Last week we spoke of our experience with fairies and unicorns here.  We also heard from some readers about their lovely experiences they’ve had.  This week, we want to touch on two additional fantastical beings.

When Allison and I visited my local crystal shop, she was drawn to this amazing polished rock that looked a lot like petrified wood.  It turned out it was dinosaur coprolite.  Yes,  fossilized dino dung!  It was gorgeous and Allison had to have it (as seen in photo above).

Right away, I got a message from the dinosaurs and shared it with Allison. They are feeling left out when it comes to people who connect with and speak to animals.  While the dinosaurs’ relatives are alive, the dinos themselves are in spirit, passed on. The dinosaurs said that they have a lot of knowledge and ancient wisdom to share with anyone that would like to connect with them. Even though I always thought dinosaurs were cool and I loved seeing them in museums (I even loved the 70’s Land of the Lost), I felt so bad as we never thought to ask to allow their voices to come forward in the work we’ve been doing.  Now was the time to make it right!

We talked with Merlin, the seismologist and lapidarist that owns the crystal store with his wife, Barbara. We asked him if he happened to have polished dinosaur bone that could be used in jewelry. He did! He showed us pieces of dinosaur bone that he’d collected and polished. Allison and I decided, with the encouragement of the dinosaurs, that we should have rings to wear whenever we talk about business or do a business related class or event together. That way, we could honor the dinosaurs together and remember to call upon them to help guide us. So we picked out two gorgeous pieces that were very similar and muscle tested to make sure they were the ones. We had Merlin craft a simple but lovely sterling silver ring band for us (pictured here.)

Then afterwards, when I was in Houston teaching animal communication, one of the students had dinosaur earrings on. I had never seen a student wear dino anything in all my years of teaching. She was drawn to dinosaurs. After that class, the host of my Animal Wellness Coach week long course asked to see my ring. I took it off so she could hold it. She described the exact same dinosaur that Allison had seen recently when tuning in, even with the vegetation hanging out of its mouth. I showed her the image of a Brachiosaurus and she said “Yes, that’s it!” She then got that the dinosaurs wanted to help heal! How wonderful is that, as originally we had gotten about this ancient wisdom they had to impart to humanity. But of course, why wouldn’t they be great at healing, too, like other animals!  Dinosaur bone has wonderful healing properties.

When I came back to Montana, I went to the crystal shop and spoke to the owner’s daughter-in-law who’s holistic and metaphysical like us. I shared with her our experiences. She, too, could visualize this amazing dinosaur and also got that the bone in the ring was from the brachiosaurus. She then received information that the dinosaurs were also about helping heal the land. Another piece of the puzzle!

You see, the dinosaurs continue to amaze us. They want to help guide and heal people along with Mother Earth. They have told me it would be their honor to help protect homes and property, too. 

While many people, both young and old, resonate with dinosaurs, there are those that feel drawn to dragons.  Especially those who are healers, including doctors, tend to feel a connection to them.

Besides having a unicorn for a guide, I also have a dragon that guides me.  Even though I learned his name more recently, Leonardo says he’s been with me since I was a child.  I have been drawn to these mystical creatures since I was young and have several dragon rings.  The dragon bracelet Allison gifted me sits hanging like a necklace on my gorgeous dragon statue made of teakwood (as seen in photo).  Even my favorite thermal feature in Yellowstone is called Dragon’s Mouth, for its ‘noisy smoke’ that resembles a dragon’s fiery breath.

I’ve enjoyed dragon movies like Eragon, Avatar and the How to Train Your Dragon series, but not those that have portrayed the dragon as the villain.  The dragon is a benevolent being and like many creatures, only harms when it needs to.  Even the flag of Wales features a red dragon and the Welsh have had a positive connection with dragons over many centuries.

In Feng Shui, the dragon represents abundance and growth.  The Anglo Saxon word for dragon means “clear seer”.  Dragons are known for helping people have clarity and the wisdom to follow through.  Like the dragon’s fire, they teach us to have courage and stand in our truth.  Dragons are great at helping one bring into being the desires of their heart.

Unlike most animals that are connected to one element, dragons are connected to all five elements of air, earth, ether (spirit), fire and water.  Some compare the dragon to a Shaman, in that it can shape-shift into any form.  Even the Loch Ness Monster is considered to be a water dragon that protects the lochs.  The Celts and Druids speak of dragons protecting realms.  Dragon energy is associated with protection and some people call on them to watch over themselves, their families and their property.  Besides feeling protected by Archangel Michael, I believe that Leonardo has been watching over me, too.

Dragons also connect with stones and their healing abilities.  Did you know that some believe Stonehenge is a resting place for traveling dragons?  With their incredible elemental connection, dragons can help you explore the realms and heal ancestral wounds.

Just like with dinosaurs, dragons want to help those that are called to them.  Perhaps you have been guided in the past or are being called to them.

Have you ever asked yourself why you are drawn to a certain kind of creature, perhaps even since you were a child?  There’s a reason and you may not have explored that – yet.

We all have many beings that guide us, it’s just a matter of being aware of them and making the connection.  You may already be aware of some of your guides. You can also have guides that you haven’t realized, perhaps because the memory faded from childhood or you haven’t had the chance to really focus yet. When you allow the time and seek the knowledge, fantastical things can happen.

While I’m blessed to live in an area where dinosaurs used to roam, their wisdom and healing abilities, along with the dragons, unicorns and fairies, are for anyone that has the desire to connect with these magical beings.  Next week, we’ll connect with one more.

If you’re interested, click here to learn more about how to join us on our upcoming adventure with fantastical beings that you can do from the comfort of your home.

Fantastical Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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