I felt there was an animal that wanted to speak today.  I asked for one to come forward.

When this happens, I never know who will show up or what they will end up saying.  I allow, accept, and deliver their message.  I am always honored and humbled by whomever comes forward and whatever words of wisdom they wish to share.  And in some messages, you will see there are recurring aspects, as they know the path to our enlightenment.

Today, the polar bear came forward.

I stepped forward to give you a message today, through Kim’s assistance.

Myself and other species such as the wolf, elephant, whale, and bee are considered gateway species.  You may have heard of the term “flagship” or “key” species.  But we call ourselves a “gateway” species as we are a gateway to higher consciousness.  All species can provide information to some degree but we have been elected by other species to serve in this role, representing all on Mother Earth.

I know you are aware of climate change and how that is affecting the life of polar bears.  You probably have asked yourself how will this affect other life forms, including yourself, over time, especially if you have been witness to climate changes already.

I know you are aware of deforestation and habitat loss for many species.  You may have asked yourself how this will affect you one day, especially if you already live in a concrete jungle.

I know you are aware of pollution that occurs on land, in the water, and in the air.  You probably have pondered the global effects on all of life, especially if you live in a polluted area.

And I certainly know you are aware of how Mother Earth is responding to so much that is going on.

Perhaps you have heard of the large numbers of elephants that have died.

Perhaps you have heard of the orcas going after boats.

Perhaps you have heard of the humpback whales swimming down a crocodile infested river.

Perhaps you have heard of the danger to bees and their losses.

If you keep looking, you will find more and more.

We first wish you to have an awareness, because without awareness, one is living in the dark.

We wish you to share this awareness with others, for that is the only way to ultimately reach the light.

Then, we wish you to act beyond the awareness.  Action looks different for everyone.  What changes can you make in your own life?  What changes can you encourage others to do?  What petitions can you sign?  What organizations can you become involved in or support in some capacity?  These are just some questions you may ask yourself.

The light always starts from within and then shines outwards, like a beacon across the ocean.

How can you grow your light to make an impact on all of life?  

Understand that we are all evolving.  It is this conscious evolution that is constantly changing like the flow of ice.

Human evolution affects nature’s evolution, and vice versa.

While awareness is crucial, there are initial steps to take to help you achieve a higher state of awareness.

Look within.  Where are you right now?  Where do you want to be?  Where is your light?  Where is your heart?  Let soulful intention fill your being and be the preface for all of your actions.

Be filled with gratitude for where you are.  Are you grateful for the water, sun, food, shelter, etc.?  Are you grateful for the people and animals in your life?  One will see the path to “more” if gratitude is part of their daily ritual.

Be in touch with your surroundings.  Go to the nearest tree or the closest body of water.  Listen for the birds, listen for life.  Feel the water, the ground, or the wind.  Just become absorbed in the moment and just be present.  We are aware that most humans do not do actually do this; something that is so simple, but can be so profound.

Know there is more.  There is always more.  For one that stops seeking will halt in their tracks.  Don’t be afraid to try more, including the unknown.  Your efforts can lead to great discoveries, not only for your benefit, but for all of life.

All creatures wish to extend our gratitude, but especially those of the gateway species.  You can help make our job easier to get the word out – to benefit the world.

We hope that the words of wisdom from the polar bear will encourage you in some way.

Maybe you’ll be inspired to take action in some way.  Maybe you will want to see a new you, learn something new, read something new or start something new.

You can consider Kim’s book, The Soul Watchers, Animals’ Quest to Awaken Humanity, as it was co-authored by the animals, to deliver their message.

You may want to consider learning interspecies communication where you can become more aware and in tune with your own animals, wild animals, and nature.  Today is the last day to sign up for the October 4th teleclass. (by phone or web call via computer/laptop.)  more aware and in tune with your own animals, wild animals, and nature. Click here to learn more. Also, we have a brand new half-day Intro to Animal Communication Zoom class on November 1st. Check it out here.

Whatever you do, inspiration starts from within, just like your light.

Follow your heart.

Polar Bear Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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