The Soul Watchers, Animals’ Quest to Awaken Humanity

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Animals can become a window to your soul and a doorway to your spiritual destiny!

The animals’ quest is a mission far greater than most realize.  It is to awaken and enlighten our hearts and souls.

Animals have been watching your soul since before you were born  – the animals from your past, your present, and even from the wild come to you with messages that reveal their ancient wisdom and can ignite your true purpose.  This awareness can help you and your animals heal in body, mind and spirit.

What do they wish for you and the rest of humanity?

A world where you understand animals and people on a heart and soul level.  A world where you embrace, utilize and share the messages and gifts from the animals, nature and Mother Earth.

The animals can show you the present, help you learn from the past and propel you to your future.

Let the wisdom of the animals bring love, joy, gratitude, clarity and abundance to your life like never before.

Embark on this breathtaking journey with them:

  • Learn to recognize, receive and comprehend guidance
  • Understand important life lessons and how to take action
  • Discover holistic animal care tips you can use right away for both animals and people
  • Magnify your inner wisdom and sacred connection to all
  • Journal your experience in a downloadable guidebook
  • Listen to or download a powerful mindful meditation
  • This book is only around 100 pages so a quick but powerful and life changing read!

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Praise for The Soul Watchers

Reading The Soul Watchers reminded me that opening our minds to the incredible value animals have in our world can be very awakening and healing at the same time. Kim provides a unique perspective on the role animals play in our lives if we seek their wisdom and true companion-ship. She adeptly teaches readers how to bring animals’ knowledge into their consciousness and use it to improve their own life experience.

—Michelle Mantor, publisher and editor-in-chief of Houston PetTalk and PetTalkGoFetch


Few things in life are more precious than the bond we share with our beloved pets. Kim explores ways animals touch our lives, and helps us appreciate our pets and nature in greater ways. The Soul Watchers is an enjoyable read for everyone who knows the love of a pet and wants to explore the blessings of the living world around us. My favorite parts of the book are actually the spiritual parts, as well as the quotes at the beginning of each chapter. As someone who deals with sickness and loss regularly, it is reassuring that all things happen for a reason, and that there are plenty of other forces at work in this world, beyond our control. I use what I am learning to appreciate stewardship and respect for pets and all the planet, but it also gives me perspective, that we humans are a piece of the whole. It is very good to recognize that we work with nature, and that nature wants to partner with us. I plan to go back through the book and use the action steps as the anchors for getting more out of the second pass. They were also ideas to pray over when I would have some quiet time.

—Jessica Parkerson, DVM


Kim is a clear intuitive of truth, wisdom, and love for all our animals and nature Spirits. Her passion and gift for our light world is to teach us to open our hearts and allow the animals to assist us in raising our vibration to a place where we can heal and discover our true essence.

— Laurie Neri Barrett, human and animal wellness coach, author of Practical Wellness


Kim’s lifelong love for and dedication to animals is an inspiration to us all. Her first book, The Soul Watchers, is groundbreaking in that we discover the communication with our beloved pets—even with animals in the wild—is not a one-way street. Kim shows us how they share this planet with us for the welfare of our souls. The book is full of fascinating stories and photos from her many experiences. In addition, Kim shares her expertise in the many aspects of holistic animal care, which opens up a new world of choices for us to improve the quality of our pets’ lives.

— Denis Ouellette, seminar leader and author of Heal Yourself with Breath, Light, Sound & Water


Kim really delivers in this book. It’s the ultimate reference guide to all things holistic for animal care. I’ll be using it often. It also invites us (with directions) to connect to our inner wisdom, expand our hearts and be more of our best selves in our interactions with animals—from our past, our present, and even our future. The action steps in each chapter offer a huge payoff.

— Helen Racz, EFT practitioner, life coach, author of Tell Me Where You’re Stuck and The Logical Law of Attraction


I loved this book! It opened up my mind and soul to new things that I wasn’t aware of. I never realized how many tools we have within to help us understand and communicate with animals. I can see myself reading this multiple times and learning new things from it every time. Parts of it brought me back into a space where I really need to be—for myself, for my animals, and for humanity!

— Dawn Sacre, pet parent


The Soul Watchers is a must-have book for anyone seeking a more meaningful and deeper connection with the animals in their lives. Kim shows how we can op en  ourselves to the wisdom of Mother Nature and the animal kingdom, empowering us to make this world a more loving and enlightened place. You will see all animals as kindred spirits. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down! I love the action steps. Each time I do one of these steps, I get new meaning and new messages.

— Michelle Porlier, pet parent, veterinary receptionist, kindred spirit to the animals


If you have ever been curious about why you feel connected or drawn to certain animals or items in nature, The Soul Watchers will be your guide to start on a journey that may forever change your life.  This book provides action steps to help you better connect with yourself, nature and all types of animals. Kim has spent years on her journey to discovering the teachings provided by animals and nature that most of us miss due to not being able to recognize what we are seeing. In this book she shares what she has learned and poses questions for you to answer along your own journey.  

