We’ve been hearing from pet parents lately about changes in their animals’ behaviors.

Watch for these signs from your animals that can possibly indicate unusual things are happening.

Are your animals experiencing any of these interesting behaviors?

  • Changes in their eating habits
  • Acting anxious or hyper
  • Becoming depressed
  • Staring at what seems to be “nothing”
  • Other “out of the ordinary” behaviors

These behaviors can happen for a variety of reasons, including pain.  This is Animal Pain Awareness month.  If your animal is acting out of sorts, it’s a great idea to get them checked out by your vet to rule out any kind of health condition.

But many of these occasions, in our experience, are not a result of pain or another physical condition.  They are due to changes in energy the animal is experiencing.

You may be aware of the energy from sources such as lightning, thunder, cell towers, electrical poles, wi-fi, etc.  But this goes beyond that.

Changes in energy can come from a variety of places such as:

  • The energy you exude depending on the state of your well-being.
  • The energy you bring home from where you have been and what you have been exposed to.
  • The energy in your home from the spirits of animals or people that have passed on and are visiting or perhaps have never left.
  • The energy from all life in the world, especially humans, that is seeping into your home and your animals can easily sense and feel.  This energy has been very “heavy”, especially these past six months.
  • The energy coming from the universe, planets, sun, and moon.  For instance, it was a full moon this past Wednesday and animals can react to this energy such as being clingy, needy, or anxious.

One thing to keep in mind is that words, thoughts, and actions affect both people and animals on a cellular level.  Animals are very sensitive.  They can tune in to your spoken and unspoken words, not just the way you act.  This can change your own energy and affect your animals in the process.

What all can you do to help yourself and your animals?

  • Take a census of your own state of mind.  What energy are you projecting when you come home?  If your animals feel you are in a bad mood, this can cause them to change their behavior, including their interactions with you.  Focus on being grounded (see article here on the many ways you can ground) and release negative thoughts.  Go for a walk in nature.  Do what you can to change the energy you are projecting.  You don’t want to see your animal act stressed or depressed, because they are tuning into your energy.
  • Watch what you say, speak, and do.  There are even animals that may hardly eat or not at all because they think you have financial problems.  They believe that if they eat less, you won’t have to buy as much food for them and you can save money.  Talk out loud to them and let them know what is going on.  Tell them they are safe.  Let them know that you will be together and provide for their needs.  It may sound silly, but talking out loud to them can make a world of difference in their everyday life.  Check out the article here which goes into talking more with your animal along with HAC tips that can help with behavior.
  • Set your intention for what you want to accomplish, including being calm, peaceful, happy, joyful, and full of positive energy.  Set your intention that any negative energy you encounter or feel will dissipate.  Intention is powerful, most people just forget to set theirs.  To create an even stronger intent, it helps to put it in writing.  You can write out your intentions and place them on the fridge for instance, where you’ll easily see them.
  •            Sage for smudging

    Take note of the energy in your home.  Make use of salt lamps, crystals, smudging, etc. to bring positive energy into your home.  If you feel that there is odd energy “lurking”, perhaps there is.  Animals normally don’t mind spirits of those they know.  Those spirits tend to come and go, and your animals may stare at them.  But other spirits may disturb your animals because the energy feels “negative”.  It could be tied to an antique piece of furniture you bought.  It could be the presence of a spirit that was already in your home or on the land before you moved in.  These situations can certainly cause your animal to act out of the ordinary, including being anxious and even wanting to hide.

  • Consider looking into astrological/astronomical events as the energy can affect both people and animals.  Planetary, lunar, and solar events affect the energy, as do comets, meteor showers, etc.  Some people are more sensitive to this energy, along with animals.  For instance, recently we’ve heard from students who have felt very down, like they are a failure.  Because Mars was about to go into retrograde, this energy was very strong and impacting them.  If you get depressed, your animals may become this way, too.

Having an awareness of these energies can help you prevent a negative effect or create a positive energetic shift.

Know you are not alone as many people and animals are experiencing things right now.  Hopefully, this information can help you determine what is going on and possible ways to help you and your animals.

Not sure why your animal is acting the way they are?  Wonder if there are spirits in your home?  The easiest way to find answers is through animal communication, either learning how to talk to animals yourself (learn more here) or through a consultation (click here.) 

Energetic Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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