The Call of the Wolf FAQ


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What is the distance from the Bozeman airport to Howlers Inn?  About 17 miles.  Groceries are about the same distance.  Click here for the Howlers Inn directions page.

What is the weather like in November?  The average high is 43 and the average low is 21.  Please note it can get colder than this.

What type of clothing should I bring?  Warm hat, warm gloves, warm socks, warm coat, warm shoes/boots, and thermals.  Bring layers as you will be spending time indoors and outdoors.  If you go to Yellowstone, the weather is cooler there.  A What to Bring List will be provided.

What are the rooms like?  Each guest room has their own bathroom, microwave and mini-fridge.  In the guest house, the two bedrooms share a bathroom and have a small kitchen.  Kim has stayed at the Howlers Inn before and this is an incredible place!  Consider yourself blessed just to even stay one night, let alone four nights!

Will I be sharing a room?  That’s up to you and availability.  If you want a single occupancy room, you can choose the Southwest Room or the Western Room. The guest house does have two bedrooms with a shared bathroom, so you will have your own bedroom and someone else will have the other bedroom.  The Aspen Room has 2 beds in it for 2 participants.  The Western Room has a king bed which can be shared only by participants that know each other, so it is available for single occupancy or double occupancy.

Can I stay elsewhere and still attend the retreat?  If you want to attend the retreat, you need to stay at the inn.  With all retreat participants staying at the same place, it keeps the pack together and the energy harmonious and flowing.

Can my spouse or friend stay with me?  They are welcome to apply to attend the retreat.  Only those attending the retreat can stay at the inn as it’s important to create and maintain the best energetic environment possible for those that are answering the call of the wolf.

Can I stay more than the 4 nights?  Yes, you can stay before and/or after the 4 nights of Wednesday-Saturday, November 8-11.  Some participants drive and others fly in.  Not every participant is able to fit Yellowstone into their plans.  If you aren’t leaving Sunday night and plan to attend the Yellowstone trip, you can book Sunday, 12th at the inn as we leave at 5 am Monday morning.  We will get back later in the afternoon from Yellowstone, so you need to plan accordingly.  Additional nights will be scheduled with the inn but payment is not due to the inn until the end of the retreat.  

What amenities does Howlers Inn have?  The ground floor has a Finnish sauna and TV/video area.   Click here to learn more.

What if I have special dietary needs?  You will provide this information on the registration form.

What do I do for dinner?  Dinner is on your own.  You have a microwave and mini-fridge in your room.  You can use the kitchen in the guest house to cook dinner if you want to.  You can go out to eat, though we can’t predict road conditions.  You may want to get some groceries for dinner for a few nights.  Or you could be so stuffed that you want to skip dinner and just have a snack.  Boiled water is always available.

What will each day be like at the retreat?  Amazing of course!  Each day will vary but will include meditating, connecting with the wolves, diving deep and so much more.  The wolves will guide you, inspire you, teach you, and motivate you.  (Kiowa featured in photo.)  Continental breakfast will be on your own at the inn.  We will then start our day at 8:30 am, and we will end around 7 pm.  Dinner is on your own.  Sunday we will conclude with the fire ceremony.  We will be leaving at 5 am on Monday for our Yellowstone trip so that we arrive by sunrise.

Do I have to go up and down lots of stairs?  There are stairs to get to the retreat area, dining area, and guest rooms.  You will need to go up and down the stairs to move about.  There is a lovely wolf deck viewing area on the main floor if you decide you don’t want to go down the stairs to the wolf enclosures every time.  You will be in the presence of the wolves from either location.

What happens if I get snowed on?  Enjoy!  The wolves will be enjoying it.  We will be spending time indoors and outdoors.  Should it snow and it get to be too much for us, we can adjust our day as needed.  The wolves and Mother Earth will teach you to go with the flow.

Can you tell me more about Kim?  Sure!  Click here to learn more about Kim and The Lightfoot Way.

Some comments from wolf retreat participants:

The retreat was beyond words for me.  Let me just say from the beginning I felt the pull of the wolves to attend from the first one you hosted.  They were definitely guiding me the whole way from the moment I committed. So many takeaways – thank you for the beautiful experience.  Having the trip to Yellowstone was ‘AMAZING’. It definitely was the dessert to the retreat (which was the main course). The retreat helped me in so many ways.  It gave me time to reflect and work on me without any worries or responsibilities.  From the simplest of just putting some structure back in my day to giving myself the time and care and a routine that suits my needs first, learning tools to create a more well-balanced self.  I gained so much focus and clarity of who I am and where I am headed thanks to the time with the group and the time with the wolves.  Kim, I cannot thank you and the wolves enough for my experience.  It is like a modern-day vision quest.  Your passion of the wolves and what they have to offer humanity for growth and guidance shines so bright.  I am honored to have shared time with you.  I know so many are going to gain so much from you and the wolves at Howler’s Inn.  What can I say, the magic, the sacredness, the beauty of the Howler’s Inn, is like no other.  Shannon, MI

The Call of the Wolf Retreat was expansive and rewarding on so many levels. With Kim’s loving inspiration, guidance and knowledge, my intuition was experienced in amazing and supportive ways.  Many moments throughout my stay were beyond words while others brought me new awareness for my personal growth. I truly enjoyed everything about this magical experience!  Kelly, WI

I loved our small, intimate pack. We could all fit around the dining table for meals and conversation. Being able to see the wolves up close, to look into their eyes…that was special. And the sighting of two wolf packs the same day in Yellowstone Park was awesome…and to hear them howl on top of that!  The wolf retreat helped confirm that support and assistance are all around us. Nature and all of creation are here for us, waiting to help us on our journey. And in their honor, I cannot simply go back and continue as before.  Cindy, MT

My favorite parts of the retreat were connecting with the wolves, the location of the retreat, and the biggest part was learning about energy healing in regards to nature.  I realized at a deeper level that I have everything I need to do the work that I need. Michelle, TX

The Retreat was very helpful in building my confidence in animal communication, getting hands-on learning in muscle testing and being more open with others in a group.  I really enjoyed Yellowstone and getting to meet your horses.  Kim, WI

I liked that the wolf retreat was small and therefore more intimate, so everyone could voice an opinion.  The energy work transformed me.  I liked where the retreat was held and that we could physically engage with the wolves (from outside the enclosure). I think visiting Yellowstone National Park should be a must.  Ann, MT

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