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dolphinspiritWhere can we get spiritual guidance?
Most people do not realize that guidance can come from a variety of sources. Many people pray and speak to God and Jesus, but guidance can also come from angels, ascended masters, our human and animal departed loved ones, and animal spirit guides or animal totems. At other times, people want to find some answers, peace and closure. But overall, think of your spiritual journey as an opportunity to receive spiritual empowerment.

How can we receive guidance?
Many people do not realize that all you need to do is ask for their help. Angels, ascended masters, loved ones and animal spirit guides can help us on our path, in any area of life. They are by your side right now, like life coaches, just waiting to help. There is nothing to be afraid of. It is quite beautiful to think of the support you have throughout your entire life.

What are animal spirit guides?
Animal guides are also called animal totems. They are animals that help to guide us in life. There are always animal spirit guides with us, but just like with angels, some of the guides are here for a brief moment to give us a message, and some are with us for life.

How do you know what the messages are from the animals?
Anyone can learn to hear messages from animals. We teach that in our animal communication classes. But many people think of just our “pets” helping to guide us. Our animals are definitely here to guide us, but so are the wild animals, whether it is a hawk, lion, elephant, snake or bee. Most people do not realize that if an animal appears multiple times in a row to you that a special message is being sent.  For example, you see a wasp in your restroom for 3 days in a row and you don’t normally have bees visit your restroom, the wasp has appeared to you with a special message. You can look that message up by doing an internet search for wasp animal totem. Or it could be an unusual situation like a hawk swoops down in the road in front of you while you are driving – and that has never happened before. Look up hawk animal totem.

How can guides help you?
Guides, both human and animal, are here to help you.  Just ask them to guide you in your life and they will. The key is keeping your eyes open and understanding that all things happen for a reason. Guides can provide incredible insights that will help to guide you on your path in life.  They can be especially beneficial in providing relief from pain and grief.  With the loss of loved ones, you can also find answers that can help you and provide that peace and closure that you need.

How can we hear what guidance is being given?
When you learn animal communication and energy work, that is just the start of opening your intuitive abilities. You can then ask and receive help from any guide, angel, ascended master or loved one. The Lightfoot Way is all about empowering people on their life paths. However, if you do not wish to take a workshop or are unable to, or perhaps you wish to receive more clarity, Kim can help you.

We offer guidance and empowerment to people through their animals, especially animals that are in spirit.  We also offer guidance from loved ones that have passed.  We work a lot with the angels.  As the energies of Mother Earth are changing, so are the needs of people.  We offer spiritual guidance from not only the animals, but also angels, ascended masters and loved ones that have passed.  Offering guidance to others makes our heart and soul sing.  If you are interested in a spiritual consultation, it is $197 for 5 questions with each additional question $35. This is done in a transcript format, not a phone call, because this is how we channel the information most clearly.  You will complete a questionnaire, make payment and provide relevant photos.  We will then email you a detailed transcript with answers to your questions.  Learning Center members please purchase from your home page to access your discount.

Nearly three years ago I lost my beautiful and extraordinary wife, Clare in a tragic accident. The loss devastated me. Kim has given me a precious gift by putting me back in touch with Clare. Now, there are so many things I can find answers to. And I have a guide and guardian angel for the rest of my journey in this world. Words fail me in describing how this has changed my life. Thank you, dearest Kim.
Fergus O’Connell, Dublin, Ireland
Author of the novel, The Photographs of Gettysburg and  the Four Lights Quartet

Since April 2018 I have been dealing with 2 griefs of loved ones that were very important in my life. My 2nd husband, Mo died 2 years ago and 1 year ago it was my 1st husband, Roger…another unexpected departure .It has been a painful journey and there are some days I struggle a lot though friends and people around me find me very strong and brave.  I have discovered Kim through The Lightfoot Way as I love animals and I am interested in animal communication.  I decided to request “a spiritual guidance” from a departed loved one (I chose my 1st husband as we were very close to each other . He was my best friend…like a brother and we shared a lot of things in common like spirituality, healing etc…) but also from whomever came up. Even my little dog Luna who has been sharing my life now for 5 years  had a message for me.  I printed and  read several times the guidance that Kim sent me. Then I contacted Kim and we talked about the guidance and had some exchanges. Kim is absolutely a beautiful soul with a true heart filled with care and kindness. The guidance is helping me to walk on my healing pathway.  I have the confirmation now that I am never alone…my loved ones (but also Archangels and guides) are not far away and I have to be patient and gentle with myself , to trust myself more to be able to be in peace before being able to bring  peace into others’ life. Slowly I am back to my routine with meditation , reiki and also to some courses in which I have enrolled a few months after my second husband died but couldn’t really focus on them. One course is a pet bereavement counsellor. I decided that I would also learn to play the native flute. Wanted to do that since 2012. So last week I bought  a native flute and from 14th July I will follow an online course “ the flute as sound medicine”. I will certainly associate the drum later. It was good to go back on tracks. I feel that the sound as medicine would be great to use to help people with their bereavement and to bring peace back into their life.  I am grateful and thankful for the guidance and help I received.  Blessings to you  Kim  Corinne, England

I had been struggling with feeling disconnected from my Guides and feeling a bit lost when an e-mail from The Lightfoot Way arrived.  The e-mails from Kim and Allison always speak to me, but this one seemed extra special, and I signed up for a session with Kim.  I was given the opportunity to ask 5 questions, and she would tune into my Guides for a response.  I was blown away at who came through, and it reinforced for me a lot of what I was already picking up from them, but not trusting what I was receiving.  Her reading was spot on, and the advice she offered really resonated with me.  I had tears streaming down my face while I read what my Guides shared.  If you have the opportunity to sign up for a reading with Kim, or to take a class with her and Allison, I highly recommend it!   Kelly, USA

Thank you for communicating with my sister and bringing her close to me once again. I am truly amazed at all the things that came through that resonate with me now and I look forward to the day when I can say ‘that’s what she meant’ for the others. You have a wonderful gift and I thank you for sharing it with me.  Love & Respect, Sheila, USA

Sessions are $250 for up to 5 questions with each additional question $45.  If you wish to request a spiritual guidance consultation, please click here.  Learning Center members please purchase from your home page to access your discount.

If you wish to talk to your animal, whether alive or in spirit, please request an animal communication session.