May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month.

We have assisted many pet parents with their animals with cancer over the years.  Sadly, a lot of them sought us when their animals were in the latter stages of cancer.

We wish that everyone would think of cancer first, as prevention, and second, as what can be done holistically right away, beyond traditional medicine.  In addition to western medicine, integrative practices, including those a pet parent can do from the comfort of their home, can make a world of difference.

But we really need to go deeper – on a spiritual level.

You may have noticed more public awareness about the art of dying, including death cafes.  There are even death doulas or chaplains for both humans and animals that assist in the transition process.  Much of this information doesn’t tell the whole story, though, when it it’s approached from a left-brained, methodical point of view.

While we can share a few articles with you we’ve written previously that cover various holistic wellness ways to help prevent and work on cancer as mentioned above, including environmental awareness, nutrition, supplements, energy work, flower essences, crystals and more, there is a bigger picture at heart.

Let’s discuss some soulful awareness information, or perhaps revelations, that most pet parents aren’t aware of.

First, you may not be aware that every animal has their own soul path in life, just like you do. 

  • They know the major people they will encounter in their lifetime, including you.
  • They are aware of major experiences and events, including cancer, that are meant to be a part of their personal life plan.

What’s the point of preventing cancer if an animal was planning to get it anyway?

  • Because your soul path is connected to theirs, it’s possible that prevention was something you were meant to learn on your own journey.
  • If you learned this life lesson that you had planned for yourself in this lifetime, the event or experience, like cancer, can be checked off your list, so to speak.

How are the soul paths of animals and their people connected?

  • You journey through life together, each accomplishing life lessons you were meant to.
  • There’s the possibility that what you learn from helping your animal will pertain to your own life.  For example, in the case of your animal having cancer, by utilizing holistic methods to help them, that knowledge may end up aiding you with your own cancer, or someone else you know, as part of your soul path.

What about if a human had cancer first, then their animal was diagnosed with cancer?

  • Animals will often mirror their pet parent in order to help them.  We’ve seen numerous cases where this has happened, anywhere from physical issues such as cancer to behavioral issues like anxiety.  This was a revelation for a veterinarian that we know.  Using animal communication, you can speak to an animal and find out if they are mirroring someone and receive the details.
  • Often, when the pet parent starts working seriously on their own health, in the right direction, the animal’s health may improve.  It’s ideal to work on the condition together, as a team, looking at all aspects from a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.  You can ask an animal what they think may help the situation and what they want from you.

What if a person has done what they can, and the outcome is devastating?

  • This no doubt is crushing.  But one has to remember the bigger picture, which includes the greatest good for those involved.  Animals and humans are all going to pass at some point.  It may be from a condition such as cancer.  Some are even capable of stopping their heart and leaving their body to cross over as they feel they are needed on the other side.  We’ve seen this happen with a number of animals of all ages, especially to aid in the conscious evolution of humanity.
  • Many times, it is hard to understand what has really happened.  This is when diving into the spiritual realm can be extremely beneficial.  With telepathic communication, you can gain the knowledge needed about why an animal or human passed.  You can get answers to so many questions that can bring about peace, comfort and connection.

Two articles you may be interested in we’ve written:

While this may seem confusing, the bottom line is that you and your animals are connected on a soul level.  They want the best for you, as you do for them.  They love to see action taken, which includes animal and human steps for preventing illness and when conditions occur, the highest outcome for all involved.

Animals are thrilled if you are able to talk to them out loud and by using interspecies communication.  If you haven’t done so, you may want to consider taking an animal communication class or teleclass (by phone or computer/laptop) with an instructor, or having a professional communicator speak with your animal, including those that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge (Kim’s specialty).

Soulful Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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