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We asked the animals collectively what did they feel our readers needed to hear right now.

They said that people feel ‘less than’ and that this is a prevalent perception going on.

Those two words are quite powerful and we realized why they felt this was so important to speak about this.

The animals say that it is natural for a human to feel less than at times in their life, but with everything that happened in 2020 and what’s been going on so early in 2021, that people were feeling even more ‘less than’ they normally would.

And they say this is taking a toll on the overall well-being and quality of life of humans, which then impacts other life forms.

The animals said they really want to help shed some light on this disturbing ‘state of the affairs’ of humanity as a whole.

You may not be able to put your finger on what all ‘less than’ looks like, but these are some examples the animals want to share:

  • You feel like you can’t get anywhere, like you take two steps forward and then five or ten steps backwards.
  • You feel like you are not good enough and perhaps you’ll never be good enough.
  • You feel like the world is on your shoulders and you don’t know how to shake it off.
  • You feel like everything around you is going wrong and you just want it to stop.
  • You feel like you are having a hard time focusing and often feel scattered.
  • You feel like what you do in life doesn’t really matter so perhaps why try so hard or even try at all.
  • You feel like you are trying to do your best but others are not and may think “what’s wrong with them?” or “that’s not fair to me”.

While you feel this may not apply to you, perhaps you know of someone who is feeling like this.  And keep in mind that the way others ‘feel’ can affect you.

Words can affect you and any living creature – the words someone says to you, the words you say to others, including animals, and the words you say to yourself.  Thoughts, intent, and words can even affect water.  Masaru Emoto wrote The Hidden Messages in Water, based on the experiments he conducted (As highlighted in the movie What the Bleep Do We Know?)   The earth is composed mostly of water and so are most life forms, so think about the negative effects words and thoughts can have on all kinds of life.

What you perceive to be your reality, how you feel and how you respond are powerful.

The animals want humans to revisit thoughts based on the above examples:

  • When you take two steps forward, be grateful for those two steps you have made.  If you then take five steps backwards, realize there is a reason this is happening.  Were you going in the wrong direction?  Is there something else you need to pay attention to?  It’s possible you just don’t realize the ‘why’ so you perceive that you are going backwards.  The animals want you to open your mind to the possibilities and explore this.
  • It’s easy to get down on oneself at times, especially lately.  The animals want you to know you are worthy.  You are good enough.  There is nobody more worthy or better than you.  When you perceive yourself to not be good enough, keep in mind that you are affecting your body, your DNA, on a cellular level.  Your thoughts create your reality and the more negative you think, the more negativity you attract into your life.
  • With everything going on in the world, it’s easy to feel heavy or burdened.  You may have others depending on you that adds to this weight.  You need to know that things happen for a reason, including what’s going in the world.  It is easy to perceive ‘negative’ events as tragedy, but the animals want you to know that when things happen to people, animals or nature, this is part of their life path.  You decided on what major events would happen in your life before you were born.  Animals come into this life knowing the major events that are to happen, but most humans have forgotten what they decided they wanted to experience in this lifetime.  We all need to get back to a state of remembering, as that shifts our perception.  Much of 2020 was actually about awakening and expanding the consciousness of humanity.
  • It can be easy to feel like something that’s going on is so wrong in so many ways, especially if something is illegal, immoral or mortal.  And when it seems like there’s one thing after another, it can be overwhelming.  While it is hard to find the light when what we perceive is so much darkness, we need to know the light is there.  The animals want us to strive for the light.  It’s times like these that we need to pull together.  We need to know in our hearts that something good can come from something ‘bad’.  Things happen for a reason and they can push us towards a lighter and brighter future for all of life.
  • With all of the energies going on, it’s easy to feel like you can’t focus well.  Keep in mind that there are energies going on that we are unaware of, including even receiving ‘downloads’ of knowledge that can occur during the day or night.  This information is coming to you for your greater good, though most people don’t realize it’s even happening.  It can make you tired, too.  It’s important to try to stay grounded.  The animals want to remind you to focus on the positive and stay away from places such as TV or social media that are focusing on the negative.  You may perceive that what you are viewing is important and helpful when actually the more you watch or read that, the more you are buying into the negative energy and perhaps unknowingly contributing to it.
  • Some people live a life where they feel their life doesn’t matter.  That’s not truly living and the animals want to shift that perception.  Every life matters.  You matter.  The actions you take daily help to create who you are.  You never know when even something small you do can create an everlasting impact on someone or something.  Even your energy creates a ripple effect.  Live each day to its fullest.  Live each day knowing you are important to this world.  Everyone has a life purpose though not everyone realizes what their purpose is.  The animals can help guide you to see in your heart what your soul purpose really is.  Look for signs from the animals and consider talking to them for guidance.
  • It can be challenging when you are trying so hard to do your best and you feel others are not doing their part.  The animals want to remind us that this is putting us into a position of judging others because it is our perception that they are not doing what we think they should be doing.  We often don’t know the whole story about a person or situation.  Know that even media is often fed the same stories and ‘told’ what to report.  We often don’t know the real truth, even if it’s a family member or next door neighbor.  The best thing to do in situations where you feel this way is to acknowledge the way you feel, send love and light to the person or situation and release it.  If you hold on to these feelings, keep in mind that they can affect you on a cellular level.

The animals hope that this information may provide helpful to you or someone you care about.  We can all work together to shift our perceptions and create a beautiful world for all of life.

The animals want us to know we are all ‘greater than’ and can accomplish more than we fathom.

Greater Than Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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