A lot is going on and we felt it was time you heard from the animals.

We asked the animals if they wanted to share a message with you about what is going on in the world right now.  They said yes, of course.  I asked if one representative wanted to come forward to represent the animals.  They said no, that there were far too many that had something to say, that they would simply come together as ONE voice to speak for the many.

This is their message.

Fear not, for this is what we spoke of last year.  We advised that we were leaving in great numbers, in masses, to unite collectively our souls for the benefit of your souls.  Last year and earlier this year, many of us departed, both domestic and wild.

We knew a global crisis was coming and the only way to help humanity and our Mother Earth was to leave in record breaking numbers.  Our impact on the “other side” is far greater than if we remained here on Earth.  We have come together to offer energetic support and spiritual guidance.

Our departure has helped to increase the conscious vibration that is so desperately needed by humanity.  We offer a hope like no other.  We offer unconditional love that knows no boundaries.  We lift you up from beyond.  We are the pets you have lost.  We are the wild animals.  We are the animals you never knew.  But we are all here for you.  Together.  We are united, as you should be with one another.

You ask, what does this all really mean?  This global situation was going to happen.  We knew it.  Just as we have come together on the other side, we need you to come together as humanity.  Fear is not what this world needs.  But an understanding of the truth is what we ask of you.  Man has created this situation and made it worse.  It does not need to be this way.

You can take control and turn this around.  This event is to bring light onto many situations – climate change, habitat loss, species extinction, humanitarian efforts, world leaders and so forth.  We think you know this in your heart.  Things need to change.  Things need to shift now, not later.

You are all a part of this big picture, no matter where you are in this world or what your role is.  Right now, we know many of you are struggling on various levels.  We  understand this.  Remember, we knew this was coming and that is why we left in such huge numbers for over a year.

Stand by one another, support each other, unite as one.  We will tell you now, isolation is not the key to this.  It only prolongs the inevitable.  This situation is not going to end overnight nor is it going to end any time soon.  We believe that this will go on for another year or two.  That is, the pathology will remain in the environment, just like many others are present.  Fear weakens the immune system.  Isolation prolongs the ability to build immunity and recover.  We do realize there is loss of life, and that is the case for many things.  We are not saying for you to take risks.  You must do what you feel is right for yourself and your families.  But understand that one cannot stay in isolation for a lengthy duration without some kind of harm being done to the body, mind, and spirit.   And those consequences can ultimately have a greater impact than what you are facing now.

So what can you do to help your situation?  Call on us for support.  Speak to your animals, both living and in spirit.  Tell them what is on your mind.  Be outdoors with them if possible.  Spend time in nature.  Call on Mother Earth.  She has many helpful remedies and therapies that can help support your immune system and overall well-being.  Call on one another as human beings.  Make sure you stay connected in some way.  Regular human contact is crucial, even if you are at a distance.  We understand that a monetary support system is needed.  Help one another.  Give where you can.  Be flexible.  Consider bartering.  And most importantly, stay positive.  Do not let fear take control.  Fear elicits negative energy into your body, on a cellular level, and into the world.  This is not what you want to be feeding the world with, as it creates a ripple effect that impacts humanity as a whole, along with Mother Earth.

Only you are responsible for how you react to this situation.  We urge you to look at this as an opportunity to become more than you are.  Be more.  Do more.  Act more.  Give more.  You are a role model for not only the children of this world, but all of humanity.  What you do makes a difference.  Be a shining light for others.  We ask that you make us proud.  We ask that our deaths not be in vain.  We are strong in numbers.  That is why we left in great numbers.  We ask that you be strong in numbers as well.  For that is what will create the shift this world needs.  That is what will make the difference.  YOU make a difference.

Humanity can unite and create a new world that knows no limits.  This is the world we envision for all of life.

We send our everlasting love to you.  Hold on to that love.  As you know, love is the ultimate truth that conquers all.

United as one,

The Animals


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