Animals are a window to your soul and a doorway to your spiritual destiny.  If you will let them into your life and allow them to teach you, you will be better for it.   Kim Shotola

Animal communication is an innate ability that we all have inside of us.  For many, it’s a fantastic gift just waiting to be unwrapped.

It’s the most popular class we teach because it not only helps you to know your animals on a deeper level, it unlocks this ability to know all of life, including yourself, in ways you may not have even imagined existed.

Let’s dive deeper into the world of animal communication.

What is Animal Communication

When some people think of animal communication, the words animal behavior and body language come to mind.  Animal communication goes much deeper than that.  The truth is, we can learn how to communicate with animals and they can communicate with us.

  • Did you know that the word “animal” comes from the Latin word “anima” which means breath, soul, air, living being, life principle?  Animals use body language and sounds but it goes beyond that.
  • Animals use interspecies communication.  They communicate with one another on an intuitive level.  Dog to dog, dog to cat, cat to bird, etc.
  • Scientific studies with humans and animals have been completed that prove this is possible.  For example, Rupert Sheldrake, a biologist and biochemist, conducted experiments and the results are discussed in his book, Dogs That Know When Their Owners are Coming Home.
  • This can be a hard concept to grasp but did you know that you are intuitive, too?  Have you thought about a person and the phone rang and it was them?  Have you been in the middle of doing something and suddenly you remembered you needed to take your dog for a walk or feed them?  Or maybe you are a mother and you knew something was wrong with your child who was somewhere else.
  • You may think this was just a coincidence but in reality, you were using your intuitive abilities even if you were not aware that you were doing it.  In fact, everyone is intuitive.  This is an innate ability we ALL have inside of us.  Contrary to what many believe or ‘tout’, this is a gift that we ALL have.

Benefits of Animal Communication

While animal communication never replaces proper veterinary care, there are many benefits that can help your animal on a body, mind and spirit level.  Besides helping pet parents, if you are an animal professional, it opens up a whole new way of approaching and assisting your clients.  It can make a profound difference in your role as a pet sitter, groomer, boarder, trainer, vet, etc.  And if you volunteer with animals, you can just imagine how you can help them, too, including finding their ideal home.

  • If your animal has behavioral or training issues, you can ask them why they are acting that way.  While your vet can rule out health issues that may be contributing, most of the time you will find it is emotional based and your pet can tell you what will help them to stop that behavior.  If your pet is sick or injured, you can ask them how they are feeling and what specifically you can do to help.
  • You can ask simple questions like “What is your favorite food?” or “What is your favorite activity?” or complex questions such as “What is your purpose in my life?” or “What is my soul purpose in life?”  Animals can provide such wisdom that they may seem to you like they are your personal fortune teller or guidance counselor.
  • If you are away from your home or business, you can check in with your animal to see how they are doing and let them know when you’ll return.  This can be a game changer for anxiety stricken animals.  If your animal is lost, you can communicate to find out location details or guide them back to you.
  • If you are not sure if your animal is ready to cross over, you can ask them.  Most will tell you what to look for so you know they are ready.  And when they do pass on, know that you can speak to them as if they are still here.  Your heart and soul connection does not diminish just because their physical body is no longer present.
  • Understand that animals are our teachers.  They play a significant role in our life.  Some are here to make us laugh, some to help us get through the tough times and some to teach us what we should be doing in life such as exploring a new career path or health improvement options.  Animals are here to help guide us.  Speaking with them truly deepens your relationship like never before.

Animal Communication Examples

Here are some quick stories that demonstrate the various ways you can help an animal with animal communication.

  • Lucky was a dog that suddenly started lunging and trying to bite people that came to his home.  He said he did that because of the recent theft that he felt responsible for, even though he was crated upstairs at the time.  June and Bill had forgotten about this incident.  After telling him it was not his fault and he didn’t need to protect the house when they let people enter, the behavior stopped.
  • Charles was a cat that frequently urinated on Sarah’s clothing and bedding and a vet exam did not reveal a health issue.  He said he was doing that because Sarah’s schedule had become erratic and he wanted more time with her.  Mortified by the bedroom ‘makeovers’, Sarah started spending more time with Charles and the behavior ended.
  • Lacey was a senior dog diagnosed with advanced cancer.  She said that she wanted a fluffy white bed for better support and to take shorter walks instead of discontinuing their walks.  Kevin granted her wishes.  She was more comfortable in her new bed and treasured their outdoor time.  She encouraged Kevin to continue to follow his book writing dreams and believe in himself as she did.
  • Tina was a striking grey quarter horse.  When asked her favorite color, she professed her love for black.  When Bridgit asked why, with visions of her ‘black clothed’ teenage daughter flitting through her mind, Tina told her adamantly that black was bold and beautiful.  Bridgit quickly apologized for ‘dressing’ her in hot pink and purple throughout her life and vowed to don her with a new black wardrobe.
  • Missy was a 7 foot alligator that acted lethargic and stopped eating.  She said she felt something was wrong in her stomach and that it was serious enough that she may die.  Radiographs revealed shards of plastic and disintegrating coins in her stomach that were leaching toxins.  With the items removed and several weeks of antibiotics, she made a full recovery.  Apparently, cruel park visitors had thrown these items into her exhibit and she had ingested them.

How Communication is Learned

Know in your heart and soul that you were born with the ability to communicate with animals.  Most have forgotten or are unaware of this incredible birthright.

  • You need to have an open mind and respect for all animals as intelligent and sentient beings like we are.  You are connecting your heart to the animal’s heart.
  • Since communication is done on an intuitive level, you quiet your mind to receive information.  If you practice meditation, then you already know how to achieve this.  Otherwise, this is something easily learned in a communication class.
  • Through a process of meditations and exercises, the right side of your brain, your intuitive side, opens up even more so that you can become a clearer channel for the animals.
  • Intent and believing in yourself are the two most important things to remember.  It is only natural to doubt yourself, but please know that everyone is able to do this.
  • Learning animal communication through a book or self-guided course can be challenging because that format sets you up to more easily doubt your abilities.  Most learn best in a live, small and supportive group setting (whether in person or by distance) with a teacher and classmates where you are able to validate and “prove” it to yourself that you can indeed do this.  And this skill can be learned in just one day, where the energy easily builds, rather than spreading it out over a longer period of time.

Whether you learn how to communicate with animals yourself or seek assistance from a professional communicator, you will find that animal communication is a rewarding experience that will change your life.

Consider learning animal communication with an instructor, whether in person or by distance.  It can be done in just ONE day.

We are teaching the following animal communication classes:

Animal Communication Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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