Why have so many animals in Australia perished?  Why have we seen in the past 12 months more animals depart than ever before?

The answer may surprise you as there are important lessons at stake whenever animals cross the Rainbow Bridge.

First, please know that things happen for a reason in life, and that includes the passing of animals.

At The Soul Watchers book signing event last week, I was asked the purpose behind the tragedy of Australia.  I said that Mother Earth is speaking out.  The animals are speaking out.  They need us to listen and wake up.

Last year I wrote an article about why so many animals were passing.  We have seen huge numbers pass, and those are just of the animals we know of.  And Australia is now the icing on the cake, so to speak.  And the world knows about Australia. 

  • The animals advised me last year that they were leaving in such a great numbers because they needed to work together collectively on the other side, to help humanity – their pet parents and all humans.
  • In the past, they would leave in small numbers, like a collective group of dog souls, cat souls, dolphin souls, etc.  They realized because the timing was so crucial, that only if they left in huge numbers could they hope to really have an impact on humanity.
  • So many pet parents told us of their pets leaving, including suddenly without warning, and even those at a young age.  We heard this over and over again.  Some animals are capable of leaving their physical bodies on their own, and others need help.  But when animals leave, there is a purpose behind their departure.

If so many animals left last year, why were so many more lives needed with the Australian animals?

  • More things have come to light.  I didn’t realize 2020 is supposed to be the year of awakening and enlightenment.  But the animals KNEW this.  Perhaps I knew in my heart, and that’s why The Soul Watchers was released at this time.
  • The animals and Mother Earth are crying out for help.  So many things come into play with the Australian tragedy, whether it’s climate change or simply trying to unite humanity together for a common cause that ultimately effects more than most realize.
  • Animals have given their lives for the greater good of humanity and the world.  If this enormous event did not happen, how many people would be aware that this is a massive wake up call for all of the world?  While I was hoping the huge numbers of animals that left last year were “enough”, in the back of my mind I wondered what was “brewing”, as I could feel Mother Earth and the animals almost on the verge of crisis.

Whenever we lose a beloved animal, our heart aches.  When so many wild animals lose their lives, we can’t help but feel pain.  We must know in our hearts the life lessons they are trying to teach us.  We owe them that.  In The Soul Watchers, various life lessons are discussed that the animals want us to be aware of.

  • Know that an animal’s soul lives on.  The physical body may be gone, but the spirit lives on.  Most animal companions want to return to this life to be with us in another form.  Some animals were with you in a previous life before.  Look for signs that your animal is visiting you.
  • Animals can tell you if they will return, when they will return, what they will look like, how you will know it’s them and how you can find them.  This is all done through animal communication.  Anyone can learn to speak with animals.   When you learn to talk to animals, this goes far beyond this.  You can learn to speak with nature.  You become more in tune with all of life, including yourself.  And the animals very much wish this for us.
  • Find purpose in the tragedy of loss.  Find the meaning behind the departure.  Often, it is a blessing in disguise, though it can be difficult to see at the time. If you aren’t sure why an animal left, you can ask them.  

Know that animals can guide you from the other side.  Animals want to encourage us to awaken and become more enlightened.  Does that mean learning new skills?  Does that mean a new career for you?  Does that mean a new home, town or state for you?  Perhaps a new relationship?  Or maybe they want you to work on YOU – whether it’s your physical health, your emotional well-being, or your spiritual growth.

What about on a broader view?  Maybe you’ll be inspired to be an animal advocate.  You might want to be a voice for the animals or for the land.  Sign petitions, volunteer, donate, etc.  How are the animals calling to your heart and soul?  Feel the beat of their heart and that of Mother Earth.

2020 is time to be awakened and enlightened – and take this to new heights.  The animals need us.  Mother Earth needs us.  The world needs us.  The time is NOW.  Honor the animals and Mother Earth, for all they have done for us.  Share this message – and take action.

Awakened Blessings!

Kim & Allison

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