Your Guide to Horse Probiotics

Horse probiotics can be an important part of natural horse nutrition. Probiotics can help horses that have weight problems, intestinal problems, or are on or have been on antibiotics.

What are horse probiotics?

Probiotics are live beneficial bacteria that help the digestive system (help the horse’s gut function properly). Many years ago, a pasture would have contained numerous types of grasses and plants which provided beneficial nutrients and bacteria for horses. Today, the typical pasture only contains a few varieties of plants or grasses. So, generally there are not enough probiotics found in a horse’s normal environment to help them in times of need.

Why are probiotics for horses important?

A horse’s cecum, the pouch connected to the large intestine, contains beneficial microorganisms that process the food that is consumed. This population of microorganisms should remain stable as long as the horse is

  • Not stressed (Foaling, weaning, showing, hauling, etc.)
  • Not given antibiotics (Just like in people, they destroy some of the good bacteria.)
  • Or does not face any other type of situation that is a change to their normal routine (Even vaccinating and deworming can interrupt a horse’s routine.)

Realistically, there will be times when situations involving stress or change cannot be avoided. If the good and bad bacteria do not remain in balance, the horse may have problems digesting their food or assimilating the nutrients properly. This can result in weight problems, skin and hoof problems, or health problems such as diarrhea. If your horse is not feeling well, this can also effect their behavior and performance.

What are some sources of horse probiotics?

Probiotics for horses is something you can consider. Probiotics have helped many horses but with any new product, you should monitor your horse. If your horse is sick, injured, on any medication, or you have any concerns, you can check with your vet prior to feeding the probiotics. Please see the disclaimer. If you have any concerns after feeding horse probiotics, consult your vet. NEED A DISCLAIMER PAGE

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