Tomorrow is National Pet Memorial Day.

Did you know that your Rainbow Bridge animals are trying to reach you?

Did you realize that you can connect with your animals that have passed on?

Have you noticed any of these signs that indicate your Rainbow Bridge animal is visiting you?
• You had a dream about your animal.
• You see an indentation on your bed or other furniture.
• You notice their toy has been moved.
• You sense your animal is near you.
• You feel your animal against you.
• You see a glimpse of a shadow, an outline, or their physical likeness.
• You notice another animal in your home is staring at the wall or other location and you don’t understand why.

Patty’s beloved multi-color cat, LC, passed away. She deeply missed him, especially since she has been challenged with many debilitating health issues. When I let Patty know about the signs to look for, she noticed LC would visit her whenever she wasn’t feeling well. She could see indentations on her bed. She could feel him next to her. Sometimes, she could even see LC. When he visited, she enjoyed talking to him. Years later, Patty still lets me know that LC comes to see her, and she is forever grateful for his devoted love.

Your animal’s love is everlasting.  If you start paying close attention, you too, can notice your animal is trying to reach you. If you aren’t sure, you can picture your animal in your mind or look at their photo. Then speak out loud to your animal, as if they are right there in front of you. Let them know that you would love to see a sign that they are there.

You can continue to have a relationship with your animal, even after they have passed on.
• You can stay connected with your animal by honoring them in different ways. See this article here. 
• You can speak out loud to them and tell them your thoughts and wishes.
• You can ask for your animal to come visit you in your dream.
• You can meditate and ask them to come forward to be a part of your meditation.
• You can find out if your animal wants to return to you as a new animal. Many animals want to continue having a physical life with those they love so dearly. You can learn more about this in our article about the Afterlife here. 
You can have a conversation with your animal with the help of a professional animal communicator. You can learn about our consultations here.  Kim’s specialty is Rainbow Bridge animals, and even people that have passed.
• You can learn to communicate with your animal by taking an in-person or distance animal communication class. Our next communication teleclass (phone or laptop/computer) is October 4th. You can learn more here.

Sally’s small white poodle, Max, passed on. She asked us to speak to him. Max shared what it was like on the other side by showing us a beautiful scene of a waterfall and trees. He said that he loved the purple blouse she had picked out and he wanted her to get some yellow daffodils to brighten up her home. He showed us an image of a paw print charm. He said he wanted Sally to go for her dreams as he knew that she was not really happy in her current job. Sally let us know that she was so touched by the image of what he saw on the other side, as she even had artwork that looked like it. When she did a ceremony for Max, she wore a purple shirt. Sally had a photo of him she just loved, sitting by some yellow daffodils. She had gotten herself a necklace with a paw print charm, to honor Max. Sally said that her job wasn’t fulfilling and his words inspired her to go for her dream of becoming a writer.

Your Rainbow Bridge animals want to stay connected to you, heart and soul. They have so much wisdom and encouragement they can share with you, including from the Afterlife. This may be a hard concept to grasp, but everyone is capable of continuing their relationship with their in-spirit animals. And guess what? This bond can become even deeper than before, beyond your wildest dreams.

Rainbow Bridge Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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