4-Day Intensive Retreat NOVEMBER 7-10, 2024




4-Day Intensive Retreat – NOVEMBER 7-10, 2024

Wolf Speak – Wolf Wisdom – Wolf Medicine

At Howlers Inn B&B and Wolf Sanctuary Bozeman, Montana

One-of-a-Kind Wolf Retreat

Are you drawn to wolves?  For instance, perhaps you’ve dreamed of them since you were a child. If you are seeking a magical experience, this wolf retreat is like no other.  Firstly, Wolf medicine will breathe new life into your entire well-being, daily rituals, and heart and soul aspirations.  Secondly, learn how to take control of your life as a lone wolf and part of a pack.  Thirdly, heighten all of your senses and speak your truth.  Equally important, receive guidance from the wolves and have awareness of their vast wisdom.  In addition, you will discover insight, balance, and harmony in all aspects of your life.  Furthermore, when you walk the path of the wolf, the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and your spirit will thrive.

Wolf Retreat
Wolf Retreat
With Kim’s gentle guidance, the wolves will assist, support, and inspire you on this life-changing, four-day retreat.  Kim is a professional animal communicator, instructor, coach, and author who has journeyed with the wolf for many years.  From her adventurous trips to Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, and British Columbia to connect with wolves, and Rain, the wolfdog she rescued (pictured here), she understands the wolf as a powerful teacher, guide, and healer.
Wolf Retreat

You will experience the Magic of the Wolf throughout the four days.

Interactions with the wolves and guided meditations help you discover:

  • Wolf Heart – Wolf will help you open your heart and as a result, connect heart to heart to deepen your connection with wolves, animals, and all of life.
  • Wolf Soul – Experience soulful guidance from the wolves throughout the retreat including how to utilize your strengths as a lone wolf and part of a pack.
  • Wolf Speak – Meditative exercises will help you learn to telepathically communicate with wolves, other animals, and nature.
  • Wolf Guide – Discover your personal wolf guide and ultimately, realize how you can connect with the wolves and your guide, no matter where you are.

Embrace energy and nature through the senses of the wolf:

  • Wolf Wisdom – Uncover their wisdom and become in tune with your own body wisdom through muscle/energy testing.
  • Wolf Energy – Experience and offer healing energy in its purest, most natural form that will raise your spiritual awareness and help bring joy and healing to all of life.
  • Wolf Essence – Learn how to clear and block undesirable energy utilizing the energy of the wolves.
  • Wolf Medicine – Deepen your connection with the wolves through special ‘elements’.

Let the wolves teach you to express yourself on a heart and soul level:

  • Wolf Truth – Harness the power of wolf medicine to reveal and support your authentic self, trust your intuition, and speak your truth.
  • Wolf Expression – Create a special art project that reveals your inner wolf spirit.
  • Wolf Pack – Nurture and support yourself and one another on a body, mind, and spirit level, with the help of the wolves.
  • Wolf Prayer – Participate in a sacred fire ceremony that honors the wolf, all of life, and your path in this world.

“To look into the eyes of the wolf is to see your own soul”

– Aldo Leopold

Meet Your Wolf Guides at Howlers Inn






Meet Your In-Spirit Wolf Guides

Comanche (in spirit)

Sekani (in spirit)

Rain (in spirit)

Chinook & Tahoe (in spirit)

Answer the beckoning call of the wolves

On this wolf retreat, your heart and soul connection will be illuminated with wolves and all of life. Above all, you will find your sacred direction, transform your body, mind, and spirit, and run with the wolves towards the future you desire.

This wolf retreat includes:

  • Exclusivity as this retreat is limited to just 7 participants
  • 4 full days of wolf teachings, meditations, exercises, journaling, sharing, and ceremony.
  • Interspecies communication skills to connect with the wolves and other animals.
  • Sacred energy work guided by the animals, nature, and Mother Earth.
  • Muscle/energy testing that can show you what is the best for your body and others.
  • Aura clearing and shielding with wolf assistance to protect your energetic field.
  • Special art project inspired by the wolves where you paint with the colors of the wind.
  • 4 nights lodging November 6-9 in a beautiful log cabin adjacent to the wolves. The logs help you to feel one with nature, and the wolf décor throughout inspires the wolf spirit.   Please note that there are stairs to get to the rooms and retreat area.
  • Breakfasts and lunches for November 7-10.
  • Water, coffee and tea.
  • Special bonuses below.
Wolf Retreat
Wolf Retreat

Your Special Wolf Retreat Bonuses:

