We want to share with you two delightful stories of fantastical realities and possibilities.

This first story is from Allison.

I had the most wonderful trip to Montana to stay with Kim to work on The Lightfoot Way and to take in nature! Yellowstone was so unbelievable, nothing I put into words could bring it to life as it should be seen. All the animals, elements and historic views were as awe-inspiring as everyone said. It was from that brief moment among those magnificent rocks that I realized that this trip was about awakening my connection with earth AND the entities in the other realms.

You see, a few days before our Yellowstone adventure I had an incredible fairy experience! I know I have fairies around me. Fairies first appeared for me about ten years ago when my two dogs went missing after they got out of the house and were running the bayou. The fairies represented themselves as a piece of garden art that was laying on the ground, and when I kicked it with my feet, I bent down to pick it up, discovering that it was a fairy. At that moment I knew the fairies had come to me. As I called my dogs’ names, “Bob” and “Petey”, I slowly turned around to see both of them trotting right up to me and sitting at my feet. From that moment on, I knew I had fairy energy with me and I could call on them for help anytime. They are always with me. I am fascinated by their energy and everything they embody (or not…).

             Palisade Falls

I had a magical experience in the Hyalite Canyon, which is part of the Gallatin National Forest.  We had just finished a gorgeous hike to the Palisade Falls and there was a sweet wooded area across the parking lot – no trail, just big-brimmed trees, some fallen trees with their roots sticking up into the air and their tall trunks creating layers of bridges across the soft grass overlooking a calm waterway. It took on such a different feel as if it was a woodsy knoll. Immediately, I felt as if I had been transported into a fantasy land. The earth felt bouncy and light and I felt as if I was floating in the air.  I even told the friends we were with that it felt like hobbits live here…well, I was close.

My eyes could all of a sudden see – it was where the fairies lived. Oh, I am getting overcome with emotion writing this. The fairies were all around me. Flickers of opalescent lights were everywhere as their wings flittered rapidly back and forth.  They swooped me up and told me to run with them. I did not even stop to think about it, not for one minute – I just took off with them. I was jumping and flitting and swirling all over that adorable fairyland.  Kim looked at me quite bewildered.

Three fairies appeared to me!! I could not believe it.  They lived in the tree that had fallen over at its roots, and as I was running toward their earthy abode, a girl fairy wearing a little yellow dress with opalescent wings and a cute pixie hair cut (so fitting) popped up into my sight. She even told me her name -Tamboratha. There was another male fairy in green, could have been a wood nymph fairy as I have one that is my guide, but he barely showed himself this time. Now, I know why it was all meant for Tamboratha to present her message to me. She came to me to remind me of how powerful nature is and how we must embrace it, respect it and actually use it.

This is amazing how this is all connected – Tamboratha is the fairy of earth and when I looked her up, I discovered that there was a volcano in Indoneisa that erupted in 1815 on Mount Tambora, WOW! It is known as the largest eruption in recent history and cooled the entire world for a year. The darkness all summer, snow and cold led to failed crops, famine and disease. This is the cool part – Tamboratha’s metaphysical message to us is NOT to overlook the consequence of people tampering with nature. I am blown away because this truly is the message I needed to hear during this trip. This was the most time I have been able to spend out in nature in I don’t know how long, and it was such a beautiful reminder to keep our earth safe and to stay connected to the other living realms out there trying to protect nature, as well.  

This next story is from Kim.

Ever since I was a young child, I’ve been drawn to horses and unicorns.  I’ve always felt a strong connection with them and that they were quite magical.  My childhood room was bedazzled with horses and unicorns.  Even today, a buckskin pony painting my mom gave to me when I was young still hangs in my horse-themed room in my Montana cabin.

Over the years, I’ve gathered unique collectibles, including a gorgeous candle of a unicorn head that I got as a young teen (seen here), that I have never lit – it’s just too beautiful.  More recently, Allison gifted me an amazing unicorn and fairy statue (seen above), which sits on my desk and reminds me of the incredible connection I have with my soul sister.  I have never outgrown my love for these mystical equines.  My magical, Spanish Andalusian mare, Tara, a granddaughter of Legionario III (He was featured as a Breyer model horse), was just one year old when she came into my life.  She’s now 30 years old and her daughter, Rosa, is 25.  They both enjoy sharing their wisdom with others.  And I’m delighted that my five year old granddaughter finds horses and unicorns as magical as I do.

About ten years ago, I was driving to Allison’s house to meet up about The Lightfoot Way, as we regularly did when I lived in Texas.  While I was familiar with animal guides, I had popped a Ted Andrews CD in to hear him talk about this topic, as you never know sometimes what magic can occur, the more you are open to seeking knowledge.  While listening to him, something apparently clicked in the recesses of my brain, deep within, back to my childhood.

All of a sudden, I received information that I had a unicorn guide named Mysticus and that he had been with me all of these years!  While Ted continued to chat way, in my mind, I could see this magnificent white unicorn with a glowing, golden horn.  It was a wild experience, as it felt like I was downloading information and talking to Mysticus at the same time.  I got that his main purpose was for helping to heal animals and people, including myself. Mysticus also told me that I could use his horn to not only gather energy, but to direct it to wherever it was needed.  He reminded me how gold was a wonderful healing color.  I then could see myself on Mysticus’s back, holding onto his mane.  I could feel his vibrant and loving energy as we connected.  Needless to say, I couldn’t hold the tears back.  This profound revelation about my connection to unicorns answered so many questions and feelings I have had since I was a child.  I was overwhelmed with joy.  Even though Ted never discussed unicorns, something he said must have triggered and released these undiscovered memories from my past.  Of course, when I got to Allison’s home, I told her about my amazing discovery!

Since that magical day I discovered Mysticus, I have included him in my prayers and gratitude to my guides.  When I do animal communication sessions, he helps me connect and receive information, along with my other guides.  When I do Sacred Animal Spirit Alchemy (SASA) energy work, sometimes Mysticus will stand by the animal or person receiving the energy.  I have even seen other unicorns with him.  At times, he will use his golden horn to help remove discomfort and illness or assist with emotional challenges.  Sometimes, I will reach out to him for the use of his horn in different situations.  Most recently, I’ve had a very ill family member and during that SASA session, they were surrounded by white animals offering healing energy and support, including Mysticus and other unicorns.  It was quite a breathtaking sight to behold.

Everything is so connected.  My experience with Mysticus is not unique in that we all are capable of connecting with and receiving information from guides of all kinds.  Just like with me, you never know why you may be drawn to something, especially from childhood.  And you never know the realm of possibilities of how these guides can assist you in life.  In one magical moment, the mysteries can be unveiled.  Truly divine timing!

In addition to the fairies and unicorns, don’t discount the dragons, dinosaurs, angels, and more.  Tap into the realm that you may have a connection with.  What do you resonate with?  Which fantastical beings will it be for you?  Ask them to come forward for you and let the magic unfold!

Stay tuned for more adventures and a magical opportunity for you into the fantastical realms.

Fantastical Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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