— Jessica Marziani, DVM, CVA, CVC, CCRT


This book belongs on every animal lover’s reading list! It contains ground-breaking information on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life of animals, including how to use many unique healing modalities. There’s a wealth of information here that newcomers and even the most experienced animal communicators can learn from. I certainly did.

— Linda Clayton, author of Look Who’s Talking, A Personal Journey Into Animal Communication


I have been blessed to learn holistic animal care, as shared in The Soul Watchers, directly from Kim and Allison (The Lightfoot Way). You are now blessed to personally learn how much animals have to teach us. As a pet-care professional, I’ve learned that when we are open to possibilities, we will never cease to be amazed at what our animal friends want to share and teach us. So much joy, light and peace has come to me since I opened myself to learning more about holistic care and the wonder of animals and nature. I hope you too will enjoy your deeper journey with animals.

— Susan Briggs, CPACO, co-founder of The Dog Gurus, co-author of Off-Leash Dog Play


Upon reading this sacred learning journey with animals, I am validated in my own knowing that all animals have a higher purpose that includes us. How lucky are we to have such unconditionally loving companions in our lives who sometimes can do for us what another human cannot. I find that miraculous. Her profound teachings will bring great comfort and consciousness expansion to those called to work with animals and their owners. What a blessing that this knowledge has come into the world through Kim and the animals she has served and who have served her. 

—Linda M. Galvan, M.A., Spiritual Intuitive Soul Guide, Pure Light Channel, Sacred Alchemist & Transformational Facilitator


The Soul Watchers takes the entire spectrum of natural healing, plants and animal communication and breaks it down into a basic, easy to digest manner where anyone can pick up this book and feel so empowered. Kim takes the intimidation out of all these subjects and makes it so easy to understand while sharing their ancient origins. Why have we as a society made things so difficult and complex instead of an easy flowing, almost effortless understanding of all these ancient truths. I love her simple but powerful intention in regards to talking to animals.

—Cindie Carter, Host of the Social Dog Podcast


As guardians, we are tasked with continual learning and growing as a part of our journey with animals, with the goal of becoming the best caretakers and stewards we can possibly become. At some point in our personal evolution we inevitably end up with questions about energy and energy transfer. Sometimes healthcare professionals are asked about the non-physical aspects of animals: about omens and signs from the Natural World and how to interpret them. Of course, not everyone is interested in metaphysical connections or meanings, but if your interest is piqued, the next question is often “where can I learn more?” Thankfully, there are an infinite number of paths, processes and resources, including this book, that offer insights that may resonate with you. The goal is to search until you find answers that align with your core, provide a deep sense of peace, and ultimately allow you to become the best, most evolved version of yourself.  This is when fear dissipates and you become keenly aware of your eternal and ongoing connection with all living things.

—Karen Becker, DVM


Beautifully shared stories, insights and guidance for the Heart.Practice even just a few of Kim’s many valuable suggestions filling this book and you will open yourself to a deeper level of Listening with animals, nature and even yourself!

—Megan Ayrault, LMT, Zero Balancing Practitioner, Founder of Power of Touch for Animals


I absolutely love everything about The Soul Watchers book.  I couldn’t put it down and I’m reading it again.  Such a fabulous read.  Everyone needs to read this.  So much amazing information.  It’s wonderful!!

—Patty, animal lover


I just finished reading Kim Shotola’s new book, The Soul Watchers, Animals’ Quest to Awaken Humanity. From some reason, I had been putting this off and making excuses on how busy I was and had several other stressful events going on to deal with, so was feeling negative and somewhat depressed. I finally sat down and started to read this book, it was exactly what I needed at this time. This book affirmed a lot of my beliefs and reminded me of the positive nature of animals and healing spirit of nature and animals. I believe that things happen for a reason and I have devoted my life to helping animals, so I should have known to sit down and start reading this sooner! I love the quotes at the beginning of each chapter. Kim sets a clear path on how we can help our animals and how they help us heal and enrich our lives. This is a must read for all animal lovers!

—Robin Robinett, DVM, CVC, CVA, Veterinary Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Clinic


Kim leaves no stone unturned in how the animals on this planet are truly on a mission to wake up humans!  They have so much insight, wisdom and knowledge to share, and it’s laid out beautifully in this book. It will leave every animal lover with a new found appreciation of our relationship with our pets and wild animals around us that can have a profound impact on our lives.   

—Pam Roussell, Purrfectly Holistic, LLC


My mother purchased The Soul Watchers by Kim Shotola for me because my Pug Angus was on his last days of life from old age. I grown up with animals all my life and I have NEVER had a animal touch my life like Angus! I stayed home with him for the month prior to his passing and it’s been 2.5 weeks after he passed and I still cry multiple times every single day. Mom was trying to give me some peace with this book and it most certainly helped me. I highly recommend The Soul Watchers for ANY person who has animals, connects on a deep level with animals, would like a animal, or just enjoys watching animals, which that should be pretty much any human. We are one on this earth.

—Tammy, animal lover