  Your girls are totally amazing spirits and I have such a different view of Horses and what they are meant to do here on earth.  At first, I didn’t know what to expect, but Rosa changed my thinking and my heart with the Sacred Breath Exchange.  There was a Soul connection and seeing her high stepping from the pasture to the barn was such a treat.  All around one of my favorite times of the trip. I really enjoyed the custom Bach flower remedy portion and muscle testing refresher and guidance.  The spiritual growth gave me the opportunity to heal old wounds and to put the past behind me.  This experience brought me a sense of peace when it comes to the next chapter for my life.  Tara and Rosa answered questions that I hadn’t been able to get answers to.  I loved Livingston, Montana and your ranch.  It was very healing just being there with the mountains surrounding us and the sense of peace.  Steph, TX

I have always had a special connection with the universe and animals.  This experience took my connection toa new level.  I truly enjoyed the time that I spent in Montana with the mountains, the peace, the wild animals that we saw and especially the time with Kim, Tara, and Rosa.  The first day that we went to the barn, Tara walked right up to me and stuck her nose in my face.  I was kind of leery about how she would react to my walker but she acted like it was just an extension of me.  My sessions with Kim were fantastic and I learned even more about my abilities and had my confidence greatly boosted.  But the time with Tara and Rosa was phenomenal.  The Sacred Horse Breath exchange was uplifting and healing.  It was also a great feeling to be able to exchange healing energy with Tara and Rosa.  My communication with Tara and Rosa was also very informative and was also very confidence building for me.  My only regret was that the experience ended too soon for me.  I could have spent a lot more time than 4 days.  I highly recommend it for anyone. Pat, TX