In honor of Valentine’s Day, pink and red can be used to help your animals with health and behavioral issues through color therapy, crystal therapy and flower essences.  Below are some top ways to use pink and red with your animals.

Color Therapy

Pink is associated with the heart chakra (energy center in the body).

  • Behavioral – It can help separation anxiety, emotional wounds, opening up the heart to nurturing and love and helping to relieve jealousy and stress.
  • Physical – It may assist heart conditions, adrenal issues, obesity and overeating.

Red is associated with the root chakra.

  • Behavioral – It can help an animal to have courage, confidence and motivation.  This may help with training issues.  Red may help an animal in shock.  If an animal is aggressive, red can make aggression worse as this color stimulates/agitates.
  • Physical – This color can aid in areas such as teeth, bones, nails, kidneys, stomach, fatigue, circulation, anemia  and pain.  If an animal has cancer or arthritis, red may make these conditions worse.

The easiest way to offer color therapy is to place a towel, sheet or blanket on the floor where your animal can lay on or near it to get the energy from the color.

Crystal Therapy

Rose Quartz is associated with the heart and throat chakras.  It is known as the crystal of the heart as it may help with physical or emotional heart issues.

  • Behavioral – This stone may help with anger, aggression, resentment, nervousness, grief, loneliness, past abuse or neglect and self-image.
  • Physical – This crystal can assist with injuries, wounds and muscle tension.

Red Coral is associated with the sacral chakra.  It is of the sea and sometimes worn by Native Americans.

  • Behavioral – This crystal may aid with bonding, especially for mom and offspring, and help heal those that were adopted.
  • Physical – This stone can help with fertility, pregnancy, heart, blood, muscles, thyroid and metabolism.

You can get a large enough crystal where your animal won’t eat it or you can place a crystal in a mesh bag and hang it out of reach.  If you place it under their bed, it may be too much energy and you may see them stop using their bed.

Flower Essences

Wild Rose (Rosa canina) has lovely pink flowers.  This flower essence is for animals that are lazy, tired, lack energy, and show little interest in anything.  They are passive and do not like their routine to change.  They give up easily and if they are ill, they accept their situation. They may seem emotionally even keel, never seeming very happy or very unhappy.  It can be helpful for abandoned animals and those that are experiencing a long-term or critical condition and they seem to be giving up.

Red Chestnut (Aesculus carnea) is a tree that has attractive red flowers.  This essence may help animals that show great concern, anxiety, or fear for the people and animals in their lives, including being overprotective as a parent.

Essences work on a deep, emotional level.  You can offer 2 drops of an essence several times a day, as essences make their impact based on frequency and duration given, not the number of drops.  Sometimes, results can be seen in a few days or perhaps weeks.  A custom blend created with muscle testing is usually best as an animal often needs several essences working together to best help them.

To determine if anything pink or red would help your animal, you can use your intuition or you can muscle test to your heart’s content.

Put pink and red to work for you and your animals!

Heart Blessings!

Kim & Allison

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