Last week we shared thoughts from students about why they were interested in animal communication and what the experience and ability has meant to them.

There are many misperceptions about animal communication so we felt it was important to share those.

  • Misperception:  Animal communication is just too weird, ‘out there’ or anti-religious.
  • Truth:                  Animals talk to one another not just through vocalizations and body movements but also connect telepathically with each other.  Cats can talk to dogs, dogs to horses, birds to cats and so forth.  They know that we are able to do the same.  This is called interspecies communication.  Echo Bodine is a world renowned intuition teacher and best-selling author.  She has helped dispel the fear that many people have and discusses abilities mentioned in the bible.  When professional communicator Sonya Fitzpatrick was featured on Animal Planet, that helped introduce many to this amazing ability we all have.  Anna Breytenbach’s video of her speaking with a black leopard has had about a million views since it first aired.  The oldest professional communicators we are aware of are in their 80’s now.  Heart to heart, mind to mind, soul to soul communication is beautiful when humans realize what they are truly capable of.
  • Misperception:  You need to have a near-death experience in order to be able to communicate.
  • Truth:                   Most students have never had a near-death experience.
  • Misperception:  You need to be ‘born’ with this ability and carry it into adulthood or be ‘gifted’ in order to speak to animals.
  • Truth:                  Everyone is born with this innate ability but for most people, the awareness of ever having this skill is not even realized as it diminishes normally at a young age.  Everyone was born with this special ‘gift’ and it not something that only ‘chosen’ people have.
  • Misperception:  You are too old to learn how to telepathically connect with animals.
  • Truth:                  While we’ve had students as young as 7, we’ve also had students in their 80’s.  Most of our students are 50+ years old.  When you open your heart to the animals, anything is possible, at any age.
  • Misperception:  It’s just not possible to know what your animals want or think.
  • Truth:                  You have intuitive abilities that allow you to understand what animals want and need.  It’s just a matter of awakening this ability within you.
  • Misperception:  The animals won’t want to talk to you.
  • Truth:                  Animals have always been trying to communicate with you, just most people do not realize it.  They are excitedly waiting for this reality to happen.  It’s not just your own animals, but the wild ones, too.
  • Misperception: You are not worthy of an animal having a conversation with you.
  • Truth:                  The animals know you are worthy and all you need is a desire in your heart to feel worthy.
  • Misperception:  It takes years to learn how to talk to animals.
  • Truth:                  While you keep growing your skills over time, you can actually learn how to communicate in just one day.  While some classes elsewhere are taught over a period of weeks, which may fit into your schedule better, we’ve found that having a one-day experience keeps the amazing energy building throughout the day and is the fastest way to jump start your intuitive abilities. Which ever class you decide to take, we hope you will find the process as fun and simple as possible, which is our goal with every holistic animal wellness class that we teach.
  • Misperception:  It is expensive to learn how to communicate.
  • Truth:                  While finances can be tight for many people, there are free or low-cost introductory classes you can find by doing an internet search.  Please keep in mind that these are normally self-guided but can help you understand the concept and start building your foundation.  When you are ready to invest more of your time, energy and funds, you will find classes with live instruction and like-minded classmates that can accelerate your learning and expand your abilities.
  • Misperception:  You must take an in-person class to truly learn how to speak to animals.
  • Truth:                   In-person classes are great but not necessarily the best way to learn this skill.  We’ve actually found that students who take a teleclass (call in on their phone or web call on laptop/computer) from the comfort of their home get more quality information (depth of the information) and quantity (more details).  The reason for this is that they are learning this ability in a familiar space and not in a place they’ve probably never been to before.  They are not being surrounded by the energy of strangers and their animal may even sit by them during the class.  The pressure of having to ‘perform’ in-person is also not a factor.  Focusing on hearing the teacher and fellow students actually seems to sharpen the skills.

If you haven’t learned animal communication, we hope that you will follow your heart and soul to find your truth and explore this life-changing experience.

Our next teleclass (by phone or laptop/computer from comfort of your home) is on Sunday, May 23rd.  Today is the last day to register.  Click here to learn more.

Heart & Soul Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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