This week has been a challenge with the unusual higher temps. I (Kim) was cleaning my horse barn and corral and with all the snow melting, it revealed quite the mess.

A typical day is a wheelbarrow in the morning and one in the evening. Raking up for wheelbarrow #2, realizing there would be a third load this morning, I said out loud, “This is like a neverending story”. I know it was not a coincidence that those particular words came out of my mouth, as I’d been asking my guides what should this Saturday’s article be about.

When my brother and I were younger, we absolutely loved the magical movie, The NeverEnding Story.  I sometimes find myself trying to remember the words to the theme song, sung by Limahl, formerly of the band Kajagoogoo. Talk about a blast from the past. If I couldn’t sing it, I would hum, as I definitely remembered the tune. There was something special about that original song that would bring tears to my eyes. I’m not the only one that can feel the magic, I know.

I was guided to rent the movie on Amazon so I could relive the experience from so many years ago, knowing I would find more meaning in it this time around.

The 1984 movie is about Bastian, a ten-year old boy whose mom has passed. I can relate, as I lost my dad when I was nine.  Bastian’s dad’s advice is to focus on the present, but that’s hard when you’re being bullied by other kids.

One day after Bastian is thrown in a dumpster, a bookstore owner tells him that he reads ‘safe’ books, and The Neverending Story is not for him. Bastian decides to take the book and so, the epic story begins.

“Nothing” has enveloped the land of Fantasia, causing destruction and the illness of the young empress.

Atreyu is a young warrior tasked with finding a cure for the empress, but he must go the journey alone and leave his weapons behind. He leaves behind his bow and arrows, and a snake pendant is placed around his neck. (Snake often symbolizes transformation.) Atreyu sets out on his horse, Artax, but sadness leads to temporary tragedy of his friend.

While Bastian is reading the book, he is linked to Atreyu and Fantasia.

There are fascinating creatures in the story, including the flying luck dragon, named Falkor, who has the head more of an adorable dog. After rescuing Bastian, the wise dragon tells him to never give up, and good luck will find you. Bastian is so grateful to have found a friend.

When Atreyu is trying to reach the Southern Oracle, he has to pass the sphinxes whose eyes come open when they feel someone trying to pass by that don’t feel their own worth. The sphinxes can see straight into one’s heart, and consequences ensue if one isn’t confident. Then comes the mirror gate where one has to face their true self.

Atreyu is told he needs to go beyond the boundaries of Fantasia. But are there really boundaries? The wolf shares with him the truth. A world dies when people begin to lose their hopes and forget their dreams. People who lack hope have no control and those who have control, have the power. So, you can probably figure out what the “Nothing” is.

Even when all seemed lost, there was a ‘glimmer’ of hope. And the final hope was the connection of Atreyu to the earthling child, Bastian.

Bastian feels that everything that happened was in vain but learns that he has the power for hopes and dreams to arise within himself.

It all starts with a grain of sand.

Even though this movie was made nearly 40 years ago, there are some special messages:

  • Sometimes, you need to take the path that seems more challenging or daring, as that is the way to your truth and happiness.
  • When someone says something that rubs you the wrong way, maybe it’s their way of getting you to see the bigger picture so that you’ll take action.
  • You can’t always help those you love as it may be their time to pass or they don’t want to or aren’t able to help themselves.
  • Even though you may feel alone, know you have friends, even those you may not know of yet.
  • If you don’t give up and keep moving forward, you will find your way.
  • Know in your heart that you are special and deserving, for that will take you a very long way.
  • Intention is powerful and boundaries are what you make of them.
  • Without your own hopes and dreams, you can lose control over your life.
  • Something as simple as a grain of sand is powerful beyond measure.
  • The memories and connection are always there, including to those in other worlds.

If you watch the movie, you’ll probably find more messages, just for you. 

  • You can rent the movie on Amazon here
  • See the Neverending Story theme song here that features scenes from the movie
  • Watch the theme song Limahl official video here
  • See the theme song lyrics here

May your neveending story help you to embrace the magic within that creates your own destiny.

Neverending Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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