The Sacred Horse Heart & Soul Connection

Rosa and Sam exchanging sacred breath

Tara (30 years old) and her daughter, Rosa (25 years old) are here to help you transform on a heart and soul level with their sacred love and wisdom they have to offer.  They wish to help children and adults who are facing any kind of challenges in their life.  This is a donation based service.

• You may interact with Tara and Rosa.
• You may touch and connect with them on a heart and soul level.
• You may exchange sacred breaths with them.
• You may exchange heart and soul energy with them.
• You may receive a spiritual message from them to guide you at this time in your life.  Kim will help them deliver this special message to you.
• If you are unable to travel to connect with Tara and Rosa, they can actually connect with you by distance.  This requires you to have an open mind and heart.

This is not a therapeutic or riding session.  This is about the power of connection on a heart and soul level to help transform your life on a heart and soul level.

If you’d prefer more of an extended, customized experience, please see an example of one here.

Rosa exchanging sacred breath with Marlene

My experience with Tara & Rosa:  I rarely smile but when I first saw Tara and Rosa, my whole being just lit up.  I have been “near” horses before but not like this!  When Kim explained the exchange of breath, “I was like; you want me to do what?”  Kim said “Yes, put your nose gently up in theirs, she is ready.”  So, I stood there and they actually came up to me, and I did it!  How cool was that, I felt such peace; no fear…  I felt the warmth of their breath!  I was like a kid in a candy store!  “Can I do it again?”This was wild, just look at the photos!  If you have the opportunity, Go For It!  Marlene



I have a confession. I was a little apprehensive about meeting Tara and Rosa for my first sacred horse connection. I was afraid of getting my fingers bitten. I also had a life-long fear of the natural world. The thought of walking in the woods, communing with a tree, a brook or even a stone filled me with dread. This experience liberated me. I offered apples to Tara and Rosa, and they didn’t bite. They confirmed for me something I’ve thought about for years but never embraced, thinking it was a pipe dream. And having connected with their hearts, I now look forward to communion with nature.  Cindy

Tara and Marlene connecting on a heart and soul level

If you wish to experience The Sacred Horse Heart & Soul Connection with Tara and Rosa, please complete the form below.   Some things to keep in mind:

  • Wear weather appropriate clothing and something you don’t mind getting ‘horsey’
  • Wear closed toed shoes
  • You may want to bring a journal to take notes about the connection session

Sacred Horse Connection Form