  • Lone Wolf Call – 30 minute call with Kim so she can get to know you better individually and understand how best to support you on this heart and soul journey.
  • Pre-Retreat Pack Call – Group call to meet everyone, share your thoughts, ask questions, and help you prepare for this life changing adventure.
  • Pre-Retreat Guide – A downloadable guide to help you prepare for this amazing retreat.
  • Crystal Set – Crystals to help you connect more deeply with the wolves and their wisdom during the retreat.
  • Special Gift – A wolf-themed gift set to take home to help you cherish this heart and soul retreat experience.
  • Yellowstone Wolves – On Monday after the retreat, ride with us for an optional half day trip into Yellowstone’s valley of the wolves. We head out early morning to arrive by sunrise to try to see the wild wolves, wildlife, and nature. After that, we’ll head back and arrive around lunch time/early afternoon. This is included at no charge, as our gift to you, because any time we get to spend in Yellowstone is magical!
  • Post-Retreat Pack Call – Group call to unite with your pack once you are back hom
Wolf Retreat

By the end of this wolf retreat, with the assistance of the wolves and support, you’ll discover how to speak and receive guidance from wolves and other animals, use wolf medicine and wisdom to transform your personal and professional life, and allow your divine soul to howl boldly.

Inclusive Wolf Retreat Package:

This magical and transformational experience is limited to just 7 participants 

Please note special bonus is until June 15 and early bird pricing is until July 1

  • Aspen Room double occupancy with 2 beds and shared bathroom $2400 each person (THIS ROOM IS TAKEN)
  • Western Room single occupancy king bed $2800 or $2400 each person double occupancy if person you know registers at same time ONLY AVAILABLE ROOM AT THIS TIME 
  • Guest House double occupancy with 2 bedrooms and shared bathroom $2600 each person (THIS ROOM IS TAKEN)
  • Southwest Room single occupancy $2700 (THIS ROOM IS TAKEN)
  • Pay in full or payment plan available with $800 non-refundable/non-transferrable deposit
  • Special Bonus:  Register by June 15 for Post-Retreat Lone Wolf Call with Kim.

What’s not included:

  • Airfare (Bozeman, Montana International Airport is closest)
  • Ground transportation to and from Howlers Inn in Bozeman, Montana
  • Dinner (you can go out to eat or have use of shared kitchen in Guest House)
  • Lodging for any additional nights you wish to stay before or after Wednesday-Saturday.

Cancellation Policy:

If cancel by August 6, all is refunded except deposit. If cancel August 7-September 7, 50% refund except deposit. If cancel after September 7, there is no refund. Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable; transfer is possible to someone you know that you want to be considered for your spot. Travel insurance is recommended.

Wolf Retreat

Discover yourself in a whole new light,

only through the eyes of the wolf.

Wolf Retreat

This wolf retreat is for YOU if:

  • Most importantly, you have a deep connection with wolves and want to receive guidance from them in your life.  Being able to speak to wolves makes your heart sing.
  • You want to have a heart and soul connection with all of life and deepen your relationship with yourself, people, animals, nature and Mother Earth.  Having a profound awareness with all of life touches your soul.
  • You want to get to know yourself better and bring out your inner strength of the wolf, while understanding the strength of the pack.
  • You want to be able to put into action the wisdom and medicine of the wolf.
  • You want to be supported in a loving space with like-minded wolf and animal lovers.
  • You want to have a transformational experience that can affect your personal and professional desires.
  • The idea of creating a howling effect that can impact all of life and Mother Earth peaks your interest.
Wolf Retreat

This wolf retreat is NOT for you:

  • If you want to pet, hug or be kissed by a wolf, this is not the experience for you.  Interactions will be done from outside the enclosures.
  • If it hasn’t crossed your mind that you are here for a greater purpose beyond what you “see”, this probably is not the experience for you.
  • If you desire to have a “fluffy” and “carefree” time, this is not the experience for you, as the wolves are going to put their best paw forward to teach you so many things.
  • If you are looking for warm weather and dislike the high likelihood of snow, this really is not the experience for you. Keep in mind that the wolves are generally more active in the snow, and Yellowstone is magical during this time.
  • While you will be absorbed in learning from the magnificent wolves on a heart and soul level, if you are looking for a workshop or certificate, this is not the experience for you.

Is the Wolf calling YOU?

How to Apply 

  • First, read the FAQ page here. Then, reach into your heart and soul and see if this is the right experience for you at this time in your life.
  • Prior to coming, if you haven’t read Kim’s book, The Soul Watchers, Animals’ Quest to Awaken Humanity, you’ll need to read it before you arrive at the retreat. It will help you understand SO much on a profound level.
  • Finally, please tell Kim why you want to attend this retreat in an email or Word Document. Spend time reflecting and call on the wolf to help you write this. Just write from your heart. Email Kim at thelightfootway@yahoo.com. Kim will be in touch with you.