Have you heard of the expression, “Once in a blue moon”?  When there are two full moons in a month, it’s called a blue moon.

A full moon on Halloween only happens about every 19 years.  But, this is the first time in 76 years that a full blue moon will happen on All Hallows’ Eve, making it a rare occurrence.  

Full moons are a great time to heal and release.  Both people and animals have been through a lot this year.  It’s a wonderful time to create the opportunity for positive change and growth.

Halloween is also a time to honor and connect with those who have crossed over.  It’s said that the veil is thinnest between the physical world and the spiritual world.  This means you can watch for signs, and take action to feel even more connected to animal and human loved ones who have passed.

There are things to be aware of on this rare and magical lunar event, and some steps you can take for you and your animals.

Full Moon

  • Look at all of this as a weekend project for you and your animals.
  • First, keep in mind that powerful, full moons may affect your animals.  You may notice clingy or erratic behavior.  Your animals may need to go potty more than normal.  You may wonder what has gotten your animal “batty.”
  • This strong, lunar energy may even disturb sleep for both of you.  If you wake up between 3-4 am, keep in mind that is considered an ideal time for those in the spirit world to try to reach you.  Know that many that are in spirit choose to visit their loved ones throughout the year, not just on Halloween.  But this special occasion can help you to be even more aware of them.
  • Effects from this rare, full moon may have started earlier this week and can go on for several days, for your animals and you.  On a global level, Laura of Oracle Report, says this full moon is about gaining clarity, receiving revelations and repairing the spiritual connection of humanity.  How wonderful!

Spirit World

  • Watch for signs from those in the spirit world.  You may see shadows or glimpses of what looks like an animal or person.  Your loved one may sit on the bed with you.  Look for indentations on the bedspread or you may feel or sense something.  If you have kept your animal’s toy, you may see that it has moved some.  Pay attention to your current animals, as they notice spirits.  If they stare fixated at the wall, they maybe seeing a person or animal that’s visiting.  Watch for other signs.  Maybe you’ll take a walk, and a feather will flutter down in front of your feet.  Maybe a plant will bloom when it shouldn’t this time of year.  Maybe a wild animal will try to get your attention.  Watch carefully for the signs, for they are there.
  • You can set your intention that those in spirit will visit you.  Be specific as to who you would like to visit you and how you would like them to make themselves known, especially if you aren’t comfortable with a certain way, like them sitting on the bed with you.  You can call on the raven or wolf to assist you.  They help connect people to the spiritual world.
  • You can also close your eyes, meditate, and ask your loved ones to visit you this way.  See what you receive.  You may see images or hear words in your mind.  You may sense or feel things.  You can also just “know” something.  Just be open to the process with no expectations.  You can also ask your loved ones to come visit you in your dreams.  But if you don’t normally recall dreams, this might not be the best way to receive.
  • No matter what, you can honor and communicate with your loved ones.  You can speak out loud to them.  They will hear you.  You can do a simple ceremony with a lit candle.  Perhaps you’d like to have some fresh flowers.  You may want to have their photo displayed.  Do what feels right to you.  Know that your loved ones are just happy to be there with you and have you acknowledge them.

Healing and Releasing

  • Set your intention to heal and release for you and your animals.  Be as specific as you can as to what you want to heal and release.  With your intention, include what positive change and growth you want to see happen.  You can write it down and say it out loud.  Doing so makes it more tangible and adds positive energy to your intention.
  • Energy work is great for healing and releasing for both yourself and your animals.  If you don’t know how to do, click here for simple instructions.  It’s easy to learn.  Even five minutes a day can make a difference.  The more we each can heal and release, the more we can function at a higher vibration that can ripple out into the universe.
  • Keep in mind how powerful color therapy can be.  Light blue can help with general anxiety and calming, light pink for separation anxiety, yellow for grief and depression, and light to Christmas green for grounding and focusing.  For animals, place a blanket, towel or sheet on the floor for them to lay on or near when they want the energy.  For yourself, wear that color in some way with fabric or accessories.
  • Deep, emotional wounds may benefit from a custom Bach flower essence blend that is created through intuitive energy testing for an animal or person.  Flower essences work on a gentle level to heal and release.

While there are many aspects of the spiritual world, healing and releasing, hopefully these tips can help you and your animals create a positive impact on this magical weekend that will propel you towards a beautiful future.

Halloween Full Moon Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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