Teleclass FAQ

What is a teleclass?

Great question!  A teleclass is a class done from the comfort of your home, business or whatever environment you decide on.  You do not have to travel to the class. It is ideal for those that do not have the availability to take a local class, perhaps desire to learn in an environment they are most comfortable in or simply do not like to travel or are unable to.  Click here to learn more about our animal communication teleclass.

How long is the teleclass?

Many teleclasses taught by other instructors are several days or spread out over a number of weeks.  What is unique about our animal communication teleclass is that it is just ONE day from 9 am-6 pm, just like are in-person classes.

How many students are in the teleclass?

Our animal communication teleclass is limited to just 9 students.  We want to provide a quality and intimate learning experience.  By the end of the class, you are like family.

How does the teleclass work?

You will email us with photos of up to 3 animals.  Animals can be in spirit.  You will also provide us with a photo of yourself and 5 questions for each animal. Documents you will use during the teleclass and instructions are emailed to you ahead of time so you are prepared.  The documents are in PDF format.

You can use your land line, too.

How do we communicate with one another during the teleclass?

  • You either call in on your cell phone, land line or web call on your laptop or computer.
  • When using your phone, our students have access to this phone list which covers a number of countries at no charge.  See list here.
  • Most US students call in with their cell phone or the web call.  There is no visual involved so calling in from your cell phone is just fine.  Most students from outside the US use the web call.  That means that no matter where you are in the world, you can participate!  We’ve had students from every continent except Antarctica take this class.  To use the web call, you must have a computer or laptop with a microphone where you can hear and speak (not a tablet or ipad) and use the Firefox or Chrome browser.
  • You will have a document that has photos of us and all of the students in the class as we will not see each other as many are on a phone of some sort.  Research actually shows that students learn best by hearing and we totally agree.

I am not tech savvy. How do I know this will work?

We totally understand but don’t let this scare you.  Calling in is simple.  There is a test call for you to call in using your phone or web call the week of the class so that you can check your connection.  You can even try out both ways.  If you are not using a phone and are using the web call, you just need to make sure that what you are using a computer or laptop that allows you to speak where others can hear you.  Occasionally you may find that you need to purchase a simple headset that has a microphone.  But you can test your options during the test call to find out what works best for you.  We’ve had students that were 70-80 years old take the teleclass, so please don’t let technology hold you back from your dreams.

Are there breaks?

We take a morning, lunch and afternoon break.

Is the teleclass recorded?

It sure is.  You will be able to listen to the recordings or download them, whichever you prefer.  This is one of the many benefits of taking a teleclass instead of an in-person class.

Is a teleclass really as good as learning in person?

Absolutely!  In fact it seems to be better for most students because:

  • You are in the comfort of a location you choose, most likely your home.
  • You can be in comfy clothing, as nobody will see you, and perhaps surrounded by the animals you love.
  • You feel safe in your own environment to release emotions, as learning to speak with animals can be emotional and the animals want you to be able to fully release and not hold back.
  • Your senses tend to be more sharp as you are relying on each other’s voice rather than seeing each other face to face.  The energetic connection each student makes and feels is just amazing.
  • Students from all over the US and other countries have successfully communicated with animals in just ONE day by teleclass. We’ve been blown away especially by how awesome teleclass students have done, as they tend to get more quantity (amount of information) and quality (more specific details or deeper information) than the in-person students do.  We feel this is because of all of the above reasons.

I am interested in becoming a professional animal communicator. Will this teleclass help me?

Definitely! It is the first step on this beautiful and rewarding path. We also offer an advanced animal communication teleclass that is open to anyone to take who has taken animal communication with us or elsewhere.  This is course 2 and part of our Animal Heart & Soul Professional Communication Program.

Why is the teleclass more expensive than the in person class?

While we rarely get asked this question, you may be curious.  The teleclass does take far more time and expense to put it on than an in person class.  Time is spent receiving and preparing the photo documents of students and animals involved in the class.  There is much more email correspondence with a teleclass to ensure the class flows smoothly and everyone is prepared.  We make sure every student does a test call prior to the class to make sure they are comfortable calling in before the class day.   Setting up the teleclass with the teleclass host takes extra time and then there is the added cost of this technology.  The teleclass has been this price since we first started offering teleclasses in 2012.  You will find that other teleclass offerings are normally more costly than ours and take longer to accomplish.  Keep in mind the many benefits of learning with us go beyond the actual teleclass price as many instructors charge an additional cost for the extras that we offer our animal communication students through our Animal Heart & Soul Communication Community.