This week’s article is inspired by a dog we spoke with recently.

The pet parent, a student of ours, wanted to know why an animal would choose to come back to them, for another life with possible pain, and how that process can even happen.

We must admit, it didn’t cross our minds that a loving pet parent would wonder why their animal would return to them and do it all over again.  But we understand now that it’s easy to think that an animal would want to avoid a life where they may suffer again, because as a heart and soul pet parent, that’s the last thing anyone would want to see their animal go through.

First, please know that over the past 14 years, we have spoken to many animals that are “in spirit” and have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  In fact, it’s Kim’s specialty.  She speaks to more in spirit animals than living ones.  In addition, she does a lot of “end of life” sessions.  When you think about it, that’s the preface to the Afterlife.  Allison speaks with animals in a variety of situations.

Almost every time, the animals tell us over and over again that they want to return to their pet parent to have another life with them.  A small percentage of animals stay on the other side because they have important work to do, or they are an angel and are returning to that role.

Why do animals want to return to you and possibly experience pain? 

  • Simply, because they love you unconditionally and would do anything to be with you again.
  • They have a purpose in your life and want to fulfill it.  Their purpose may be different from one life to the next, or it may be a continuation of a purpose they hadn’t fulfilled to their satisfaction yet.  This gets into soul purposes and soul contracts.
  • Animals do not view pain as we do.  Actually, they look upon it as a natural part of life and try to make the best of it.  When you ask them if they are in pain, they will often say “It’s not much” or “I can handle it”.  When they allow us to go inside their body to feel what they are feeling, a technique we use for unveiling discomfort throughout their body, they initially may be hesitant to let us do this because they don’t want us to experience their pain.  They care so much about humans.  They put pain aside to be with us, life after life.  Love conquers all.

How is this even possible that animals can return to you?

  • Animals have souls just like we do.  They pass to the other side, just like we do.
  • When they cross the Rainbow Bridge, they are greeted by loved ones, just like we are.
  • Human and animal souls are capable of returning to a new life.  When you speak to an animal, you can easily tell if an animal is a young soul, or an old soul that has experienced many lives, by the depth of the information they provide.  The more you speak with animals, this is very apparent.  To speak to an old soul is to be in the presence of such profound wisdom, like you may think of Yoda, a Jedi master, or a Zen master.  The older the soul, the more guidance the animal can provide for you.

What kinds of details can you receive about an animal returning to you?

  • In our experience, most animals will accomplish some kind of role on the other side before they return.  They can share with you what they are doing during that time.
  • They may be there months or years before they return, and after their passing, they often can share with you what they think that time frame will be.  When they return, they do so at a time that is right for them – and right for you, even though it may not be the original timeline they projected.  Have you ever wondered if a new animal in your life is an animal from your past?  They very well may be.  Similar behaviors or personality?  There are no coincidences.
  • While your animal is in spirit, most can also provide details such as what they will look like when they return, how you will know it’s them, and how you will find them.  Of the animals we have spoken with, we’ve found that dogs return as dogs and cats as cats, and so forth.  But it’s not to say that a dog might want to be a cat at some point, for instance.  And while they are still on the other side, they come to visit you!  Has a toy moved?  Seen an indentation in your bed?  Maybe you even felt them or thought you saw a glimpse of them.  Yes, they indeed are there, watching over you.

Want to learn more?

  • You can do an online search for books that involve animals and the Afterlife.  Kim’s book, The Soul Watchers, Animals’ Quest to Awaken Humanity, discusses many teachings of animals, along with soul purposes, soul contracts, and the afterlife.  You can learn more about the book here.
  • Maybe you would love to hear from your animal in spirit.  You can find many animal communicator’s on this directory here, along with us. You can learn about our consultations here.
  • Perhaps you are inspired to learn to communicate with animals yourself.  Search online for in-person and distance classes.  It’s still our favorite skill to teach after all of these years.  Our next communication teleclass is August 9th.  You can learn more here.

We hope this information helps to shed some light on animals and the Afterlife.  Animals are capable of far more than most realize.  We are so blessed to have them in our lives.

Afterlife Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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